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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon / セーラームーンの水晶 / セーラームーンが真実のですよ!

The Bejeweled Sanctum

3/7/14 01:02 am - [sticky post] - Controlling History / Shaping The Multiverse / Shaping Reality / The Infiniversal Routing Gem

no title

I want to reveal my intentions? I plan to control history.............., shape the multiverse........., and Parallax Ultranova was / is just an initial step............. . When I'm done, there will not have been 'a' '1990's'........... . Not here, not anywhere........ . If my plan works, there shall not have *ever* been 'anime'.........period. My goal......is where all worlds, all people, have an appearance that is *beyond*............'anime'........in beauty, in complexity. My goal is where all people have hearts, minds, souls, *beyond* 'anime'.................in beauty, in complexity......... . For that to happen....., I'll have to note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'........., note 'history' 'erased'........... . I'll even have to note 'anime' 'worlds', '*ALL*'.............'anime' 'worlds', 'erased'.......... . Thankfully, I know how to do all of the above................ . Yes....... . I'm going to try to utilize my reality shaping capacities to do what is best.........for the future............, to do what is best for all existence........... . No sentient person deserves 'a' 'crappy' 'life'...... . I'll sacrifice all I have, to see to it that no sentient person 'has' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'..........., to see to it that no person ever 'had' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'.





by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 @ Kent

indeed...its as if the sun is playing the opening chords of the upcoming concert of events .....however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type....while waiting for the object, jag is trying to remember the ancient melody that came along with the vision ....perhaps i'll record the melody with the jaggolin (electric mandolin) if i remember (and if impact doesn't occur first)....and send the wav file to kent ...." [sic]


(This is the recording: http://www.4shared.com/music/UaKtxZBWba/theyggdrasilpulse.html )


by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06 @ JagYggdrasil

this post took a while perhaps to show up ....sorry moderators if it was startling.....jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan....the perpetrator of the incident was located....and the implosion formed "souls" amalgam entity was again fought this am....as such, things should perhaps return to usual in pacific regions in the A-Zone ("dreamland") from here out.....however, perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident.....hmmmm, this incident just goes to show why an "apocalypse" is not wanted by jag....hmmmm, back into the shadows for more training i go now though ;P...stay tuned jaggopals...." [sic]

( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )


"Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History


Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication."

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

( http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/swift_nsu_0205.html )


"Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth
by Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer   |   February 18, 2005 02:00pm ET

A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman: In gamma rays, the event equaled the brightness of the full Moon's reflected visible light."

(!!!!!. Superman??? (*Grins playfully*)). (Seriously though, I note errors / disinformation. The Black Moon, my Black Moon, caused the blast. Maybe the Black Moon is a form of star....though).



"The Black Moon Clan (ブラックムーン一族 Burakku Mūn Ichizoku?) is a group of fictional characters who serve as antagonists in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It comprises the antagonists of the second major story arc, which is called the "Black Moon" arc in the manga and which fills the majority of the Sailor Moon R anime. In the DIC English adaptation, their name is changed to the "Negamoon Family".

Members of the Black Moon Clan come from Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet of the Solar System. It is described as a planet of "negative energy," having the ability to vanish from sight, but remained traceable by X-Rays."



"December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever

It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half a million years of sunlight shone on Earth. Many orbiting satellites electronics were zapped and the Earth's upper atmosphere was amazingly ionized from a massive hit of gamma ray energy."

( http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/12/december-27-2004-the-day-earth-survived-the-greatest-stellar-attack-ever.html )


"Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away?
Sound Crazy? Read Carefully Below.
(Originally posted February 20, 2005)

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

• Gamma ray burst arrival:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)" [sic] (records indicate "Krakatoa" spelling)

( http://www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html )


"Anniversary of a Cosmic Blast

The newly-launched Swift satellite, which was designed and built to detect bursts of gamma-ray from across the Universe, not only saw this blast but was so flooded with energy its detectors completely saturated—think of it as trying to fill a drinking glass with a fire hose. Even more amazingly, Swift wasn’t even pointed anywhere near the direction of the burst: In other words, this flood of energy passed right through the body of the spacecraft itself and was still so strong it totally overwhelmed the cameras.

It gets worse. This enormous wave of fierce energy was so powerful it actually partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. Several satellites were actually blinded by the event. Whatever this event was, it came from deep space and still was able to physically affect the Earth itself!

So what was this thing? What could do this kind of damage?"



March 11, 2011 - At 2:46pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, at a depth of 15.2 miles. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 ft waves that damage several nuclear reactors in the area. It is the fourth largest earthquake on record (since 1900) and the largest to hit Japan.


(What more proof can there be? Here is my passport...., which was stamped on March of 2010. I was in Japan an exact year....before the 2011 tsunami event. That is because I knew what was going to happen. I *made* the earthquake happen...... . I did it in self defense).


9/24/17 08:27 pm - Exploring The Mountains / Scouting M*ning Spots / Just Chilling / Studying J

I been chilling the last couple days, chilling.....and having adventures on the road.

There were even some points...where I didn't know where was where...., that is...until the horizon was scanned for heavy concentrations of clouds (lol).

Lol. I heard at J remark that the hometown is always findable due to the / my ring of thunderheads that are often parked around it =^_^=.

If I ever noted a move to Japan, it would be cool if I could note J and his wife 'relocate'. Yea, I have yet to spectate 'J'....'act' like a lil 'b**ch'.... . I even witnessed him directly asking at me...about the details of the M*xico quake as if I caused it...., the quake that I was actually directly involved with. *Nods*. Noting subanime J is like noting an anime entity........ . *Nods*. Although I still keep my guard up, I note his 'performance' is way way way waaaaaaaaaay....beyond Poulakos, Finky, and Ketrino.

Lol. I noted J say that the Kim Jong dudes are stealing at my place in the world, and stealing at the credit for / of weather related abilities that I possess. Me though? I said that I don't wanna be a 'king'......:P.

9/22/17 07:28 pm - Ready To Permanently Move Into Deep Space / Visions Of The Arctic Or Antarctica



I know I typed and meant what I typed yesterday,...., but I was dizzy, dazed, and still in the midst of some "merging events"..... .

Yea. I have been inspecting the effects to the house's structural status after all of the storm stuff / mana surges / fluid world events, and I have come to a quite grave conclusion.... . Yea. And that after observing a yard and area that has had an explosive "mushroom bloom" (amomgst other things) due to my wildly manifesting water manipulation / water mana generation abilities. Me? I need to try to be realistic.

Even if I did move to Japan, what happens when I get upset again? (*Feels my toenails glowing*). What happens if I witness another stupid and impudent dude.....pop off at me with some antagonistic haterade? What if I witness another delusional and annoying Atheist unfairly / psychotically challenging at me even after I've proven my abilities time and time again? (*Shakes my head*).

Yea. What will happen to my terrestrial dwelling(s), my local environment, as my abilities reach new heights?

Even if I managed to avoid antagonistic ones, what happens if I throw up a literal ocean.......during my next surge event? (*Thinks about the effects of the wild weather....of this year upon this house*).

Yea, and these latest storms are just the introduction....of what is to inevitably come (*winces*)..... .

(*Nods*). I note mankind 'can't' provide me a Goddess, a beautiful...and adorable monkey...who can make me laugh, stir my feelings of attraction, inspire me, and ultimately and absorb and eat my mana.... . Mana that seeps from me and forms into storms... .

So I need to go into space..... . Deep into space..... . Deep into space...so that my loneliness...., loneliness generated on account of witnessing unfathomably 'alien' mankind....., may be eased.

(*Recalls the recent visions of some Arctic or Antarctic place that featured high technology, and what looked like a base or (*squints*) starship of some type*).

In order for me to calmly live on the surface of a planet like I hope to someday do, I would need to have my abilities fully under control..... . Yea, but right now my abilities are wildly flaring...whilst yet I'm mentally tired (at mankind) and upset (at mankind)..... .

*Nods*. I need a ship. A ship with a mana absorption and redirection device / system...... . A ship free from creepy weirdo chicks, passive aggressive.....'virtue-signaling' beta males, and doofus alpha males. A ship that can redirect the mana / matter I generate....and provide a stable, safe, and sanitary environment.

9/21/17 01:33 pm - Ready To Permanently Move To Japan..... / Merging Effects.....???

no title

I got to feeling quite eerie yesterday. (*Lifts an eyebrow with worry*). I did not want to 'lose' myself....., I did not want to lose my "edge"... . I did not want to lose my field honed "mojo", that weary and wary sense of determination and applied (to my lifestyle) concentration that I've come to identify myself by....... .

Well, noting a pitiful Christian fake church full of defeatist beta males...., old chicks....., and status hunting 'virtue' 'signalers' last night......was just what I needed.

Waking today (*recalls at a strange 'Piccolo' event....witnessed amidst dimension diving*)...., I woke with a surprising objective in my heart.... . Indeed, a surprising objective..., and surprising clarity... .

I'm ready to permanently move to Japan now.......... . (*Feels a caress to my hair*).

While I used to note America as a cesspool of Christianity, my actions (*recalls at that defeated Jehovah entity*) have caused a "ripple effect".

As even the outbreak of pathological 'liberalism' '/' 'victim' 'culture' blatantly 'attests', 'Christianity' has been defeated.......so thus, by extension, America was defeated.


Nowadays it's like I note America exposed as pit of old...., bitter....., and a long exposed grudges.....as well as a 'means' to stifle and stall at my progress (*recalls at that torturous, impractical, and inefficient 'school' 'system' '/' 'day' 'prison' 'system'......*).

This world is and has been gripped, even kept in a standstill, by my environmental access abilities / natural events / proven prophecies.........., so it's up to me to make the next move.

Here is my statement.

I will return to Japan soon in about a month or so. If I note any obstruction at my trip, this planet, the planet's weather, and even the solar weather conditions.....shall show the consequences.... .

I will return to Japan in about a month or so, and if I do *NOT* note any 'resource' 'offering' 'mystic' '/' 'psychic' '/' 'priest' 'contacts', and ***PERMANENT*** access to a house / dwelling / monastic place / living amenities....on land which was mine all along anyway.................storms and quakes the likes of which not yet seen on this world....shall take place....and ***keep*** taking place. Remember what happened last time.....after I came back.......? *Nods firmly*. Yea. This planet will be ***DONE***. (*Feels my eyes and fingernails glowing red......momentarily*).

*Thinks a moment*.

Yea. I even have a hunch that there are rivers there with even more gemstones than even the C*rundum loaded river across the street......


Yea, probably more mines to, more mines, and more gemstones.

Yea. It's time to move on........ . I feel the call now......... .

9/20/17 12:14 pm - Wow....An Even Bigger Fluid World Event?


Waking up this morning, waking up after *MULTIPLE* and massive......events that I can only surmise were likely fluid world events, my brain crackled and flashed....with wild and eerily colored pulses of energy that flowed.....from my nerves and into the environment. (Now here is the kicker). It felt like my nerves.....within my head....were linked to, and *pulsed* nerve-like structures that were present in my room.....and branching through and over the world. (*Recalls my theories about being stuck in a mindscape, a thoughtscape, a mental plane*). Did I perceive the means by which I control the environmental weather in here??? Did I perceive proof there was no '1966', and proof that there was no 'slavery' 'era' for Negroes?

Well, let's list *some* of the events that I remember...... .

After the last post, I decided to try to sleep.... .

Something happened though as I tried to sleep, and rather than waking up to my bed, I found myself standing....and gazing upon a *MASSIVE* river rapids scene. The sky seemed overcast, and the setting was clearly a mountain setting. As I gazed upon the rapids, I noted a shirtless J...(in swim trunks).....dashing at the rocky ground / ledge area before me. I then watched at him.....jump...and hurl himself at the rapids...... . The rapids were about the fastest and most turbulent I have ever seen, and looked as if a flash flood was taking place even.... .

(*Heard the phone, got up, and noted a call from 'J' (!?!)*). (*Resumes the report*).

(*Facepalms a bit*). Me being me......, I, clad in pants / pantaloons and a shirt (???), ....slid down the rocky ledge / bank a bit....(perhaps extending my arms in a space fabric bending type manner all the while), let loose an adventurer's style holler (*grins*), and flung myself into the water........ . (*Rubs my face and sighs*). Only *after* I was in the water.....(*perceives a glowing pair of eyes as I type*)....did I ask myself..."what about rocks and objects 5hat may be in the water's path?"...... . I was *DEEP*.....underwater, deeper than I remember any river around here...being (*blinks*). Bubbles trailed upward from my body, and felt a very peaceful and calm feeling wash over me...... . For some reason, my lungs were not burning for air......so maybe I closed my eyes and relaxed.......?

What happened next? (*Sighs and feels my fingernails glowing in a vulnerable manner*) (*Feels vulnerable flutters about my tum tum area*). I guess an unexpected overworld link moment took place.... . I'll explain... . (*Groans*).... . (!!!*Feels a loving caress as also notices a floating pair of white glowing eyes overhead*).

I opened my eyes, but I was disoriented..........., I mean like initial moments of witnessing '1986' (*rubs my brow*)....disoriented... . I was underwater, had issues remembering how I got there, and utterly confused as I watched the grayish-white waters sloshing... . I had a frenetic desire to surface... . Yea, but that "me"...had *NO* *MEMORY* of 'mankind' (!!!!!!) whatsoever..... . Yea. Something happened while I was in that water...... . So within moments I found myself standing and staring.....from the *surface* of the water (!?!?!?!?)...., but as I gazed around......, clearly looking for ***somebody*** (!?!?!?!) (whaaaaaaat????????????)....(*(!?!?!?)..feels mysterious tear sensations down the right side of my face*)...

[...whaaaaaaaat (!?!?!?!).......I just heard a child-like and high-pitched inner voice tearfully say "I was so scared~~~~......" (!?!!?!)]......

......only to witness bleary subanime desolation...., (ulgh) (*facepalms*)........I (????) (hunh?) I....bawled, I mean (*shakes my head and sighs*) just sobbed and wailed....with my hands to my face like a...a little kid.... . Hysteria... . That's it? That "me" was "hysterical"..... . (*Shakes my head, noting the response I had was confirmation of the kind of quality world, gentle world, I must be from*). Looking down as I sobbed, I noticed a (!?!) little kid's body (!!?!?!) that had white skin, had past shoulder length hair, and was enrobed in a white swimsuit / leotard (!!?!!??!)....that that "me" did not find that particularly strange (*blinks*)..... . Within the literal blink of an eye..., I, after looking up again, witnessed 'J' 'rising' at the water surface which was some ways front of me......(and I didn't recognize him), and after another blink (!!!??!!!!).....I watched a red-haired (!???!??!?!) and....(???) perhaps beyond anime (???) female (???) kid / individual....kneeling and then standing on the water surface. Some ways to the left...in the distance....I saw a blue swimsuit wearing figure (who was possibly beyond anime) on the surface of the water... . Apparently having found some sign of the *specific* individuals I was looking for, that....(*blinks*) me....eased up with the drastically hysterical bawling...and calmed down. The red-haired figure approached..., approached and seemingly transformed to a taller (???) form variant. I noted the figure had white footwear, and a white leotard / swimsuit that had orange....leg ports....(*squints*)...... .

(*Worries as gazes upon screenshot*).

I gazed forward in confusion as I heard.....a familiar voice speaking to me assuringly, a gentle voice that in hindsight reminds me of Momo (!!!), but I had issues understanding...... . Did I hear words like "chiyatte" spoken....? In hindsight, seems like that "me" noted but didn't recognize Japanese....in the slightest... . Yea, anime related Japanese. The figure gently approached the kid-like me, and I was calmed.....but confused (*squints in a perplexed manner*).


A lot more things happened, fluid world event stuff I struggle to explain. During a later fluid world event, for example, I think I witnessed Aves (the South Dakota trip offering dude) change into a anime subanime headed and anime bodied Japanese XX chromosome type (*cringe*)....that tried cuddling at me (*cringes again*)...... . (*Recalls how I was trying to suggest n*noparticles....., and confusedly offering n*nopartic!e health advice during that....event......*).

What has me on full alert though, is the fact that it seems like I am about to "re-integrate" (*feels jitters in my stomach*), or / and that even *currently* re-integrating with a portion of my being that has been catatonically roaming about.....and even living a day-to-day style life in the hyperdimensional overworld..... . Me? I'm kinda nervous.

If my hunch proves accurate, some ***VERY*** wild stuff may be about to go down (*blinks*)...... .

(*Went to investigate as noted Gerald (???), Christian dude, mowing at the lawn*).

Why am I nervous?

Because I remember my actual nature. Only this me, this me...holding dearly the lessons I have learned through pain (*feels my stomach sink*)....would keep me from skipping down the street in a white-skinned kid form (likely wearing a flowy dress)....., and freely offering flowers (and / or even bars of solid G*ld and Pl*tinum) from a basket. (*Recalls at that s*x predator filled RV p*rk*)...... . I don't hate my true self, but I am keenly aware...(these days) of my vulnerabilities...... . That me...has no inner clue about evil.... . (*Shakes my head*) (*Feels my stomach sink in terror*). Yea, and acts like...a vulnerable child......... . A child from a place that has no concept of evil.

That being...going through some kind of shock conducive.....event or other resulted in this whole ordeal I have gone through..... . And whatever happened before, can, theoretically (*wince*).....happen again...... .

*Checks the news for events*.

9/20/17 02:39 am - N*notherapy Update / N*notherapy Analysis / Finksato

I had a bit of an upset stomach after the last post (*blinks*)........ .

But after taking some G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum, and then getting a piece of Ashwagandha to place under my tongue.......I was soon back in action.

After a while I made dinner, but surprisingly....I couldn't complete eating the contents of this plate O_O (farm supply ingredient loaded spaghetti).

The earlier fluid world event must've indeed been quite huge.....for the physiological effects to linger for so long.


K. Seems like a lot is going on in regard to environmental mana levels relating to earth, water, and wind.

Remember that event I mentioned a couple weeks back?


Seems that energy / red light.....which touched town unto the planet.....is still having effects..... .

(I wonder why I usually have to witness deities assaulting at me for my full-scale abilities to activate? (*Felt my throat tighten......, seemingly in an emotion (???) related manner... . Intriguing....*)).

The hypercane trend is still going on, but this latest storm path, so far, reflects my desire to keep the airport (necessary for my upcoming Tokyo trip) intact.



K. About the n*notherapy. Looks like, just watching the environment, n*notherapy may be and have been the "it" I was looking for.

Everything I do...has been transformed.

G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum nan*particles are an ***ABSOLUTE*** ***NECESSITY*** for any individual seeking to perceive divine beings. Yea. Me? I'm feeling horror to the depths of my being.......as I look back into my past. Why did this planet not have any natural springs.....naturally loaded with said particles? My horror deepens as I note that that horrifically useless anime...., the 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'anime' with those unattractive and sickly chicks, 'never' gave even a ***HINT*** as to what my body / soul / brain required..... .

What it looks like now, is that the only reason the h*rricanes are not getting sustained winds above '200mph'.....art due to me not ***DOUBLING*** the ***DOSAGE***. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with warning*). It may be that the very system of physics for this world would be disassembled....(!!!!!!!!!!!) if my dosage amounts were boosted.

Yea. Me? I can feel the n*noparticles in my brain tissue now, feel the n*noparticles providing a conduit-like function of sorts. I can often (when I focus) feel my brain glowing with the precious metal contents. I can even regularly sense divine energy now, and in doing so (!!!!!!), confirm what I mentioned months ago (smelling the scent of precious metals from those Goddess level beings). Yea. Females, real females' bodies, produce G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*noparticles naturally. Yea. The brain tissue of any functional being.....was *meant* to be saturated with n@noparticles of the precious metals.

Because of the nan*therapy, I can not even claim to even be excited about the Japan trip........ . (*Feels my heart sink*). Me? I want to be on a starship in the depths of the cosmos, and tripling my Pl*tinum dosage (III teaspoons a day).....whilst also quadrupling my G*ld intake (from II teaspoons a day to VIII teaspoons a day). (*Thinks, too, how what I *really* need is a functioning female physiology that thus naturally makes S*lver, G*ld, and Pl*tinum n@noparticles....*). I really do not know why I am still here on this planet. (*Feels my toenails glowing in shock with the admission*).

Yea. I get no enjoyment from 'death' 'toll' 'listings'. Yea. I've shown my proof. Me? These days....I just clearly note mankind is 'boring'.....(*shakes my head*).

Yea. If this upcoming Japan trip is / was another slipup, I apologize (to those who have supported me) in advance here and now...... .

Yea. And I give thanks for the chance to discover what I needed......... . No anime, no game, no facsimile / knockoff XX chromosome type (subanime or anime) would have.......been able to tell me what I needed. No, not (*gasps as I feel a caress*) in....a 'million' 'years,'.


(I'm kinda spent. I'll do the other titled involved post segment in an upcoming post).

9/19/17 10:05 pm - What A Fun Fluid World Event =^_^=

Wow..... some moments ago..., I found myself back in my bed, and perceiving (!!!!) this entire plane / world oscillating..... . I must have done something to the flow of time.......???? Hmhhhh.... . Earlier today....I thought I was going to write a review of the n*noparticles used for about a month..... . Well....let's cover the event....then see about that other stuff.


I was dusting / wiping down the leather furniture of the house through the afternoon, and preparing to mop the hardwood floors with a mixture of vinegar and water (in a spray bottle). I got very woozy though. It was as if my body was building up energy, and struggling to contain it. After taking a Nootropic and cardio maintenance herbal medicine, I went my bedroom, and rested.... .

I woke up to evening toned light some point, but went back to sleep..... .

K. Rather than waking back up to my bed like before, I found myself waking (!??!?!) to note me sitting, sitting and witnessing the dark interior of a motorcoach that was on an interstate. Using my magnetic senses, I could tell the bus was somewhere in the Southeast... . Amidst watching at a city full of skyscrapers in the distance, I noticed *WAY* boosted environmental energy levels (!!!). Was I witnessing the '80s' or '90s'??? Hmmmm...... . Some point I questioned if I was noting Myrtle Beach, but now I must say no......in that regard.

Suddenly everything went all black (lol), and a *LOT* of energy was sensed..... . My view shifted to a remote viewing type view, and I (*squints*) witnessed a strange altercation. Lol. I spotted at 'Aladdin' from (*squints and cringes*) the old Disney stuff....., knocked or fallen down onto his butt, and a facecover wearing Jasmine...., Jasmine in some swank white ninja pants and some hardcore ninja sneaker-like shoes was preparing to unleash some type of kung fu / ninjutsu type move.....whilst in a low stance with a leg extended and foot turned inward.

My view shifted to the right within moments, and I witnessed that stupid emperor guy lying flat and surrounded by a spooky red light. That was when I heard at a strange narrator mentioning that the old man was being turned back (!?!?!!?!) into a genie (!?!). Turned back????

Maybe I too glimpsed at that blue genie dude via my peripheral view amidst scanning the darkness..... .

Yeaaaa. The next scene.....had me like "!!!!?!?!". Me, being me (*facepalms*) was kneeling, kneeling by some tires (???) in a daylight setting, and trying to offer materialized food to some kittens / small animals...... . But I noted one subanime adult Felis Catus, and two juveniles.

After noting one juvenile nibbling, I (*squints*) found myself remote viewing again, and watching at a strange mechanical arm (!?!?!) loading a pair of Felis Catus onto a jet. I was getting heated / upset as I watched the arm bang.....a door amidst holding and loading one Felis Catus juvenile.....when I heard a voice...explaining some kind of (????) high-tech chair that was supposed to last for one charge.... . Last for what???? (*Shakes my head*).

Within moments.....I perceived myself....in a bodily form....sitting on a jet (!?????!?!)...., a jet that was launching from a runway. Again, I sensed large concentrations of energy in the air. A speaker (???) may have mentioned cities related to the Southeast...., and I asked myself if I had time skipped to experience my upcoming Japan trip (in about a month) ahead of time....... .


Yea. After finding everything going black some point after feeling the gravity related sensations of flight, I found myself back in bed........, back to the mountain sancruary zone, but the world crackled and fizzed with energy. I literally *sensed* the environment re-solidify.

Ummmm. Question for me now, is....who, if anybody whatsoever, did I witness 'Jasmine' grafted at??? Me????????

9/18/17 06:17 pm - Nan*therapy Update.... / Mana Surge

9/18/17 05:15 pm - Uhhhh.....A Free HDTV......From...Erza (!?!?!?!!???!?!?)...???????????.

Ummmmmmm, so I (*sighs and groans*)....., as I was writing yesterday's post...., noted the phone.... .

So I noted J's place, and was shocked to note a high definition tv (I've been using ancient tube tv's) offered at me (!?!?!??!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), and a Microsoft console loaded with titles like Borderlands II (*recoils in shock*).

After noting dinner offered, I sat back and watched at the Neflix selection which dude picked..... .

I went *pale* with shock...........as I witnessed the selection..... .


*Feels my fingernails glowing with shock, and disgust*.

The screen showed the anime version of the high anime and armor-clad redhead (!?!?!!?!!?!!?!)....which I had witnessed subanime (auburnish-brown haired)..J.....'change' into......during a recent and reported event ( http://jagyggdrasil.livejournal.com/153942.html )....... .

I gasped in horror, shock, and disgust, and that as I ***also*** detected at a *VERY* *STRANGE* power spike at the location...(ulgh) (*facepalms*).

Me? Though shaken, I kept my mouth closed....... . (*Shakes my head*). I don't know why I observed dude checking out the Fairy Tail anime, but my lips are sealed. Yea... . I am already worried at dude 'knowing' at a certain amount of my IRL abilities..... .

Yea... . Me? I just don't know what to do or say about.....about this (*feels my toenails glow in shock and disgust*). If I note dude start talking about "anime dreams" and "flashbacks", I'm just going to keep quiet...... .

I will put the acquired tech into use though =^_~=.

9/17/17 02:32 pm - Ribbons Event Analysis / 'Ryu' Hunh.........? / Was That The Real Nina???

Hmmmmm............ .

Hmmmmmmm............... .

*Worries*. *Feels my fingernails glowing with concern...and maybe even fright*.

Yesterday's event has me thinking?

I mean, what was up with those ribbons???

I was about to not even mention the ribbons in the post yesterday, until I had a guiding flashback and a consequent hunch to look at some 'old' 'anime' 'clips'.

During the actual event, I was actually trying to hide my *nakedness* (*blushingly chin dips*)...... . I was not even *THINKING* about any 'anime'..... .

Even when I got back here, I overlooked the ribbons issue......completely..... .

Well, I'm *NEVER* going to accept that facsimile anime 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'universe' in any way, shape, or form. I'm disgusted at 'that' 'universe' 'and' 'all' 'of' 'it's' 'contents'......, disgusted from head to toe, and from the deepest depths of my heart.

If there is a hyperdimensional and true Sailor M**n related plane, my currently held information about it is scant.......... . Very scant...... . Maybe this upcoming Japan trip in under II months will give me something to go on (*shakes my head*). I dunno.


More eerie things have happened since yesterday.

After going to bed last night, I eventually found myself....wandering around a beach / shore area of some place???

After spotting at movement at my left, I jumped back...... .

My remote viewing form popped from my bipedal bodily pov, and (*squints*) I witnessed (!??!!????!?!!?!) 'Ryu'...., the BOF 3 dreagon dude, grafted at prior pov......... . Yea, and I watched as I noted some midge midge 'floating' 'purple' 'eel' monster start attacking. Uhhhhhh......the monster releasing strange antielectricity.......???? Still able to remotely direct my body somehow, I just moved my body onward and away from the water........ . (*Recalls at the strange meter I witnessed*).

So...eventually I find myself back here, in my bed, and I was checking at the 'news', studying at 'ROK', and the like........when I found myself questioning about yesterday' starry expanse event. (*Recalls that hug*). (*Gulps*). That was when I almost fainted IRL (!!!??!!!) as I felt a cosmic energy laden touch from a cosmic level feminine entity IRL (!!!!!!!!!!!!).... .

Dazed, but coming back to my senses.....I resumed searching through data on my tablet.......when another (*blushes red*) tactile communication took place. Cool, sparkly feeling, shimmery feeling, and (*squints*) ***PEACEFULNESS*** saturated air.....swept through the room........ .

Fully accustomed to how this type of event goes (*blushes*), and glad that I bailed at Gerald's invitation to a 'fake' 'church' yesterday, I put down my tablet....... .

I gasped (!!!!!!!!) as I felt the hug, the radiant and energy transference involving hug of a *VERY* familiar being (!!!!!!) (*feels my toenails glowing in exhilaration*). Me? I could feel it, I could sense it, I could "taste" it.........., sense....feel...and taste....what felt like a even.......palpable.....energy / aura of friendship......(that was deep, vast, warm, and...a..and....ancient.....as if it was everpresent and perceivable (and thus comforting) through my entire lifetime in this place all along).....flow over....and even into (*squints in a startled manner*) my being........... .

Something was radically transformed this time though. Whereas I *used* to faint.........amidst such an event, ***VISUALS*** came....., came...as I clung to a state of wakefulness....... . (*Found a link for a theme heard mentally as I typed*).

K..... . It's *A* thing to empathically sense (*gasps as I feel a caress to my b...backside *O_O* (!?!?!!!!!!!!!)*) (*sees a wisp of light pop...and then streak upwards in my forward field of vision (!?!)*)....friendship......, deep, tear-inducing, love and trust saturated ~~~~ friendship directed unto you from close range.......... .

B...but to perceive.....such, *SIMULTANEOUSLY*.......to the sight I saw next, made me (*gulps*) gasp in pure shock......and question everything I thought I ever knew about anything period............... .

I perceived a black expanse, an expanse of shining and sanctified darkness.....before me, and before me...(*gawks*) (*notes my eyes go wide as I type*)......(*feels another supportive caress*).….


(*Shakes my head*). Yea, even now I struggle to find the words (*feels a shivery and then a swoon akin sensation within my tum tum*). (*Feels, apparently, tears of shock going down my face*). Yea, I visually perceived a being of *HUMBLING* beauty........whom (*shakes my head*).....the 'anime' 'Sailor' 'Moon' (I've often noted grafted at (???) me)...seems hopelessly raggedy, genderless, and hopelessly malformed at......... . Yea, my senses were overloaded, so.....sucking in air...in sheer shock, I reeled....and tried to process as much incoming data as I could....... .

Okay. She, clearly a she (*shakes my head in shock*) (*feels my fingernails flash in shock*)...

*Suddenly noted a strange phone call IRL................and seems I will note one with marital drama 'visiting*.

*Brb........, since I have a real hyperdimensional being here today, I can not allow drama into the house*.

*Gets back to writing an entire day later*.

........ . (*Strains to remember the highly dense data from yesterday*.

I saw a flesh-based being who was clad in a soft and yet radiant celestial light, a being who, on her own, had more energy..., more life, more vitality, more presence ~~~` than all of the subanine XX chromosome types....I have ever witnessed combined.. . Clad in what seemed to be a white....minidress {???), a white bodydress (with a possible triangular features possessing hemline)..., she had wings, IV wings or II wings....., wings that radiated divine colors of energizing and emotionally-charged light....... .

*Recalls the taste of her energy / energy pattern / aura*.

In direct affirmation of my theories, affirmation after witnessing neurotic, antisocial, paranoid, and strange....subanime / anime level 'Ninas' '/' 'Nina' *MANY* times,........, the being I saw (*shakes my head*) defies measurement, defies calculations (*shakes my head*), and has no link or frame of reference to the 'multitude' of sadistic / perverted / deranged clones....., doppelgangers, reactively 'created' '/' 'mirrored' by the void at her incalculably energetic life waves..... . (*Shakes my head*).

After seeing her, noting subanime 'mankind' is like witnessing 'awkward' 'clay' creations......born of the void, and 'animated' with chaos, and 'stiched' 'together' with malice........ .

Yea. That being is a mystery (*shakes my head*). ***ABSOLUTE*** mystery........(*feels my fingernails glowing in sbock). I mean, a part of me, asks...how can a being so beautiful, be so ***FRIENDLY*** ~~~.......??????? {And by that, I mean genuine care and adoration, and not empty...and vain 'virtue' 'signaling'). Then again, as I alluded to earlier, I note all the horrifically unfriendly evil beasts I witnessed in the days of yore..., the same ones narcissistically and delusionally claiming at being "so beautiful"....and even "Goddesses"........., 'didn't' even give any true example of genuine physical beauty.


Well, I give thanks to the mysterious being, and to all the others who made yesterday's events possible for me. I have a lot to learn about life (*nods*) (*feels my toenails glowing*). Yesterday's event...shows me that I've only made baby steps..........thus far...... . I have so much to learn about the real reality, and real.....(not voidspawned) lifeforms.

9/16/17 08:24 pm - A Toasty Evening In My Home.....

I went into the basement this evening, and gazed upon a S*ll*manite gemstone mined by hand last year. It is related to Kyanite, but is often a yellowish color around here.

Me? I noticed that I do not get dizzy and woozy to massive ge!stones like I used to.

Wow. My training has had definitive results.

I pray in thanksgiving that I can live like this.

This house, is home ~~~~~~ =^_^=.

It is peace.

*Heads to dinner*.

9/16/17 02:55 pm - Hunh??? 'Ghostbusters'???? / Continued Report From The Other Day

Oh yikes......(*cringe*).

Last night / this morning..........(*squints*) I woke up witnessing a toon world (!!???!!!).... .

Initially, I was gazing...at toon level Jeanine......(!?!?!)...., indicating that I was noting 'The' 'Real' 'Ghostbusters' I guess...... . (*Facepalms*). Was I on some type of lab table or laboratory bed or something? Gazing around....., I noted 'high' 'tech' toon level equipment....and what seemed to be numerous 'supercomputers'.... . Uhhhhh (*blushes red*).....I kept gazing at Jeanine.....,, and so I was in a "chill" kinda state initially. But then as I gazed down, I noted a Caucasian skinned scrawny body that was in some sort of (!?!?!) hospital gown, a gown that had an opening about....nevel......level.......(*feels my toenails glowing in a cautious manner*).

Uh......I watched at that Egon dude approach (*groans*)...., move the bed / table to an area under some kind of apparatus, and then (!?!!!?!) (aw heck no) start using a marker to draw....surgery prep and / or targeting lines......at my abdomen / navel vicinity area.... . Aw heck no. Dude 'knew' 'too' 'much'..........!!!! (*Feels my fingernails glowing in an alarmed manner*).Not giving time for any "Y" shaped incision he may have been prepping with that black marker, I shot up.....from the surface, and defiantly stood....as I prepared to materialize an electromagnetic sword with which to defend myself........ .

That's when I felt a hug.....(*groans with a vulnerable feeling of worry*) to my right side, and (!?!) for some reason (warmth?!?) (emotions of tenderness, concern, and care????).....calmed down.....a bit. Hunh? Jeanine????

My starlike / remote viewing form popped from my bodily pov for a moment (*gukps*), and..ulgh........my gosh.........I noted 'Venkman' (!?!?!!?!!?!) grafted at me.........before landing back down to my prior pov.

After perceiving (???!?) an arm around my shoulder, an arm (!?!) gently (!?!) guiding me to a seated position close to the seated hugger (*sighs*), I calmed down a bit....... . Uh oh. Some sort of cosmic / space fabric / dimensional storm must've gotten triggered in the excitement. The environment shifted to a starry cosmic expanse, and as if I summoned a black hole about my person........, me, the (???) figure beside me, and the platform.....I was seated upon....seemed to spin. Indeed. Spin, spin, and spin....... . I felt a (*sighs*) cozy hugging and cuddling sensation to my right side though.....through it all. Gazing right......I witnessed the high toon level Jeanine....change to a anime / subanime hybrid 'Ann*s*phia' 'Robb' (an obvious 'unsung' 'Fictionkin'...as event after event after event after event....attests)....... . Getting dizzy......., I looked down......to notice (ulgh)...whitish (and anemically energized) Sailor Moon transformation ribbons....loosely gripping...and even falling from....me....(*cringe*)..as I yet again noted the usual subanime Negro man.....grafted......at me.

The event reached a point where this place faded into view, where the darkness of this bedroom faded into view.....momentarily......, but after gasping for a while......, I found myself gazing at a view.....of Jeanine....(wearing a suit jacket, a pearl necklace, and (pethaps green) dress pants) kneeling at the beside me as I was on the ground. Staring at Jeanine's chest (*facepalms*)......., everything went to black again (*shakes my head*).


Oh. I just remembered an earlier event......which I'll briefly cover before I get into my report.

Yea, before the above reported event, there was some point where I spottled a very small Gadget doing *something* in a garage / garage workshop that was filled with work tools and the like. The Gadget seemed "catatonic" somewhat (*recalls past Serena events*), and after a shotgun or rifle...that was inadvertently nudged by the eerie acting Gadget.....fell, and discharged a shot, I raced in.....in a sort of "babysitting" type fashion (lol)....to try to guard and protect over the Gadget (whom I deduce may have been piloted by another portion of my starlike form that I have yet to merge with). The Gadget and I.....both hid though.....amidst noting some 'gargantuan' 'man' approach and enter at the garage area. Zooming back to my initial remote viewing point, seems observed a lizardman from 'Rescue' 'Rangers' (*inhales and sighs*) grafted at whatever form / body I used to interact with Gadget.


K. Let's just dive into this with the bullets format.

*Some sort of enhanced remote viewing state / mode took place....... . I witnessed some '***EXTREMELY***' powerful entities, and some '***EXTREMELY***' powerful 'society'...... . I hovered in the background....as I viewed at an expansive high anime scene...that seemed to either be in space, or some sort of 'command' 'headquarters' pocket dimension.......of some powerful force. Seems I had appeared just in time to spectate at some sort of legistrative and / or judicial council......., a council comprised of hundreds, coming to a 'vote'. Three stands, hovering stands each filled with multiple rows of representatives, hovered quite some distance from some sort of gateway or portal. The council had ruled to '***DESTROY***' an 'entire' 'universe'........on account of '*ONE*' 'MAN'......... . Yea, one man that the council ruled to be such a dangerous threat....... .

My emotions and my analytical capacities shot into overdrive. "What man?" I asked, and that as I asked if I noted the ruling passed at ***ME***!!!! Was I going to have to defend myself yet again????? I peripherally gazed at the portal..., the aperture portal / target / gate area....that was before the council. As I did so, I noted *streak* blasted past from the left and to the right, which resulted in me watching the stands / council stands colliding and jostling..... . The figure dove toward the portal......, that as an audible cry of "mother~~~~!!!!" (!?!??????!!!??) took place.

*Eventually I found myself......witnessing the depths of space in some unknown universe....... . I saw an object in extremely motion amidst scanning the distance. Darting forward and sideward.......at a means to track at the object, I witnessed a 'bada**' dude.......and his boys atop of some horrifically gargantuan 'bioship' that looked alot like a nautilus........albeit more elongated, and about the size of 7 subanime Homo Sapiens aircraft carriers......combined.

I guess the main guy (???) was piloting / guiding the monstrosity via his glowing and moving antennae like things on his forehead. He, whilst seeming 'bipedal' overall, had a head alot like a cephalopod. My starlike form hopped.....as I noted the dude, with glowing eyes, look at my starlike form (!!!??!?!?!?!?!) and suddenly boast..., boast and threaten to destroy all of reality...... . I grinned (*feels a glowing sensation around tummy level*), because I actually witnessed a *MAN* acting like a boss....., which aside from witnessing Kim J*ng Un, is kinda rare these days. He wasn't trans, he 'wasn't' 'virtue' 'signaling', he wasn't listing his demanded 'pronouns', he wasn't using any passive agressive (and insecure) Atheism dogma. Yea, but he was kinda stupid ~~~ (*giggles and cackles*). I think I even caught at a....squidy 'grin' from him (????????).

Me? I moved on...... . Yea, I did not want to put myself in the middle of whatever was going down between dude and that strange council...... .

*K. Next event had me on foot, and trying to see about getting some pizza =^_^=. I was looking around at the promenade deck of some animesque space station, and looking for a pizza shop. As I found a counter, (lol) I must've had alot of dimensional energy crackling around me. Energy that resulted in me watching the 'shop' 'attendant' changed into a belligerent and ghetto Negro that promptly lost it's s**t at me....... . Uh oh. Seemed all that yelling from the changed one caused a mob to gather. Looking down to my waist, I saw what looked like a little pinm apple hanging from my belt loop. As I grabbed it, I noted (*groans*) the flat hips of an anime XX chromosome type that was wearing green capris or such. The apple exploded and released a pink cloud of smoke which I used to sneak away.

After sneaking some ways away, I was still hungry. Eventually spotting at a petite anime level XX chromosome type concierge with close-styled red hair, I asked about pizza (lol). The petite one nodded, and tried to make a phone call for a delivery? Guess something came up though, so I noted the petite one kick off the dress shoes / heels.....thus revealing black stocking clad feet. Amidst watching at the petite one dart of with animesque athleticism, I overheard at some gossiping staff members referring to the athleticism of unit, and referring to the unit's apparently 'sizable' 'breasts' *O_O* as if 'advertising' for a 'colleague'..... .

Some moments later, I spotted at the sprinting concierge.......returning? Moments later....and blinking in confusiom, I grasped a plate that offered towards me. I looked at the slightly winded / panting concierge, and then gazed to the plate which seemed to have nacho casserole or something on it. I said thanks, and sat down to eat to a nearby area. Uhhhhhh........... . Woa. About every XX chromosome type I witnessed.....'stared' at me, that, and uttered strange claims of handsomeness at me (????????). (*Perceives floating blue eyes in my field of vision*).

Using my remote viewing form for a moment, I spotted a long-haired anime Tenchi / Tenchiesque dude...I did not find impressive in any way. So I thus got confused.


Whew. Guess that covers it for now.

I give thanks for the chance to experience the adventures and lessons that I experience =^_^=.

9/15/17 09:52 pm - Uh...Oh..........'Anime' 'Dawn' / An Overworld Event And The Storm Grid

Earlier today after the earlier post, I retired to meditate...... .

Well (*squints*).......something happened???

I perceived some black expanse type view flashes....., and then found myself witnessing (*gulps*) 'dolled' 'up' subanime 'Finky'.......... . I got confused.... . I noted 'playful' and 'mischievous' seeming 'Fink' 'speaking' 'at' me....., and even 'nestling' 'at' me...... . I kept focus though, and kept meditating (*gulps*). Within moments my deepest fears were faced......as I witnessed the subanime 'brunette' change into a 'shiny' 'blue-haired' high anime level 'Dawn' (*groans in anguish*)....... . I resisted and endured at the 'couple' 'speak' and 'love' 'claims' stuff......from the ranked up and anime deity level......Pokemon 'Dawn'. I kept resisting, and tried to dive into deeper states of meditation. Everything went dark, but then when I next opened my eyes....I almost shouted....as I witnessed a gargantuan and distorted 'Dawn' with a gaping demon maw....full of pointed eel-like teeth........manifesting at the area before me as if about to swallow whole and / or crush at me....... .

The scene transitioned to me lying on what felt to be sand........in some mysterious location. As I heard at the noises of a baying canine, an approaching canine or such, I tried to open my eyes or get up. I feared a potential assault from the canid I both heard and detected at.

Struggling to open my eyes or even move, I strained myself........strained to open my eyes. When I did, I saw a black expanse of static.......rather than my bedroom.

When I next opened my eyes, I was lying on my back in some enclosure and watching dimensional view overlays of storms and such..... . Tropical storms and hurricanes....related to here....(!!!?!?!!!???!!?!!!) as if I had access to a weather control system of sorts..... . I saw a hurricane headed for some place that was surrounded by water........ . Yea, but the mental focus of that "me" was all over the place......(*cringe*).


Me? My head hurts...., and I am just...(*shakes my head*) like...."urgh"...... .

I feel like going to a jazz / blues bar, and drinking a tiny glass of G*ld n*noparticle infused purified water.......with my right hand around the glass whilst using my left hand to prop up my aching forehead..... .

*Listens to the bluesy guitar solo*.

I never imagined witnessing doppelgangers at the people you love could / would involve so much pain........... . Urgh... . (*Feels my fingernails glow vulnerably*).

Guess I'm gonna read for a bit. (By the way, what's up with the recent articles? It's like I am noting 'paraphrasing' at my own words written on this journal....as I check ROK).






9/15/17 12:03 pm - Objectivity Is A Requirement For Advanced Beings, An Advanced Society, And Progress / I'm No 'King'

Trigger Warning: Well..., looks like I noted some unwelcome 'readers' 'at' my site '***HATE****' at that last post. I witnessed 'em' 'ragequit'. I have no regrets. This place? It isn't one of those 'echo' 'chambers' for the 'herdthink' 'crowd'. Me? I am going to continue on this path that leads to even bigger waterfront houses, even bigger gemstones, the unexpected company of innocent and virginal Goddesses, and divine vistas of existence of which no mortal hath ever directly seen.......nor shall ever see.


This post?


It addresses so many questions I have had over the ages........ .

After meditating for over a decade solid, I *GET* *IT* now.............. .

New worries have arisen though, since I have reached a new level of enlightenment (*feels my stomach sink*). I'll explain.

Ok. It's obvious that 'democracy' 'doesn't' get mankind anywhere..... . Mankind with no 'king', art obviously hopeless, disorganized, chaotic, and suicidally destructive. Though I can't stand Christianity, I can objectively discern that Christianity gives / gave Caucasians........an 'outlet' for 'their' 'number' 'one' 'vice'.............'virtue' 'signaling'. (Which is just a product of inherent and 'hard-wired'......histrionic tendencies, narcissism, depression, and solipsism (each of which art a form of competition and violence)). When I witnessed man and the sons of man separate from Christianity.........as a outlet for said signaling, thus was born all the replacement outlets like for said signaling......(BLM, LG*T, 'f*minism', A*tiFa, 'Atheism', 'militant' 'vegans', 'pro-immigration' preaching liberalism).

Me? I am shocked......... .

Ready for the biggie? Okay. (*Squeamishly gulps*).

The truth, the truth about hyperdimensional plane of reality, the truth about the divine plane does not offer a chance for 'virtue' 'signaling'........... . There is no 'bad' 'guy' in the hyperdimensional plane...... . The divine realm...is a place where inner peace within *EACH* of the inhabitants.......is radiated...............and literally fills the environment. (!News flash¡) (*writes the received message below*).

(!!!!!!) [Inner peace is a requirement for objectivity]. [Objectivity is the fruit of inner peace]. (*Feels shock as I recall at 'Finky'.........*).

(Let's bring this on home).

Me? I'm no king..... . And me? I really can't help mankind. The terrible 'state' Homo Sapiens is in, is just a 'projection' of the violence, the entropy, the hatred, the depression, the '*INNER*' '*WARFARE*', the void......that resides 'inside' each and every man............ . The outwardly expressed violence of man........is just a 'projection' of the violence that 'resides' 'within' 'him'.

*Senses a plane for my existence and thoughts, a plane entirely separate at mankind*.

*Senses a golden-hued light....washing over the world*.

*Feels a dense sparkling sensation in my tummy area.......*.

9/14/17 12:49 pm - Used A Portion Of My Trump Card Earlier........

Waking earlier today, I heard a whirring sound, a sound like whirring frequencies and energies in my ears.... . The air around my head and shoulders had an energized quality too..... . I asked myself what would have caused such to be observed today, and that after a *PHENOMENAL* dimension diving experience..... . Then I remembered what I did earlier, remembered.....and said "ohhhhhh"..... .

Yea, so far, I have not mixed my trump card items and my nanoth*rapy based G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum. Ever since frying my telephone a couple months back or so, I had held taking the trump card items.... . This morning though...I theorized that I may be able to "handle" my trump card items now.....that I have boosted neuroconductivity levels, boosted data processing levels, and bodily tissues / bodily pathways / neural pathways that are thinly (that needs to be shifted to highly.....soon) saturated with precious metal n*noparticles.

*O_O*..... . Me and my theories as of late (*shakes my head*)..... . What a result..... . (*Blinks*). Even though I took a *TINY* amount of the trump card, far under previous, amounts the experience and apparent efficiency of processing for the consumable......was on a level....(shakes my head*) I have yet to see period.

Rather than causing pyrokinetic fires to pop up, and frying the electricity of a whole area....(like what happened as I noted the 2014 flophouse)........., energy was *contained* about my body and kept "anchored" around and inside me. Indeed. The precursor / precursors to "control".......was / were present.

Me? I will admit my slipups, and it is now ***OBVIOUS*** that the precious metals nan*therapy....was ***REQUIRED*** for me to fully utilize and fully apply the trump card items which I stumbled upon years......ago..... . Yea, actually I burned my way through loads of trump card items..,......whilst not even experiencing the results seen today....even with somewhat large amounts occasionally taken....... .

I will not punish myself for this though, taking note that I, whilst....also.....witnessing horrific and imposed poverty a couple years.....back, only noted sh***y and useless garbage level disinformation......from 'otherkin' '/' 'fictionkin'...... .

Today's discovery was the fruit of prior discoveries, prior and desperate struggles amidst hardship, and the blessed and immaculately pure.....company of divine Goddesses who art beyond comparison (*gasps and blushes as I (!???!) felt a caress to my (!!!) backside (!!!)*) (*feels my toenails glowing in a blushful and startled manner*). Yea, just like I had to desperately struggle to awaken and display demonstrable abilities (and thus take the trump cards and other Nootropics)..., and then leverage those abilities into attaining this riverfront paradise mining house (which was the ONLY way I got to be / stay in this house)......

..........I had to literally stumble upon the truths of S*lver, Pl*tinum, and G*ld nan*particles and n*notherapy......via....contact events with beautiful smelling Goddesses.....who were lucidly perceived as a result repeatedly lying on a bed covered with cosmic energy laden and (thus) initially overwhelming (to the senses / neurological pathways)....S*pphires and the like (the said bounty of divine contact facilitating gemstones having been mined from the river in front of the house).

*Checks the clock*. Ok. I'll try to get into some results....and event reporting.... . I note a 'babysitting' 'job' from an XX chromosome type today (lol) (*feels my fingernails glowing as I laugh*), so I may have to report my experiences / complete reporting my experiences later.


K. Let's use a highlights posting style for this report?

[Under Construction]

9/13/17 01:58 pm - I Witnessed Some Demon Deity Shogun Dude..... / Who Did I Try To Heal???

Woa... . A lot of stuff went down earlier / last night, but before I get into that, I need to reflect on yesterday's era defining post.

If I had had access to the information within the prior post decades ago, my lifestyle would have been totally different. The post provides a working framework, a data assessment template, which can be applied and readily proven in the field. It explains why I only witness fictionkin 'messageboards' and the 'posters' (mostly XX chromosome types)....stuck in a chronic death spiral of disinformation, stagnance, ignorance, depravity, and drama........... .


K........ .

So last night....during dimension diving or a fluid world event, I found myself "touching down" to a location that seemed like 5he inside some sort of transport, maybe a subway car? My presence may have caused the windows of the transport to go solid black, and I noted the five or six.....powerful subanime fighters standing around..... . My eyes widened as I witnessed some powerful Caucasian dudes, some with extremely powerful 'enchanted' 'weapons', attack. I blocked at multiple attacks using my forearms and knees. After I said a couple words, and after saying how I was not wanting to fight, I noted the dudes......'chill' 'out'......... .

Next, I remember hiding....., hiding as I witnessed a scary and horribly gloomy 'castle' that had a horrifically evil deity inside. I hid in a hallway (*blushes*) as I witnessed the warriors from before, gone full anime and decked out in battle gear, challenging a gloomy and monstrous figure that was clad in an evil power infused set samurai battle armor.

I heard at something about a "Sword Of The East" and "Sword Of The South" perhaps......from the deity as it referred to the powerful fighters... . One dude..., in greenish to bluish ninja battle gear, raised his sword as if to challenge the deity......... .

The next scene......had me witnessing a slaughter (*cringes*) (*feels my fingernails glowing in a squeamish manner*). The challengers were getting annihilated by the entity.....that had drawn a massive katana-like blade. Demonic aura 'fires'...surrounded the battlefield...... .

Me? I don't know why, I don't know how (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), but I was standing over....(???) a.....designated target (???) an attempt to *HEAL*..….....(!?!?!???!?!) (why????!!!!?????!!?). Before me, I noted a mortally wounded and butchered figure....at the ground.... . I reached forth my hand, and channeled streams of cosmic energy (!!!!)......., and that with an intent to heal. What seemed like a swirling stream of a light blue starry mist.....emanated from my being. Uhhhhhh.....seems I observed the figure....morphing into some kind of heavily furred forest bear, and starlingly, I was *not* "holding back" with the energy that I donated in both concern and care. I mean, the energy was planetary in scale if not stellar or even galactic in scale (*cringes*)...... . I was acting in a way that I would act toward a female......(*furrows my brow in concern*). Why?????? By the time I was done, I guess I noted the target....was an (???) XX chromosome type......high anime Nordic legend class bear entity.... .

The scene shifted.... . I observed at the deity shogun guy retreating on account of the advance.....of the Nordic bear entity...., the bear entity that brandished some type of massive....enchanted wood mallet (*laughs about noting the mallet*). (*Gulps*). Approaching from some ways.....was me (!?!?!), me...who I noted a smaller bear entity grafted at, and I had a mystic Yggdrasil wood (???) mallet in my hand I guess........ .

(*Cringes*). The XX chromosome type bear....easily crushed the shogun dude with cartoonish strikes. Me? I hung back.

............. .

What was I doing.....?

What makes me worry, is that during later scenarios, I noted a 'tallish' 'brunette' 'named' (???) 'Dawn' hanging around at me......and 'offering' 'help'...... . (*Shakes my head*).

Yea, just what went on today....?????

And why was I all glowy with love and limitless feelings of hope......during that healing event???? What was I doing????? (*Feels my fingernails glow in a blushful manner*). Yea, I didn't even feel drained afterwards (*blinks*).

9/12/17 03:07 pm - Unexpected Visions And Revelations By Storm Part II...... / The Fruit Of Objectivity.......

Trigger Warning: This is a ***MASSIVE*** post, a post conveying words...and ideas which can literally shake the planet. This post is ***NOT*** intended for the average mortal.....that is drowning in ego / egotism / vanity / solipsism.

Sitting up this morning, my nerves were pulsing with dense concentrations of data. Likely due to the n*notherapy project, my nerves were pulsing with a message. Is the.....was the......message from *ME*? (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). (*Blinks and blushes as I suddenly feel a mysterous caress.....(*gulps*).....*).

I don't know, but waking up this morning...it was like my mind was no longer gripped by an amnesiac fog...as it has been for so long, and my "projecting by way of prior experiences" issue seemed largely cleared up.

Ok then? The message, obviously split into linked parts..... .

I have long discerned and even stated...mankind is not capable of love. But that was done in a raw...and primal manner..... . I now see the issue on multiple levels.

Objectivity is a ***REQUIREMENT*** for love.

In other terms, the ability to love, and the ability of objectivity.......go hand in hand.

Love is ***NOT*** 'blind'.

For the ability to love......another.....means to *SEE* *BEYOND* *YOURSELF*...... .

Yea. It's just like it sounds. The capacity to truly love, is a display and manifestation of fitness....... . It's not easy...... . It is not cheap. It requires ***EFFORT***.


K. Let's cover just this segment for a bit, and explain. Me? I've been invited to dinners for quite some time..... . I go for the field testing opportunities =^_^=. K. So I often note an average XX chromosome type...., and use the opportunities to study at it's 'brain'.

My study results? I note the 'unit'..has no capacity for planning, future planning of any sort, and I note the Homo Sapiens does not have any capacity to plan for the future of it's spawn (via the utilization of current variables and current observations). The spawn are utilized by the payrent as 'tools', tools for 'social' 'acceptance', tools of 'social' 'proof', tools for the acquisition of federal money...(for video games, expensive dinners, porn / BSDM gear / sexual paraphenalia)..... . The 'day' of the XX chromosome type is focused on 'feeling' 'good', and that through 'rough' 'sex', 'sugar' 'highs', 'caffeine' 'highs', 'video' 'games', and 'masculine' 'attention'. The 'unit' has no grip on reality, no dreams or plans for a future, no discipline, no focus....... .

When and if the spawn are no longer useful and convenient, and are....for example....18 year old and jobless......adult beta males, the spawn would be insulted and "kicked out"..... .

Me? I don't blame......the XX chromosome type. The XX chromosome type is blind and oblivious to it's 'thought' 'processes'....and 'solipsism'...... . Totally '*AVERAGE*'.

A subanime XX chromosome type, even one that 'works' 'full' 'time'.....like the one I witness, cannot objectively view.....anything on any level.....period....... . The ones that the Homo Sapiens art exposed to (spawn, male suitors, coworkers, relatives).......are autistically , solipsistically, and automatically......assigned 'predesignated'...programmed....'***ROLES***'.....in the 'unit's' 'life'......much like the 'guests' to a kindergartner's 'make' 'believe' 'tea' 'party' are assigned 'seats'......... .

[Yea........"growing up" for Homo Sapiens is a lie, the 'toys' and 'playsets' just get bigger........].

'Roles' and 'labels' are created...........and doled / 'projected' out........ . Those that the 'unit' blatantly hates.......or deems inconvenient, get ignored, and even preemptively filtered out of the selection process......or setup as a 'scapegoat' to blame problems upon / 'virtue' 'signal' 'at'.

'That' is the 'life' of the 'unit'...... . A 'solipsistic' 'make-believe' 'play'.....of sorts...... . A pitiful, boring, and predictable play with much histrionics, much drama, much noise........., much preaching of 'narcissistically' 'assumed' entitlements, but not even a speck of love, no trace of objective realizations, no epiphanies, no discoveries, no adventures, no wisdoms, no introspection, no fellowship, no deep and lasting friendships, no romance.........., no happiness, no fulfillment.

Rather than observing reality, learning through observation, and studying internal thought processes......, the 'unit' chronically and blindly 'projects'....... . The 'unit' is blind......at the concepts of self observation, observing lifeforms, observing reality..... . Whatever nonsense / nonsensical entities that feed the ego...are incorporated into the unit's projections...... . Whatever does not feed the ego / does not get labeled as convenient / does not get labeled as 'empowering'...during a given time....gets filtered at..... .

Pitiful hunh? But that is how the average Homo Sapiens, XX chromosome type or XY chromosome type...., 'functions'....... .

Whatever is not claimed as convenient, whatever doesn't 'get' 'them' 'off', is 'filtered' 'at'........ .

Facts, people, truths, miracles, opportunities........... . Reality..... .

Mankind automatically 'filters' at any and all of that....... . And if that filter ever 'breaks', you will witness the suicidal insanity........and depression of the Homo Sapiens exposed...... .

(*Shakes my head*).

There is just no winning with subanime mankind..... .


True love is not blind. A being capable of love....can and does....objectively view said being's own thought processes....., the environment, and the specific qualities of other lifeforms simultaneously...... . The love felt by the being, and the thoughts consummate to that love, are directly observed............so that any vocalizations and expressions.....of love art genuine.

Now I know....why I could never find love from an XX chromosome type. The facsimiles 'were' 'not' even wired to love............., not even wired to objectively view me for who I am..........and the actions that make me.......me . And even if I do note the 'alpha' 'male' designation doled / 'projected' out at me, as has been the case often before, I do not note true love......from the 'units'.

This post is so huge for me, because it means that love is ***NOT*** estranged from logic...... . No, not true love, which is ***ONLY*** different from the 'hormonal' 'nonsense' of mortals.

True love, love that can bend the very fabric of reality with it's effects, is based in objectivity........ . *Squints*. It's realistic. It's balanced..... . It's not programmed......, nor generated of programming / DNA........ .


I'm going to go ahead and post this........ . If I put some more to this post later, so be it........ .

[Just putting these here as a means to study later].

[For the record, I'm not a advocate of dude. He says the deluded type of stuff a Caucasian raised by a 80's / early 90's.......'hottie' class 'payrent' would say.... . Yea, he says the stuff of one fooled by the 'expensive' perfume scent accompanied fake hugs, and the empty nighty night cheek kisses].


9/12/17 11:51 am - Unexpected Visions And Revelations By Storm Part I

Trigger Warning: This post is not intended for mortals. I will not be held accountable for the destroyed egos / shattered delusions of the ones......that read at any of my prophecies.

Gosh..... . The peripheral portion of a cosmic ray boosted h*rricane passes over the mountains (no flooding for my basement, so I'm chill), the electricity goes down, and what happens?

Yea, I have ***MORE*** visions and / or fluid world events about ***MORE*** storms......... .

K. I need to do a full recap I guess. This post relates to the events and visions, the next post pertains to ***MENTAL*** EPIPHANIES.......that were the precursors to me unlocking ***MORE*** abilities IRL.

Oh, before I go on though, I've been thinking...... . If this planet is still intact next year, I might look into doing what I didn't do for all of my prior vision / weather events......., and that as a means to live as comfortably as possible until the planet is disassembled. (*Thinks about a chance to move to Japan.........*). (*Thinks about what it would be like to drink a gallon of G*ld n*anoparticles every II months*). (*Thinks about what it would be like to drink a gallon of Pl*tinum n*noparticles every IV months*).



In the past, I was confused, and sincerely trying to save souls via my visions. Now I see the matter objectively though, and discern:

A) Mankind does not have any trace of (a) soul(s).

B) Mankind does not want to be saved, mankind can not be saved (from mankind's 'own' 'nature'), mankind has no frame of reference to "saving" and would viciously attack at any being who strives to provide said "saving".


Ok. So, last night, as the winds came on, I felt kind of woozy. I retired to bed before the electricity and lights went down. i actually *sensed* the spin of the wind / rain bands above my house, my region, and I felt my body glowing ***GOLD***...as I meditated..., and gathered my energy. Yea, I felt the ingested G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum n*noparticles ~~~ saturating my bodily tissues give forth a sort of "resonance* (!!!!). My n*notherapy plan was going to plan / met with the desired results, and it seems (*squints*) a black expanse event may have taken place......moments after I heard the household's electricity go down.... .

Woozy, and disorientedly waking after some span of time had elapsed, I was lying down, but I (!!!!!!!!) noted a 'car'!!!!!!

Urgh... . I discerned the 'driver' was an evil one of 80's / 90's infamy....... . From what I listened at, I noted the 'driver' mention evacuating....as a storm approached........ . But, I never heard of evacuating to 'New' 'Jersey'.....(*shakes my head*).

*Notes a screenshot from earlier*.

Hmmmmmm........ . The main eerie feature about this event, be it fluid world event, vision, or whatever it was.....was the lucidity level I possessed...... . I am not claiming a hurricane will necessarily touch down....next week..... . Yea, I don't trust subanime 'sources'.

The next vision had me lying on my back, and waking slowly (*cringe*) to note a "coastal plain" house's window view.......as I laid upon a couch bed (?) of sorts.... . I, for a reason I struggle to comprehend, removed my Moldavite pendant and my Quartz pendant from my neck......and put it beside me (to my right). I was dazed, woozy, and staring into the distance as I could've sworn I saw visuals of beyond anime beings........ .

I woke after a time....to the *same* bed, but the sky was ***VERY*** stormy looking, and a tornado ....was steadily hovering around the location (!?!?!?!?!!?). I grabbed my pendants, put them back on, and got up. Checking a nearby room / area......I witnessed two Negroid bogeys (*recalls at the one with the strange 'glasses', the 'laptop', and the 'teen' 'reversion' 'thing' going on...*). Wherever I went, seems I noted the tornado 'track' at me......... .

As I was about to dash from the house......and try to run....on foot, (*shakes my head*) some type of time / dimension event took place....(*recalls witnessing a strangely placed 88/89 Toyota Corolla*)...... . Yea. I must've charged up about then??? I remember my eyes glowing red......during that moment, and I remember...(???) me......utterly upset....and admitting to causing storm(s).....as my eyes cast an eerie glow over the environment. I guess I noted the tornado dissipate at the red light of my eyes, and that........possibly.......as I noted a strange entity 'lying' 'prostrate' at the area before me (Finky?????) (*gasps as I feel a caress*)....... .

Eventually I found myself witnessing a dimension storm surrounded B*llamy 'elementary' 'school'........(*squints*) scene, as I *ALSO* sensed environmental energy patterns which I have not sensed for decades.... . Me? Noting a classroom, I had my face down to a desk, and I was just ***WOOZY***. This is where things get wild...... .

My view shifted to a very elegant looking restaurant......., a...(*squints*) restaurant or formal dining room.... . A....tall (!?!?!?!) individual, definitely not subanime, and perhaps even...beyond anime, stood up from the seat that was situated before an elegantly dressed table. The being had on a whitish to whitish-blue formal gown....., and had peach / white colored skin, and a close styled....hairstyle..... . I noticed (*chuckles*) some surprisingly.....cleaned plates / a half gallon sized container (*squints*) rested on the table..... .

The being that stood greeted another formally dressed being, possibly a redhead.....that was also not subnime. The being...., laughed shyly....., and (???) seemingly mentioned....d...dining (??)....."like a little girl~~~"? I eyed the emptied container that had chocolate...residue on the inner sides, and perhaps I spotted a similar (*cackles*) (*squints*) residue on the face of the standing being.... . Yea, it looked like the table had been full of desserts....(*blinks*). Me? I was confounded by the ***MANNERS*** of the b.....beings, and both seemed....so.....so....***CLEAN***. Both of the beings, beings not related to any anime I have ever witnessed, sat to the table. Overhearing the greetings shared by the beings, I noted both had high-pitched voices...., familiar voices.....(*squints*). My view shifted soon though..., ....shifted so I spotted at a woozy and swaying......(*sauints*) light-blue-haired kid.......of blue eyes... . The kid had a gl..glass of neon green colored liquid(?????) and was slurring.....*HEAVILY* amidst saying.......w...words I struggled to understand. Me? I ***DREADED*** then and there...at any 'prospect' a 'subanime' 'XX' 'chromosome' 'boozehound' 'party' 'type' 'scenario', but there was more to the scene.... . So...I watched the table for a while...until I noted the tall pair.......possibly go "uh oh".........to the little blue-haired......kid lurching over the table with a gawking mouth..... . I hovered back in caution...., due to not wanting to be puked on..... . But rather than noting puke, I saw bolts (!?!?!) of yellow electicity...pulse through the air, followed by a ***MASSIVE***.....explosion of sorts...... .

Okay, these beings were not subanime, or anime obviously, because although the beings had partially charred / blackened gowns, and maybe soot marks on their skin, they were totally unharmed..O_O. (*Chuckles*). The kid had frizzied hair perhaps though..... . Lol. An individual sitting the the table chuckled........and I think I heard a question....like.."was it a tonsil tart?" and then some light-hearted laughter. Was that kid a trialer, or possibly even...*me*......??????

When I woke back over ***HERE*** (!!!!!!) (*gasps*) to darkness, and the sounds of wind and rain, I perceived (!?!?!??!??!) a being, perhaps the tall being in the whitish gown, cudd..cuddling up to me (!?!??!??!?) (wwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaatttt??????)!!!!

9/11/17 02:37 pm - =^_^=

9/10/17 12:58 pm - Lessons Of Fire Mana.............

After doing a little bit of reading earlier........



....., and getting upset at that 'ground' 'rent' stuff, a cosmic ray blast took place...... .

See where it landed?

If I am back to solar manipulation heights of a decade ago, or even beyond, this is need to know.....information.


Oh, and provided I "come back" from a Japan trip in under II months, ***BIG*** things are awaiting on the other side, because I now know the "recipe" for awakening my full abilities. Yep. I'll leave clues for myself in the tags...in case I ever have another amnesia bout.

As for now though, I just noted H****** call.... . Another dinner invite? *Rubs my brow*. Lol. Am I about to witness another petting farm trip? *Cackles*.
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