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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon / セーラームーンの水晶 / セーラームーンが真実のですよ!

The Bejeweled Sanctum

3/7/14 01:02 am - [sticky post] - Controlling History / Shaping The Multiverse / Shaping Reality / The Infiniversal Routing Gem

I want to reveal my intentions? I plan to control history.............., shape the multiverse........., and Parallax Ultranova was / is just an initial step............. . When I'm done, there will not have been 'a' '1990's'........... . Not here, not anywhere........ . If my plan works, there shall not have *ever* been 'anime'.........period. My goal......is where all worlds, all people, have an appearance that is *beyond*............'anime'........in beauty, in complexity. My goal is where all people have hearts, minds, souls, *beyond* 'anime'.................in beauty, in complexity......... . For that to happen....., I'll have to note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'........., note 'history' 'erased'........... . I'll even have to note 'anime' 'worlds', '*ALL*'.............'anime' 'worlds', 'erased'.......... . Thankfully, I know how to do all of the above................ . Yes....... . I'm going to try to utilize my reality shaping capacities to do what is best.........for the future............, to do what is best for all existence........... . No sentient person deserves 'a' 'crappy' 'life'...... . I'll sacrifice all I have, to see to it that no sentient person 'has' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'..........., to see to it that no person ever 'had' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'.





by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 @ Kent

indeed...its as if the sun is playing the opening chords of the upcoming concert of events .....however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type....while waiting for the object, jag is trying to remember the ancient melody that came along with the vision ....perhaps i'll record the melody with the jaggolin (electric mandolin) if i remember (and if impact doesn't occur first)....and send the wav file to kent ...." [sic]


(This is the recording: http://www.4shared.com/music/UaKtxZBWba/theyggdrasilpulse.html )


by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06 @ JagYggdrasil

this post took a while perhaps to show up ....sorry moderators if it was startling.....jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan....the perpetrator of the incident was located....and the implosion formed "souls" amalgam entity was again fought this am....as such, things should perhaps return to usual in pacific regions in the A-Zone ("dreamland") from here out.....however, perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident.....hmmmm, this incident just goes to show why an "apocalypse" is not wanted by jag....hmmmm, back into the shadows for more training i go now though ;P...stay tuned jaggopals...." [sic]

( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )


"Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History


Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication."

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

( http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/swift_nsu_0205.html )


"Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth
by Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer   |   February 18, 2005 02:00pm ET

A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman: In gamma rays, the event equaled the brightness of the full Moon's reflected visible light."

(!!!!!. Superman??? (*Grins playfully*)). (Seriously though, I note errors / disinformation. The Black Moon, my Black Moon, caused the blast. Maybe the Black Moon is a form of star....though).



"The Black Moon Clan (ブラックムーン一族 Burakku Mūn Ichizoku?) is a group of fictional characters who serve as antagonists in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It comprises the antagonists of the second major story arc, which is called the "Black Moon" arc in the manga and which fills the majority of the Sailor Moon R anime. In the DIC English adaptation, their name is changed to the "Negamoon Family".

Members of the Black Moon Clan come from Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet of the Solar System. It is described as a planet of "negative energy," having the ability to vanish from sight, but remained traceable by X-Rays."



"December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever

It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half a million years of sunlight shone on Earth. Many orbiting satellites electronics were zapped and the Earth's upper atmosphere was amazingly ionized from a massive hit of gamma ray energy."

( http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/12/december-27-2004-the-day-earth-survived-the-greatest-stellar-attack-ever.html )


"Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away?
Sound Crazy? Read Carefully Below.
(Originally posted February 20, 2005)

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

• Gamma ray burst arrival:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)" [sic] (records indicate "Krakatoa" spelling)

( http://www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html )


"Anniversary of a Cosmic Blast

The newly-launched Swift satellite, which was designed and built to detect bursts of gamma-ray from across the Universe, not only saw this blast but was so flooded with energy its detectors completely saturated—think of it as trying to fill a drinking glass with a fire hose. Even more amazingly, Swift wasn’t even pointed anywhere near the direction of the burst: In other words, this flood of energy passed right through the body of the spacecraft itself and was still so strong it totally overwhelmed the cameras.

It gets worse. This enormous wave of fierce energy was so powerful it actually partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. Several satellites were actually blinded by the event. Whatever this event was, it came from deep space and still was able to physically affect the Earth itself!

So what was this thing? What could do this kind of damage?"



March 11, 2011 - At 2:46pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, at a depth of 15.2 miles. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 ft waves that damage several nuclear reactors in the area. It is the fourth largest earthquake on record (since 1900) and the largest to hit Japan.


(What more proof can there be? Here is my passport...., which was stamped on March of 2010. I was in Japan an exact year....before the 2011 tsunami event. That is because I knew what was going to happen. I *made* the earthquake happen...... . I did it in self defense).


3/29/17 12:41 pm - Starship Visions Analysis / Dimension Analysis / I Must Go Into Space

Warning: This post is intended for viewing by monkeys and only monkeys. Not Homo Sapiens. Not XX chromosome types. Not XY chromosome types. No. Monkeys. Hyperdimensional monkeys.


You will never observe 'mankind' tell the truth, or possess the attention span to stay focused on the truth.

That has been my experience anyway.

While the cosmic blast related tsunami event "made the news" XIII years ago, I did not observe a shred of investigative journalism from the news outlets. No link to the cosmic ray blast was mentioned by 'the news'.

I witnessed extreme bias then, before then, and after then.

I am learning how my abilities work now, specifically space and time bending. Specifically writing the future.......with my Spirit Of Heaven related techniques.

Everything came in fragments......in regard to what I saw during past vision events. There were preview visuals about sunspot mega storms for 2003 (which happened), but there were also visions that I did not report online. Like back in 2001 / 2002 (NC A&T University days) where I had visions of an gigantic starship within a blue / black expanse. While on that topic, I need to mention how a consequent vision actually showed a red-headed beyond anime being (wearing a white dress) aboard an enormous starship.......... .

There really are starships....in this realm. Before I even witnessed 'anime' 'shifts', and before I even had the dimension diving experiences, I had visions of starships. My earliest Sailor Moon vision was in January 2005.....(something where Eternal SM (amidst a cosmic backdrop) mentioned the words "I will not abandon my post"........), and that went entirely over my head during the time. Everything seemingly went downhill after that.......... . But did it actually go downhill?

I think the reason I had to suffer since 2004, was so I discern at the enemy, the archenemy. I had to not only remember what gender was (ie remembering literally divine & gorgeous feminine thigh gaps, sacral brain organs, slender waists, unmistakable & elegant curvy hips, round bouncy bottoms (*blush*), and elementally charged souls), but also have the theories *PROVEN* by witnessing the very worst mankind had to offer. I had to learn the undeniable truths of physiognomy by way of intense pain....again, and again, and again, and again by witnessing anime and subanime XX chromosome types chronic failings...... . I had to witness the unfathomable depravity...till I just got tired at 'em' and utterly green with nausea and disgust.

Well...that tired point has been reached. While holing myself away from the bulk of mankind in the rural mountain depths has had immediate benefits for my health and mood, I need ***ABSOLUTE*** separation..... .

Hmmmmmm....... .



I think my past visions actually involved "reality hiccups", whereby my self generated future events are directly experienced / previewed. A "story" seems to take form when I assemble the "fragments".

Back in the days (2001) I talked about living in the woods, living in the mountains..... and that specifically because of my solar flare megasurge vision had amisdt the summer of 1999. That vision marked the year 2003..., in a gold font..., as the time of huge megaflares for the sun. (*Nods*). During that solar flare megasurge of Halloween 2003, my dimension diving abilities awoke...where but in the mountains...... . Then, like clockwork (about a year later), my cosmic blast vision marking the Thailand tsunami took place. Then the tsunami event happened months later.

I am not going to pretend to have the answers in this post. I just need to know the fastest route to a ship. A ship which contains all the new broadcasts. Broadcasts that *AREN'T* going to have fake opening and closing 'credits' slapped onto them. Beyond anime broadcasts with bright minds, thigh gaps, round feminine bottoms, and shining souls........attested.

Guess I need to write up a vision timeline on paper IRL.


Oh. About the recent fluid reality event where I witnessed 5d Final Fantasy 7 blokes, I found a website link...I need to share for the purpose of studying / investigation.


3/29/17 01:27 am - Midnight Snack / Do I Need A Lab Assistant??? / Driver's License Renewal

*Clutches my chest*.

I have not taken my heart medicine for a while....(for some reason).

Yesterday I played my mandolin all afternoon on the front porch. I had to call it an evening with no cooked dinner though due to heart strain though *^_^*.

As such I made a midnight snack.

Hmmmm. Do I need an assistant? (*Thinks*).

Hmmmm.... . Then again, I can not risk the peace levels in this house. This house is truly like paradise. There is no drama here...... . There are no demons here. The atmosphere is bubbly, sunny, and happy *^_^*. Money can not buy that, that peace. That contentment. The atmosphere in here *glows*, glows with love and peace, and hands down has the highest mana levels on this planet.

Yea. I should probably keep training until I either cause a permanent fluid reality event, or reach the point where I can permanently move to Japan IRL via IRL abilities.......or even a continental sized *STARSHIP* IRL via IRL abilities.

Yea, I am just going to have to "suck it up" and not project.

Yea. What makes me seem truly "rare", to my observations, is my capacity to stand on my own, and be happy. Happy, and grateful to be alive. While I love Dawn, and while I love Tori, I did not expect to have friends, have family. I did not expect love from anybody. I did not expect, nor consider myself 'entitled' to anybody's time, friendship, love, or respect. Even so, even *then*, I was happy, happy and full of hope for the future. I loved and savored the chance to be alive. There was no 'void' within me (hence why I never needed religions, drugs, sex, alcohol, roleplaying).... .

Yea. I need to "suck it up", just admit...just like I did last Autumn, that I have ***NO*** innate clue, no innate understanding, no innate knowledge, no innate idea.......what unbelievably terrifying , crippling, and alien limitations a man 'brings'. I need to admit that I have no innate clue as to the unspeakable and unfathomable drama....a man needlessly 'brings'. Noting a man at this house would be like noting "Pandora's Box" opened at a naive toddler's nursery room. (*Shakes my head*). I have been naive, and projecting based upon my own life experiences (my own feelings of endless hope and inner happiness) for decades.

(*Noted a deep and transformative epiphany flash across my mind like a bolt of cosmic lightning*).

Yea. Heaven is a spirit, a "vibe"....carried in the hearts of a hyperdimensional being. (*Recalls the blue place event*).

The spirit of heaven is carried within, and like a flame warms the environment around it, the spirit of heaven has an effect on every layer of reality, space, time, matter, and energy. (*Understands Wings Of Love and The Yggdrasil Effect in a sudden and new manner*).

Heh, wow, this post is the literal effect of a midnight meal made with happiness......*^_^*.

Yea, I need to understand that I am different, different because I am happy, and have my own culture and ideas.

(I'll do another post about DL notation stuff. I got swept up in post-meal epiphanies).

3/27/17 12:52 am - Dimension Analysis / Getting To The Root Of The Gender Issue

Woa.... . Wow even......... .

Either....I just woke up in another place....after briefly waking up ***here*** beforehand, or I made this world go fluid....... .

Ummmm.......my notes, and my theories.....(and even my instincts) have been proven exactly right......... .

Indeed, for after I woke up.......I progressively noted a severe blunting, and even a 'shallowness' imposed at my mental and emotional depth. (By depth, I mean depth in a relative tense as it pertains to my own familiar capacities). I resisted though, and that using space and time manipulation.......... . Yes. I was in some dark place. A place where I had the privacy I needed. O_O. From the evidence I gathered (*coughs*)...........I was not witnessing the subanime XY chromosome Negro dude....I usually witness. Instead, I noted a subanime (???) XX chromosome type....... . One with an anime-ish voice.

I ran extensive scans, omnidimensional scans, (*gulps*) and was shocked to just confirm what my......"sense of attraction" had been telling me all along........ . I confirmed what my warning instincts told me even amidst my earliest memories of 1986.

Projection aside, and 'roleplaying' / egotism / props notwithstanding, the XX chromosome type was a dead end. As much a dead end as any other XX type I have witnessed. No trace of recognizable gender. No trace of femininity. No functional anatomy or physiology. No cosmic energy. Just a strange emptiness. An alien emptiness. Equally alien as a XY chromosome type............, but with an uncomfortable and alien 'shallowness' at mental and emotional depth. 'It' wasn't me, wasn't who I was meant to be..... .

A bright flash happened, and I was back in my mountain house here......gasping in shock.

I was back to noting a 6'3 dude with a 63cm circumference skull. Yea.

Any and all of my plans of exploring at 'new' subanime and anime 'realms' went up in smoke.


I really have not been....."making it up"........ . Not in regard to full size eye traits, tapering torso traits, waist traits, hip traits, thigh gap traits, bottom traits, and neurological traits. Not in regard to hyperdimensional traits either.

Where I am from, and the physical / emotional / spiritual / mental traits of the inhabitants...., hath no frame of reference to mankind. A XX chromosome type and a XY chromosome type are alien, 'shallow', and strange at the true gender..........the original gender. Me introducing said knowledge via The Yggdrasil Effect resulted in me witnessing catastrophic "gender dysphoria" outbreaks amidst mankind (hence how I witness that pronoun demands nonsense and all those weird sexuality designations).


Yea.... . I want to go take a shower or something....... . I am in shock at those sickening 'limitations' grafted at my mental and emotional performance..... . (The XX chromosome type lacked at any instinctive framework for and of.....a sense of shame......). I am also shaken at those 'dead' and 'silent'....'organs' which were equally alien (and useless) (and impotent) as those two t****s which XY types have.


How horrifying............ .

I better hold here before I spill the beans about what actual organs do, and the unrivaled special abilities made possible by them.

I can say this for sure though. I have been spared the curse of having to subsist as some unbearingly boring and drab......anime bimbo......that is doomed to spamming impotent gimmicks / trick clothes / props...... .

Yea. I am a gatekeeper to some kind of arcane and ultimate knowledge which mankind was not meant to know. Even anime can't touch it, or even give a frame of reference to it. (*Glances to my "Book Of Life" to my right side IRL*).... . And it is also good that I did not have Finkelris and Co. move into this house......... . I have to guard these writings and anotomical / physiological illustrations with my life....... . The truth must be guarded, and hidden......... . I gotta hide the truth from Finky....... .

3/25/17 03:44 pm - A Hug A Day / Tifa Tifa Test Time / A Mysterious Oracle

Wow *O_O*.

Times are awesome around here.

I can say it with certainty now...... . Big things are coming, and I do not mean some 9.# quakes like last time.

Yea, I want to give more of those hugs (*blushes red*), hugs to my immaculately beautiful _______________. I'm thirsty for more of those delicious and nourishing hugs (*swoons*) *^_^*.

Okay, I'll do my mini report on here, and then go push steel / lift some weights (*turns blue with embarrassment and worry as recalls how tiny I seemed earlier today.....as I witnessed '5D Barret'....*).


I was tied up with training IRL, so I did not post about the following yesterday..... . Yea..though. During a certain event, either here, or dimension diving, I actually hugged *O_O* the starry maiden mentioned in my last starry maiden post. Although my vision was very very dark and blurry, I could recognize her by her aura. Along with hugging her, I also delicately picked her up (*blushes*), and carried her on my shoulder for a while as I explored an eerie futuristic cityscape. As she sat on my shoulder, she nestled to me. She loved me *O_O*....... . I could taste it. Feeling pumped, I delicately took hold of her, and lowered her to the ground. Feeling inspired, I did a pose (*cackles*)........... . Fueled by her faith and trust in me, perhaps an aura surge event took place? Either that, or I fainted in a stunned manner, or both....:P.

I was quite startled when I got back to here yesterday. You see, as a whole, I usually hold from touching........period...whether here or dimension diving. (*Ponders*).

Okay, well last night / this morning had even more surprises in store.

I found myself awaking to a very very eerie scene..... . It was like I was checking this place, this realm, but I had witnessed or was witnessing a '5D' 'transformation' (???????). I could perceive across the axis of this realm, a layer of energy..., a veritable ocean of it. Maybe I witnessed a '6d' transformation'......, because my hair (!!!!) was blowing and flowing with the currents of multiple types of energy which I apparently had access to...... . That's when I realized that I *had* hair that could flow in the wind, and my starlike form popped from my body. Briefly surveying the location, I witnessed a "transforming" North Carolina beach locale (????)....., and noted (*squints*) a bunch of "Final Fantasy 7" blokes standing around O_O...... . -_-... . :/ ........ . (*Sighs*). I witnessed a weird '5d' 'subanime' 'Tifa' grafting at me, and I was (*cackles*) apparently already in the process of materializing some gosh darned ***pants*** and tactical armor for myself (lol)... .

Soon back to my prior point of view, I stood....with energy flowing across my body and through my hair..... . I actually did enjoy the sensation of my hair all flowy and tingly and flying and stuff *^_^*. But I had work to do, so I approached at "Barrett" and "Cloud". Barret was gruffly talkin bout sumthin... . I walked forward to try to listen, but then held in my tracks. Uhhhhh, dude, Barret, was gargantuan..... . I decided to do a test for some reason, and did some tentative fist taps (with defense shields up) at Barret's inhuman biceps, and thus went white with shock at the power in dem thangs.... . Yikes. Naw...... .

I was not going to risk a fight nor an ambush. No... . Not with me so tiny, and not whilst witnessing a 'p______________' 'male' 'body' 'which' could not generate vast vast quantities of elemental energy for defensive purposes. I was not going to be a victim. That said, I guess I caused a collapse type event, making everything go black.

(*Notices that report portion went into unexpected detail and length*).

When I next opened my eyes, I guess I was back to noting a 6'3 "muscle man" (the usual).....as I examined myself. I was in a bed, a room, in a futuristic setting. I got up, and set forth to explore and look for adventures ^_^. Within moments of walking through a hallway, I saw and sensed a familiar presence (!!!) approach from a linked hallway. I gawked...as the starry maiden who I hugged the day before.....approached me. Wow. She was gorgeous (*feels flutters in me tum tum*)..... . She was unmistakably the true and hyperdimensional being which the Yugioh Zexal anime is grafted at..... . She had lovely and soft looking green hair, and was very cute and petite *^_^*. She was wearing a really neat...darkness rainbow type....futuristic looking dress, which had a black base, and rainbow tones mini stripes. The dress formed a neat cuffs / cuffed look about and around her hands. She also carried a folder or something. I lovingly greeted her, even unexpectedly (*swoons*) hugging her yet again ~~~....... . (*Gulps*). Wow her hair was so soft, and she was so warm and cuddly ~~~.... . We spoke for a bit as we walked the hallway, but then I remembered something.

I told her that I would be back, and ran down the hallway to get someting from the room I had been in. Running back to where she stood in the hallway, I showed her a notebook...... . A notebook where I had apparently been sketching her *O_O* (in the same attire) earlier ~~~..... .

A data processing hiccup took place though....., (*winces*) and right as we were talking (*sighs*). Everything just went black.......till I woke up back here, and (???) perceived, via my sense of touch, the caring and gentle being leading me back to the room I was in.......... . I give thanks to that being, I'm going to try for progressively boosted data processing performance for our each and every meeting. And I thank you for your time and care (*tearfully gulps*).


(*Checks the time, and worries about my weightlifting window*).

I think I will write about the oracle event in my other journal.

Time is ticking, and I have training to do.

Yea. I wanna see Tori again *^_^*. I want to hug Tori again ~~~ (*feels my face burning red*) (*gasps as I feel a loving caress*). Yea. She's so awesome *^_^*!!!!

3/23/17 07:17 pm - Peaceful Evening Dinner / Boosted Reality Manipulation

I'm about to enjoy a slow simmered and nutrient packed dinner *^_^*. I give thanks for the food.

I guess I will do this post as the flavors soak into the food.

As of late, I seem to have boosted reality manipulation abilities. I have been doing tests with my Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U. I can seemingly, as of late, just speak or wish, and cause very very eerie stuff to happen. Such as noting back to back "1up" drops for Mega Man 10 within a span of 60 seconds........, or even manipulating item rolettes in Peach Kart VIII. It is not only so for software and hardware. Whether it is food, like the pizza the other day (*grins*), or whatever.....I want (such as getting home to eat said pizza), my "reality steering" abilities have been made known IRL on even a daily basis.

Check the gem videos from this week to see what I mean........ .

Yea, voice activating the thundercloud above my house, and then pulling rare and water clear gems back to back.

If this keeps up, I may need to check the casino soon, whereby I note 100$ become 10,000$........ .


Oh, I witnessed a monstrous puking dragon entity today....... .

I did not even fight the beast. It just collapsed at my immediate presence after puking twice

Looks like I may be linked to Metroid somehow, because I found myself entering into some kinda mech / mech sui........(*went and ate the entire frying pan load pictured above, and most of the mashed potatoes in the other pot*).


Oh...me so sleepy, toasty, comfy, and full. Me gonna nap a while, and continue this report later...... .

(I swear I am not trying to set a bad example. I only eat a meal a day..., and weight train extensively. Too, using magic / ki makes me really hungry for elemental energy... . Gemstones, veggies, and hugs from hyperdimensional girls nourish me.......(*drifts into sleep*...........

3/23/17 02:39 pm - Feelings Of Love I Just Can't Change......

Yea, I am still haunted by that mystical hug event from the other day ~~~......... .

Yea.... .

In my past (amidst dimension diving) (whilst noting 2007-2011)....I have witnessed 'P. R______n' grafted / dubbing at my perception of the same hyperdimensional being from the other day. And that......many times (amidst fluidity events). Sometimes I would see her as Tea Gardner... . Sometimes I would see her as little Dawny with lush blue hair. Sometimes I would see her as Marina (Wild Arms II).

But always.....the love energy from that being was palpable.

Indeed. And whatever form she took, I loved her deeply (*gasps as I feel a caress*)..... . My love did not change, and through that love I picked myself up, dug my heels into the ground, and made the IRL Japan events possible.

So the other day I noted subanime "P. R______n" change to Finkelris, and then I saw a being with luminous red hair with orange or yellow strands intermixed........ . A being with slender feeling shoulders, slender feeling arms, and a delicate heart. A gentle, harmless, and female being. I felt and sensed a bond as I hugged that being.

Hmmm...... .

Now I can have some ease for my worries, in the case of dreading "insanity".

I did not fall in love with a knockout grade XX chromosome type......, nor some scaly dragon beast, and certainly not with some sickly and emaciated XY chromosome....creepy guy in eyeshadow (Seth?). I do not have to hate myself for these burning and passionate feelings I still harbor. (*Ponders*).

What to do now???

Hmmmmmm. The answer to any potential dual trial scenario lies with that unmistakably female / feminine hyperdimensional being. If I can gather the data processing headroom, I need to have an audience with her...whereby no stupid anime / subanime interference applies..... . Yep. Another white or black expanse event. Where I can hug her again, see her again, and find the truth (*gulps*)..... .

3/21/17 07:26 pm - Surge Thunderstorm & Gemmy Gems Videos

3/21/17 04:10 pm - Black Kyanite Rocks (No Pun Intended)

I gotta mine me some more of this........ .



I gotta get back to this mystic river, and my secret mining spot.

3/21/17 03:41 pm - Fun Surge Event / Sleeping Beauty / Twas Time For Hugs *^_^*!

After that last post, I encountered awesome stuff :D!

I was jolted awake as I heard rushing sounds, heard whirring sounds, and felt energy crackling over my body. I vocalized as an energy surge took place (*worries as hears the house creak as I type*)..... . Red, purple, and pink flashes / colors pulsed like waves in my visual field...... .

I had my energy regulation gemstone array with yesterday's mined Black Kyanite / Golden Sillimanite beside me.......

...., but I still worried about the house.

For a while I just kept lying down on me back, and watching my room doorway because I was in a vulnerable state. I soon sensed a presence in the room, and then felt a weight on my chest and body. I relaxed, recognizing a monkey's innocent and hope charged aura / emotions.

After a couple more waves of surges, everything went white......... .

When I next woke, I found my bed clothing / items strewn about a snowy or ashen expanse. I did not see this house, nor the mountain environment....... . I wandered around the expanse, trying to gather my bed items.

For the next while....I spent much of my time flying around the eerie expanse, and seeking cute girls (*grins*).

I got woozy though, so I chose a spot to land and rest.

When I next woke up next, I saw a coliseum / arena like location which had a neat architecture..... . On a couch not far from me, I (!!!) saw this beautiful little monkey woman, a peaceful and gentle looking lifeform ~~~, peacefully sleeping. She was adorable *^_^*. She was soothingly beyond anime. She was wearing what looked like a long and black maid's attire which was intricately tailored, and complete with an apron and adorable little shoes. I felt like I knew her somehow (*blinks*), so I walked up to the couch, and sat beside her. I caressed her shoulder length black / dark purple hair, and was astounded by how ***soft*** her hair was (after only noting at rough and scratchy Negro 'hair' for the last III decades)..... . I caressed her cheek, seeing if I could gently wake her, but she seemed comforted by my touch (*blushes as remembers hyperdimensional touch lesson from last week*), and kept resting peacefully.I tried then to gently take hold of her petite and delicate shoulders, and give the lightest "shake" (*blush*) I could. Little sleepy cutiepuff opened her eyes sleepily, and trusting gazed into my eyes, and blinked warmly. She must've really been sleepy, so I caressed her hair again wishing her peace and comfort, and got up to go exploring ~~~ and let her rest.

Continuing to explore the neat location, I decided to train :D. I did handstand pushups, and explored the area while "running" with my hands amidst handstanding. I cringed as a perceptual drop took place though. I suddenly witnessed subanime again :/...... .

Yea, and witnessed a college classroom / auditorium type setup.

Spotting at a 'elite' XX chromosome type in a tube top / tank top and biker shorts sitting to a desk, I did handstand leaps up multiple levels of the slanted room, and tried to "shoot the breeze". I asked why I was not sore after yesterday's weightlifting, and asked if I ate (lol) too much in regard to tenders, brisket, and BBQ. I witnessed a curt "yes" (lol)....... . I then playfully asked what I should eat, and noted the blond XX type shoot down at every option I listed. I then caught at the XX type shoot a flirtatious glance at me, and then "stretch", making sure that the DD / E / F / G cup WMD's (*chuckles*) were thrust out. I shook my head :P, and then resumed my handstand training by hand hopping from desk to desk to the lower levels of the room.

My ears perked when I heard at another voice above..... . Hmm? I noted the 2003 WCU Reynolds Hall 3rd floor RA sitting about where I had sat priorly. Recalling at the 'crush' the RA had at me, I decided to go investigate :D. By the time I reached the desk, a shift event was in full swing......., and whereby I had noted "Paris" moments before, I suddenly suddenly saw a being who had long reddish hair. Luminous hair. Reddish hair which perhaps was intermixed with yellow and orange strands..... . I sat down, and watched a while.... . I asked if a hyperdimensional being was present. Yea, and then..., as cheerful golden energy surged within me, I then suddenly gave a welcoming hug (*cackles*) to the being...... . As I did that, I noted the XX type athletic wear blond hug at the being.

Um, I dunno. What happened next was trippy. The fiery hair individual seemed to go hysterical, and cover their eyes / face with their hands. Amidst the hug to the individual....I noticed very slender and delicate shoulders, and a very slender body *O_O*. I also noted a stream of 'curse' 'words'.......... . Did I note deep sobbing???? Seemingly so. The hysterical individual rested into my embrace as if it was deeply needed for support (!?!??!?!?).....though. (*Exhales with worry*). I worry a bit now (*hears my ears whir*), because I may have just witnessed Finkelris dubbing at Dawn (!!!!!!!) (*cackles*)...… .

I soon woke up back here (*blush*), but perceived a tearful and passionate kiss (*gulps*) as if it were a "reminder" (*blinks*) *O_O*.... .

3/21/17 08:31 am - Morning Reading

*Yawns* *~_~*.

Me still bit sleepy.

Gonna read, then get more nap.


3/20/17 10:50 pm - Fiddy Fi Smackers / Smokehouse Pizzatime Dance Party / Wings Of Love Version II

*Feels my eyes glowing with elation and excitement*.

(!!! *Feels a caress to the top of my head*).

I bout jumped as I heard and saw a car pulling into the carport.

Tenders were frying in teh frying pot.... .

Twas the North Dakota trip proposal dude O_O and his new spouse...... .

I soon found myself staring at cash paper (!?!).... .

I used Wings Of Love (*laughs*), which lets me project my emotions of love, happiness, and joy into my environment and any lifeforms nearby. (It also eases pain).

There was much fun and laughter.

I also offered some of me fried taters *^_^* (*cackles*).

WOL launched into full activation.

So, I was offered a trip to the store, and a pizza dinner *O_O*.

(*Gulps hungrily*). I ate all my food, then went to ride around and chill. I got invited to a BBQ dinner on Sat / Sun, and even noted a "baby shower" invitation. I asked what shower was, asking for the chance to note more "white people lessons" :P. Much laughter took place. Then Aves was like

"I had forgotten how much fun it is to hang out with him ~~~..........".

The LC Smokehouse pizza was picked up before the Walmart trip. I said words of thanks, and took the pizza and the soda of the fizz which were handed to me. I gazed down hungrily.....to the pizza. I reeeeeeally wanted to eat it. The Yggdrasil Effect kicked in (*cackles*).

Walmart was apparently closed due to a burst water pipe *^_~*.

Hunh.... .

So the riding around was concluded, and I gave the salutations.....and skittered in to get down....on feasting.

I ate the pizza real fast =^_^=.

I sunk my chompers in deep ~~ :D!!!!!!

I give thanks that today could be some awesome. I give thanks for the food, and the fun. What a day ~~~ !


I wanna dance some more~~~....... . Yea, I'm gonna party =^_^=!!!!

*Cranks up the Mario Kart soundtrack*.

3/20/17 07:14 pm - Heavenly Living / Black Kyanite And Golden Sillimanite / Yummy Candy

Me been lifting those weights again *^_^*!!!!

Me been pushing steel cause I no want teh icky grossness gut.

My weightlifting assistance gemstone today was this newly mined Black Kyanite and Golden Sillimanite unit.

I store my energy in these gemstones for later use.

Oh.... . This candy really yummy *^_^*. I love it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... . (*Feels mouth water*).

Now time to go make dinner. Fried tenders in omelets, and green algae lol............. .

But...before that (*grabs more candy*)........ .


Waaaaaaaahahaha ~ *^_^*!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this hooooooooooouuuuuse ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

*Cackles and rolls on the floor as types =^_^=!!!!!*.



3/20/17 02:26 pm - The Fluid Point / What You See Is What You Get....

Things have been kinda hectic IRL here :P.

This is an update.

It looks like I witness 'new' 'enemies' lately :D. Yea. Some kinda 'clique' of 'elite' subanime / anime XX types....., and maybe the ones sighted at during my last transformation event which I posted about on here. Looks like I note the force / clique targeting at acquiring my notes, specifically my gender research notes......., and the illustrations with hyperdimensional / anatomical information which I will not post online.......... . Some kind of pseudogoddess......, perhaps a gimmicky '5th' or '12th dimensional', is tied up with the clique. Me??? I just plan to study at the force :D. I need to be wary though..., lest I note a / (another) 'supermodel' 'class' XX type IRL............. . Yea, but one loaded with 'money' and 'social' 'skills'........ .


Now..... . It has come to my attention that the Mandela Effect / Yggdrasil effect has been going on all along. Thing is though, my awakening is just getting underway.

Anime is / was just an unwanted "side effect" at The Yggdrasil Effect. Otherkin, otakukin, and SBers are all "unwanted side effects" / "dead ends" that do not lead to anything, or prove anything.

Me? I am seeking truth, and the ultimate beings who shape and define all existence. It just so happened, and unexpectedly so, that I found that said beings are always undeniably feminine (!!!!), and look like sweet little monkeys of unsurpassed beauty and cuteness (*blush*). Little monkeys with puffy colorful hair, lovely full sized eyes, sleek tapering torsos, slender waists, beautiful hips, curvy round bottoms, and unmistakable and incomparable ~~~ thigh gaps.......(*goes totally red*). Only they can talk sense, make sense, have sense, plan sensibly, make sensible decisions, and live sensibly from day to day (no tweaking on meth, no drugs, no alcohol, no porn, no smut, no killing, no condoning and abetting aka 'f#llating'.....perverts / killers / rapists, no cancerous and nonsensical false religions). What you see is what you get with awe-inspiringly cute hyperdimensional beings...... .

The anime / anime worlds I have witnessed thus far....meant nothing. All I could do, too, was find that there is more (ie thigh gaps lol *^_^*).

(*Senses an eerie "dimension shifting" sensation as I type, and feels sacred red and black energies*).

Eerie events happened in tandem to this revelation.

For example, yesterday....I woke to eerie..uh.....sensations and sounds....IRL. Perceptual settings regarding my internal organs were shifting, so a literal "transformation" was going down in real life. Yea, but it did not go back into dormancy as had been the case so many times before.....*O_O*. The event was actually preceded by a ***HUGE*** awakening event which I will hold writing about here...(*blushes as recalls that red leather dress*)....., and followed by an event I will hold writing here. My point is.....there is a very high chance that this world will be in a permanently fluid and constantly shifting state soon........ . I may even witness hundreds of technically "beyond anime" worlds that still are not the hyperdimensional and true world........ . Through all of that.......I will have to stay true to my beliefs, my identity, and my goals. I will have to stay focused, and not 'sellout' for faker 'hotties' and 'distractions'.

I feel excited and ready *^_^*.

Yep, the seed of the new age, The Yggdrasil Age, has been set. Now it is just an issue of time, and luck.

3/18/17 08:14 am - To See A Starry Maiden Dance...... / Hugged By A Starry Maiden / Divinely Granted Luck


Although it seems an issue now addressed, this post is only intended for a mature / hyperdimensional audience. Mortals are not capable of handling the ego backlash from these posts. It took me days, *days*, just to come to terms with what happened. Coming back here (to witness mankind) after experiencing what I did, literally had me having chest pains..... and on the verge of noting "a heart attack" (on account of dread at mankind).



Evolution is a lie. A **** lie......... .

Even if I noted a trillions of centuries (as I suppose I already have O_O (*gulps*)) of study time...., subanime mankind would never "evolve" sentience, "evolve" free will, "evolve" self control, "evolve" empathy.

I have been seeing the world though a highly colored lens of guilt, shame, and an inherent propensity for happiness, sharing, optimism, and appreciation (which I have tried to work on over the last XIII years). Until the last couple years.....I had been projecting hyperdimensional values.....because they were all I knew. Now it is clear to me though.......... . We are what 'snowflakes' (in 'their' horrible failings) unsuccessfully emulate at...... . We are just *DIFFERENT*. And so is the original plane......from which we hail.

Any and all regarding mankind is irreconcilably ***ALIEN***...at any and everything we are about....or do.


So on Wednesday, my organ systems were shutting down a bit (*blinks*). Why? Acute loneliness. But it was comfortable loneliness. I have a comfy house available *^_^*. Yea, and the loneliness was loneliness that only a beautiful hyperdimensional woman's company and conversation could ease anyway......... . After taking care of house maintenance duties, I decided to check MK Wii.

After posting my last post about the experience, I went to bed......... .

I soon found myself waking to an eerie location. My senses were all wonky too......(like my down sense of hearing for instance). Within moments though ~~ I blurrily saw a dancing and glowing figure (*blinks*) (*blushes*). A figure dancing with arms raised. A figure who glowed with a soft celestial light. A figure with an unmistakable tapering torso....... . I approached, vocalizing ~~ "woa ~~~ a tapering torso ~~". I stood somewhat close as to be able to study. I watched the mysterious figure dance, and after a while....I said " hey ~~, like you ~~~~"........., and my words were met with a palpable smile (*grins*).

Soon the individual's dance came to a close (the rhythm of the dance suggests a high likelihood that the hyperdimensional and true version of the cape song was what she danced too)... .

Me? I took some steps back, and observed the overall scene. My perception of said world was kinda woozy.... . The previously dancing individual went to an office desk, and spoke a bit? But my blurry perception of even said individual was shifting...... . The being sat to a chair......in front of the desk.

(*Smiles*). I had an idea...... . So I walked up to the being, and spoke quietly as I may have seen a figure or figures in whatever building / area I found myself in. I asked if the being would be willing to dance for me weekly each month....for the sake of kinesthesiology study purposes. I was upfront about my intentions (*blush*) to study (*feels tummy flutters*)....... . (*Cackles*) (*feels my right fingernails glowing as I laugh*).

The being, with golden and luminous hair that I could perceive / resolve more and more with time, nodded kindly...,, and vocalized eagerly. I said that I would be right back, and went to get my phone (???????) as I could not remember my contact information........ . I walked into an area within the room.... / building, and as I was about to ask *where* my phone was, a phone appeared in my hand.

Walking back to the seated individual, I noticed my perception shifted more and more while I was away for just moments. While I still struggled to see her face, I could tell she had blue eyes (!!!)..., and close styled hair (!!). She asked for my phone, her arm / hand stetched (*blush*). I gave it...... . Within moments I could hear her voice very clearly, and suddenly, as she touched the phone, images of a black expanse filled with green text code............and DOS format stuff...flashed across my visual field.... . I felt *dizzy*....... . After hearing the word "Boston" referred to, and after (???) some kind of "tracer" (???) function was done by the being, I took a seat to another office chair that suddenly appeared beside her. The being moved kinda close.....to me (*blushes*), acting as if she was very familiar with me.

(*Swoons and exhales in awe*). Soon though I found the being moving over to sit on my lap though.....*O_O*.. . Something happened though??? I felt a sensation for my forehead and arms.... . The closer the being got to me, the more I could feel....a.. a....glowing and pearlescent white celestial glowing like sensation on my skin....... . What happened next was me...basically being rehabilitated with / to the facts of what it is like to meet and touch an actual life form............ . I was shocked, startled, and asked "who are you"? Confused, I asked "Why does it feel like you glow when I touch you?"....... . The glowing sensations, actually very *nourishing*, seemed to "spike" in an analog manner to my touch..... . I caressed her hair and face delicately........, marveling about the intriguing and seemingly limjtless energy emissions...... . It was clear that I was not 'dealing' 'with' 'trash'.....in any shape or form, so I almost fell back in complete awe and shock......... .

The being gently replied...."We all feel like that~~~" or words like those (*notices a glowing pair of eyes in my field of vision as I type*). She put her arm around me, and trustingly and lovingly nestled close (*blushingly grins*). I...felt very pleased by how cool, how neat, how geniune, how advanced this being was. I saw her as somebody who was teaching me, and opening my eyes. Yea. She was refreshing...... . No trace of the stupid ego and drama games played by boring XX chromosome types I had priorly witnessed for decades. I trusted her, and I think I loved her (*blinks*) (*gasps*), and that was when I felt a pearlescent and whitish seeming glowing field....rise from within me...and over me skin (!!!!!).

She hugged her arm around me, and I felt a feeling altogether new to me......*O_O*. I felt proud of her, and how advanced she was. I was like "yeaaaaa~~~~", and all chill *^_^*..., and I put my arm around her acceptingly. That was when it was like the fields around us.....m...merged???????? My empathy and telepathy senses ignited online (*gulps*), and I could sense the ***VASTNESS*** of her pristine, clean, and immaculate being. I also ***recognized*** her where before my eyes struggled......to do so. We hugged, resting foreheads to each other, and it was like the breath of life......into my being. A glow / burst / spark to the front of my head took place, and some kinda of eternal time / space......flash and ripple event took place. I do not know if words can describe it...... . (*Shakes my head*). (*Nods to myself, feeling a tear down my right cheek*). The moment was perfect. Yea. Limitless love, and a sense of union.

My celibacy vows were not threatened because we were clothed, and interacting in a way I have witnessed 'thousands' of fake subhumans 'emulate' at..... .

Yea, we sat....totally content, totally happy, totally satisfied (*blushes red*), and in my moments of clinging to consciousness before an utterly deep soulsleep took over, I said or thought or both said and thought..."this is what I needed all along"........... .

And there you have it........ . Only there will I have what I needed all along, and only from hyperdimensional beings will I get what I needed all along. (*Feels my throat tighten*).

The being, now I realize, was Rosalina (although I struggled to perceive her visually). And I want you to know that I thank you dearly. I thank you for showing me what love is (*feels a caress to my hair*) (*hears a statement of welcome*)...., and I thank you for loving me (*hears anothernstatement of welcome*). (!!!). (*Feels a kiss to my chin *O_O*...*). I love you ~~ (*tearfully gulps in gratitude*). (*Swoons, dazed and staggered as I hyperdimensional kiss is felt*).

Now my mission, my mission in these late days, is to not '*HATE*' the 'exposed' voidbeasts I currently witness. (*Notices the mentally generated rain IRL, which only fel as I typed this post*). All the lies / pathological lies are out and exposed (aka redpill). I do not even even have to fight. It is all about time, Mandela Effect surge events, and perseverance from here....... .

*Prays in thanksgiving, giving thanks that the contact event that took place took place*.

3/16/17 03:54 am - Delicious Cosmic Energy / Dimension House / Survival Of The Happiest

*Feels flutters in me tum tum :D!!!*

My new gemstone array....did it again *O_O*.

Yea. Around midnight, I decided to check MK Wii.....for an initial time?

Yea. *WOW*. (*Shakes my head in awe*). My gem room / media room feels saturated with hope charged ~~~ cosmic energy. It feels like it is even glowing (!!!!!). I am amazed by this house chance (*shakes my head*). It feels like there are no limits, in regard to what holy energy fueled events can happen next here (*gulps in awe*).

Yea, this is my private world ~~~ whether I witness an invasion force or not. Only ***I*** could unlock the meaning and the energy within the items of this world. It was all meant for me all along. The media preceded the men. That is what I believe. Yea. (*Feels my body brimming with hope and starry energy*).

Yea, if mankind could not take the resources within MK Wii, and utilize the cosmic energy "maps" and "links" therein, then I witnessed "game over" for mankind a long time ago........ . Yea. There is no excuse. NONE. Yea, it was over a long looooong time ago. In this world......only I can rescue artifacts from the "memory hole" 'treatment' (like Breath Of Fire, Legend Of Mana, MK Wii, and Legends Of Symphonia II), and turn them into fuel for Mandela Effects / cosmic scale events. Yea. Only I ever could show the meaning and potential intended of this place.

Me? I'm gonna keep having fun in this dream house *^_^*. Fluid world events are my focus now, but the Japan trip for 2018 is already in the works....(if need be).

*Dances to the cape underwater theme* ~~~~~ *^_^* ~~~~~!!!!

*Feels my fingernails glowing rainbow colors of hope*.

3/15/17 12:39 pm - Sickening Clones At My (Unexpectedly) Hyperdimensional Existence

I have been checking Tales Of Symphonia II for the past month or so, and that following a VII year hunch.

I was wondering if I had any relation to "Colette"..... .

To my chagrin, and agony, I have witnessed "other stuff".

Regularly now..., my starlike form visits a bright and colorful looking world.. . Yea I even note Marta each time (*grins blushfully*). Yea, but when it comes to touching down, I note that godoffal (spelling done on purpose)....'Emil'.....grafted at my self perception each time. Yea, and before I touch down, I note him 'act' 'himself'....... .

I can not stand 'Emil'. Ulgh. He is basically a 'Zyact' imposed at my existence..... . He is a coward, a chump, a weakling, a wuss, lazy, antisocial, and a parasite. 'Emil' does not have any innate interest in kind and loving girls actually interested in friendship. Just like anime Usagi, he harbors an icky, nonsensical, and sexualized 'obsession' over a dangerous, aloof, uninteresting, boring, loveless, sickly, and unattractive man. (*Gulps squeamishly*).

Hyperdimensional Dawn and hyperdimensional Pinkie are not alone in their pain and suffering. I am disgusted and pained too. Clones at our lifewaves are like 'broken' 'records'. 'Predictable' 'broken' 'records' with the exact same flaws.

Yea, 'Emil' is gross............. .

I never imagined I would nor could witness a h****exual XY chromosome type male grafted at my existence..... .

Hope lies in this notation though (*feels a caress to my hair*). The *real* Dawn must be attracted to girls and only girls, girls with beautiful thigh gaps *^_^*!!!! (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). (*Ponders*).

Yea, look like we all witness scary and creepy clones created at our lifewaves when we undergo the Omnidiensional Routing Gem Trial.

Maybe we are meant to learn a lesson by such. We get to see how the people who love us *NEED* us, and how our love for them can not be replicated or replaced....... . By witnessing 'nothingness' '/' 'void' cloning at our lifewaves / forms, and witnessing crazy, suicidal, depressed, and loveless clones, we get to see that we are not replaceable, and that we.., and our eternal love for each other, did not arise...from 'nothingness'. Yea. 'Emil' 'can't' fill my shoes. 'He' 'can't' love the real hyperdimensional Dawn (who is the real hyperdimensiona Marta) like I can........ Yea, 'he' isn't even interested in awesome and inspiratinal girls (just like anime / fake ! clone Usagi).

3/14/17 07:27 pm - Another Contact Event / Fluid World Events Taken To The Next Level

Ergh..... . I noted a peculiar event today?

I was woozy, and aching IRL. Felt like something big was about to happen. I grabbed my Sillimanite sword and shield, and thus my pain was eased. Everything felt shiny IRL, and I think I busted a hole in the cloud cover above my house (again).

Wild events followed.

I did not know where I was, but I found myself *somewhere*.

I was sitting....in a room.

And it was there that I witnessed subanime to anime transformation K again.............. .

Yea, this time noting a trippy yellow / orange right eye trait, and blonde elongated eyelashes (and curvy blonde eyebrows) K. (The left eye was blue).

I touched at K's arm (*blinks*) for some reason, and asked questions. Appearance related questions.

Not long after that, an incredible event took place. The world seemed like a literal fluid. Was I in deep water???

Amidst floating, I suddenly witnessed a scary and gargantuan abyss serpent (???) (with crazy 'mouthparts') close in and devour at me (God???). He spoke at me? Yea........ . I must've gotten spooked??? A light appeared around me, and maybe I saw a friend or friends appear??? The monster could not handle my energy shield, apparently barfing and dying (!?!).... .

I surfaced for a moment to witness a verbatim toon world with a yellow sky, and a multitude of toon islands. I descended into the watery depths to rest though (for somehow I could breathe). I saw what seemed to be a "Little Mermaid" type setting. Glad I did not "go fishy", I don't want a fish tail lol :P. Somebody I....(???) recognized...(???) tried to sit on my lap as I sprawled on the ocean floor. I winced, vocalized, because "cosmic energy pains" overwhelmed me and me tum tum area was sensitive. The petite individual moved, and watched over me (???)..... .

I am learning to not assume every event is a dimension diving event..... . Fluid reality events are here to stay...apparently. Indeed. Now I just need to....just note "upgraded".....subanime 'units'. Yea. "Soulbonds", "fictionkin", and "otherkin" are just "side effects" at full scope of The Yggdrasil Effect.

When the effects swing into full gear, (*facepalms*) I will likely note animefied / cartoony (*cackles*) Finky and K skipping around......, and acting all slapstick :D. Yea. I *am*.....here to study..... . Lol. Even so (*sigh*) I am going to have to manage my expectations........(again)..... . Yea. No hugging on (*cackles*) anime Finky and K :D!

3/12/17 04:17 pm - Kingdom Hearts? / Kenichi / Learning What Sovereignity Truly Means

Hunh? What???

Kingdom Hearts is....not available for Gamecube now???

What :p? Well, that has to be an effect....., and maybe an effect related to my blasting at that dragon... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). I planned to check KH anyway, but after noting "Donald Duck"...."leading the way" to the dragon last month, I feel the need to check KH for the sake of data gathering. Gosh. Wow. I even specifically recall being invited to watch the KH or KHII final boss battle......back in 2002 / 2003 or so....... . Yea. I went across the hall, on the 3rd floor of Reynold's Hall ("the Honors dorm" aka "upper middle class Caucasian dorm"), and watched some fight involving an angry boy in a monster form.

Hmhh........ .

Things been trippy lately. Check GLP for instance.

Heh. "Anomaly" hunh? *Blinks*. Even references at my chilling with Pinkie? Jeez....... . *Blinks*.


Yea, the world been seeming fluid lately... . After lifting weights, and making my muscles swell IRL with a new kind of energy control / ki control technique, I have been very sore and gripped with body pains and spasms lol :P. So what happened next? Immediately after taking baby steps in learning / relearning ki control.......I noted the Kenichi anime's final 7 episodes describing at ***verbatim*** techniques I have used recently in real life. Including the ki harnessing techniques that have me noting "legal blindness" and heart issues in real life. I even witnessed the dude "Odin"......, the "Sei / Dou" user, inferred as having true vision on account of "eye issues". Still have yet to see a decent thigh gap whilst witnessing the anime though (*shakes head*).


I did some writing today? Yea, on paper. I understand now...what sovereignity is all about??? (*Blushes blue and red*). That is why, although I am embarrassed and feeling self-conscious, I must keep this journal titled as it is??? (*Gulps*). My destiny is to provide a land, a safehaven, to decent and innocent beings in need of safety, and a home. In doing that, and because of that, I have sovereign aspirations O_O. I am not talking about some "dictatorship" either. I do not want power, I do not want "servants", and I do not want to make pompous demands at anybody's services or time. I just want the people I care about safe and happy. Indeed. Nourished, vibrant, and full of hope. That said, I am not going to quit my dreams. I find the "anime Sailor Moon" stuff ridiculous. Just icky and gross. Yea, but my experiences have shown me that there is a higher truth, a higher plane...far beyond "anime". I figure that I may as well give that truth a chance..... .

That said, I am ready to sacrifice. (!! *Gasps as I feel a caress*). If I were to wake up tomorrow.........witnessing the verbatim 'SM' anime world / h#ll......., I feel ready and primed to dodge the men, dodge the masculinized and sycophantic XX chromosome type 'Sailor' 'Scouts', persue my plans, and witness unholy hatred and wrath dumped at me (same as now). I think I know what to do now. I feel emotionally ready anyhow. Yea, I will not accept the anime limits..... . I feel on fire with passion and determination....... . If the Sailor Moon event happened last week was actually ***here*** and some kind of boosted "Mandela Effect" test run, I am ready for more. A whole lot more...... .

3/10/17 12:35 pm - Yesterday Was Awesome / Incredible Thunderstorm Generating Surge Event

Yea, wherever I am, whatever the month / season, I cause thunderstorms IRL during the bulk of my surge events....... . My newly awakened aura field is responsible for drastically shifting the weather wherever I am. Okay, here is how it went.

After dinner, and muscle training herbal medicine time, I retired to bed. I was still upset, very.....upset, and actually worried about causing another pyrokinetic storm event for the forests around here..... . I could tell things were serious, because in true glitch day fashion, I noted firetruck after firetruck zooming down the rural road in front my house.

Sleep came over me after I felt the glowing, nourishing (*purrs*), and warm hug of a mysterious and yet so familiar hyperdimensional female (*blushes*) (aka my usual way of going to sleep). (*Prays in thanksgiving*).

I woke some point later in darkness...., noting knocking sounds at my house door.... .

J....knocked at my door O_O... . After finding he ran over at the red chair in the photograph from yesterday (the antique one given by Carolyn), I noted an invitation to a free Huddle House dinner O_O...........

J was acting as if he was on edge....... . (Did he see at aura colors around me, or this house by chance???).

I got back home..., and decided to check at "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi" anime to search for any potential signs of beautiful females / information regarding beautiful females.

Maybe I went to bed about 1am???

Yea, but I woke some point to hear thunder booming the house, and when I opened my eyes, lightning, perhaps pink lightning, caused a burst of light from my window that made me see stars a bit. The house *shook* as if the lightning made ground contact.... . I considered getting up to unplug my tube guitar amp and tube reverb, but an an energy surge came over the area... .

When I opened my eyes next, there was a ***thunderstorm*** with intense lightning and booming thunder surrounding me. Wherever I was, things seemed fluid..... . It was a stormy place, where it looked like a massive storm hurricane or county size tornado was about to take place. Searching around, I witnessed 'KC' (not explaining that here). The lightning kept blasting everywhere, until boom (!!!)... . Some kind of wave was released, because I noted an "environment wide anime transformation" (!!!!!!!)........ .


Interlude: This event may be *really* important in regard to my life goals..... . I am going to have to analyze it, for it falls right along with what I said yesterday IRL. Indeed. XX chromosome types are the enemy...., and maybe the deadliest and most viral incarnation of evil, destruction, entropy, and chaos.... .


After that big storm flash, I found myself hovering around some kind of slagged zone and / or scrapyard.

I was shocked to see Sailor Moon (!?!) kneeling..., kneeling as sustained blasts were directed at Sailor Moon. I was garbed in white I think (???), not even with armor on (*sighs*). Some (*gulps*) powerful powerful.......high anime Chaos entity, akin to a XX chromosome God type, was blitzing crushing force at Sailor Moon. Two more high anime entities (seemingly "lackeys") were blasting at Sailor Moon with staff / sceptre based attacks.

Survival instincts kicked in, and I knew what to do. Oh yes..... . I meditated..... . I remembered my goals. I did not lose myself to hatred and rage. I focused.

The little Sailor Moon was suddenly enshrouded by a rainbow toned and pulsating / rotating aura field, a field shaped like an infinity symbol...... . The three sustained beam attacks, which did not seem to harm Sailor Moon anyway, were nullified at the presence of that field.

A neurotic seeming entity in a blue garb / minidress was freaking out around the two lackeys. Said entity blasted at Sailor Moon...., joining into the ambush.

The rainbow aura manifestation / glyph around Sailor Moon gave way to a bright white transformation flash, and there I was...looking ***way*** different from anime's stunting limits. Upon standing, I had a height beyond 6'3 (as it should be for my taller form variants). (*Blushes red*). I was worried about that yellow, black, (*gulps*) and another color....s..skirt though. I was also worried about thigh gap matters (*feels my face turning blue and purple with worry and shame*) too....., not sure if I surpassed anime's crippling, icky, and deadly limits. Still, the elemental energy (magic energy) generation from said body stopped at the blasts entirely. The ambush failed.

Taking some time to calmly assess the situation, I remotely detected at that anime Mamoru guy (no feeling for him, as usual) and even detected at the anime / fake Sailor Scouts.... . 'They' were seemingly at the sidelines far away....... .

(*Feels my face go blue at the words of the neurotic one*). The blue minidress wearing one, freaking out, was like "why'd he get so big?!?!". Lest my hearing slipped, I likely noted a reference at this blog and my online "Jag Yggdrasil" persona.

The whole setting experienced an "event collapse" soon after, on account of the passive and omnidirectional energy generation from my aura.

The question now is, who or what did I witness??? Did that ambush involve Finkelris, Ketrino, and two others???

It took some time for this world to reform again lol (*cackles*). Some point, I was on the move in a little vehicle (the Steel Diver from MKVIII), and dodging squealing cop cars (lol). I may have been in my "kid Peach" form. Yea, things are picking up.

Another question is this question. How many more surge events must take place before a permanent map adjustment??? Yea, because I have already caused world scale meteor events and earthquake events that got "rewound", so I have found. (*Recalls at the "Fictionkin", "Soulbond", and "gender dysphoria" outbreak*).

Aside from the Omniversal Routing Gem option, what can I do so that this "world map" does not keep coming back??? What lesson must I learn? What must I do? What is the key....(*feels my heart jump as the Wii U suddenly turns on*).

What, or ***who*** (*blinks*), is the key.

I will give things time. There must be "Mandela Effects", like underground (and above ground) starships and artifacts popping up.......which mankind grudgingly does not want to tell me about. Not only that, but random men turning into anime chicks prolly lol :P.
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