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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon / セーラームーンの水晶 / セーラームーンが真実のですよ!

The Bejeweled Sanctum

3/7/14 01:02 am - [sticky post] - Controlling History / Shaping The Multiverse / Shaping Reality / The Infiniversal Routing Gem

I want to reveal my intentions? I plan to control history.............., shape the multiverse........., and Parallax Ultranova was / is just an initial step............. . When I'm done, there will not have been 'a' '1990's'........... . Not here, not anywhere........ . If my plan works, there shall not have *ever* been 'anime'.........period. My goal......is where all worlds, all people, have an appearance that is *beyond*............'anime'........in beauty, in complexity. My goal is where all people have hearts, minds, souls, *beyond* 'anime'.................in beauty, in complexity......... . For that to happen....., I'll have to note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'........., note 'history' 'erased'........... . I'll even have to note 'anime' 'worlds', '*ALL*'.............'anime' 'worlds', 'erased'.......... . Thankfully, I know how to do all of the above................ . Yes....... . I'm going to try to utilize my reality shaping capacities to do what is best.........for the future............, to do what is best for all existence........... . No sentient person deserves 'a' 'crappy' 'life'...... . I'll sacrifice all I have, to see to it that no sentient person 'has' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'..........., to see to it that no person ever 'had' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'.





by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 @ Kent

indeed...its as if the sun is playing the opening chords of the upcoming concert of events .....however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type....while waiting for the object, jag is trying to remember the ancient melody that came along with the vision ....perhaps i'll record the melody with the jaggolin (electric mandolin) if i remember (and if impact doesn't occur first)....and send the wav file to kent ...." [sic]


(This is the recording: http://www.4shared.com/music/UaKtxZBWba/theyggdrasilpulse.html )


by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06 @ JagYggdrasil

this post took a while perhaps to show up ....sorry moderators if it was startling.....jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan....the perpetrator of the incident was located....and the implosion formed "souls" amalgam entity was again fought this am....as such, things should perhaps return to usual in pacific regions in the A-Zone ("dreamland") from here out.....however, perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident.....hmmmm, this incident just goes to show why an "apocalypse" is not wanted by jag....hmmmm, back into the shadows for more training i go now though ;P...stay tuned jaggopals...." [sic]

( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )


"Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History


Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication."

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

( http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/swift_nsu_0205.html )


"Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth
by Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer   |   February 18, 2005 02:00pm ET

A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman: In gamma rays, the event equaled the brightness of the full Moon's reflected visible light."

(!!!!!. Superman??? (*Grins playfully*)). (Seriously though, I note errors / disinformation. The Black Moon, my Black Moon, caused the blast. Maybe the Black Moon is a form of star....though).



"The Black Moon Clan (ブラックムーン一族 Burakku Mūn Ichizoku?) is a group of fictional characters who serve as antagonists in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It comprises the antagonists of the second major story arc, which is called the "Black Moon" arc in the manga and which fills the majority of the Sailor Moon R anime. In the DIC English adaptation, their name is changed to the "Negamoon Family".

Members of the Black Moon Clan come from Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet of the Solar System. It is described as a planet of "negative energy," having the ability to vanish from sight, but remained traceable by X-Rays."



"December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever

It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half a million years of sunlight shone on Earth. Many orbiting satellites electronics were zapped and the Earth's upper atmosphere was amazingly ionized from a massive hit of gamma ray energy."

( http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/12/december-27-2004-the-day-earth-survived-the-greatest-stellar-attack-ever.html )


"Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away?
Sound Crazy? Read Carefully Below.
(Originally posted February 20, 2005)

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

• Gamma ray burst arrival:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)" [sic] (records indicate "Krakatoa" spelling)

( http://www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html )


"Anniversary of a Cosmic Blast

The newly-launched Swift satellite, which was designed and built to detect bursts of gamma-ray from across the Universe, not only saw this blast but was so flooded with energy its detectors completely saturated—think of it as trying to fill a drinking glass with a fire hose. Even more amazingly, Swift wasn’t even pointed anywhere near the direction of the burst: In other words, this flood of energy passed right through the body of the spacecraft itself and was still so strong it totally overwhelmed the cameras.

It gets worse. This enormous wave of fierce energy was so powerful it actually partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. Several satellites were actually blinded by the event. Whatever this event was, it came from deep space and still was able to physically affect the Earth itself!

So what was this thing? What could do this kind of damage?"



March 11, 2011 - At 2:46pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, at a depth of 15.2 miles. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 ft waves that damage several nuclear reactors in the area. It is the fourth largest earthquake on record (since 1900) and the largest to hit Japan.


(What more proof can there be? Here is my passport...., which was stamped on March of 2010. I was in Japan an exact year....before the 2011 tsunami event. That is because I knew what was going to happen. I *made* the earthquake happen...... . I did it in self defense).


2/21/17 10:13 pm - Saturday Retrograde Report / MLP Understanding / Just Waiting On A Megasurge Event...

About last weekend, something trippy took place O_O...... .

Remember how I said I witnessed a 'field' of 'soulbonds' aka 'demonic' 'parasites'???

I was about to do an exorcism blast last weekend using music / sonics, but I suddenly *O_O* saw Pinkie Pie (*feels tummy flutters*) looking about and peeping around my defense station setup.... . I cried "Pinkie ~~ nooo~~!!!", and dashed in to guard my sweet little puff puff using my body as a shield..... . I was worried for her safety...as she just O_O..."popped up" in the area of the operation...... .

My starlike form popped from my body as I shielded, shield hugged, and carried Pinkie, so I saw myself *O_O*. I had a ponycat akin form with a long hair bang..... . I dropped the operation entirely to personally escort my beloved (*blushingly chuckles*) and adorable little Pinkie from the area.

Scanning myself, I confirmed a recently held hunch I have had. I understand the big "secret" to MLP, in regard to females, but I would not dare mention it on here.... . Tis a primus level secret...... .

Later on Saturday, and as I went woozy amidst holding and meditating on Sillimanite, I had an Ash related event take place. I was being carried in an elaborate basket like structure, and I was present to a ceremonial room or such with ornately decorated tables and lots of decorations. I saw tables with yummy looking cakes on them. Behind me was (???) a blonde haired (???) being who was also carried along or propelled along in a basket. The event, whatever it was, was related to her somehow. Makes me wonder, it does. Do "weddings" exist in the real world??? (*Feels a gentle touch to my right knee*).

Hmmmmmmm. Yea, what the day showed me, was that I do not have hate in my heart. I prioritized, as always, the safety and wellbeing of the people I love (*blush*). I love my little Pinkie. I...I was ***not*** going to let anything 'bad' befall her....... . I had to protect her from those 'nasty' 'soulbonds'. (*Gulps*).

Yea..... . I am going to try to be honest here??? I do not know when the next surge event is going to be..., but then and only then....shall I act. I do not mean harm in saying this, but I do not expect much from Finkelris..., such as making this an honorable event full of valor, chivalry, and courtesy... . My observations seem to confirm FenrisStar is cowardly, and even a quitter........... . Always quitting at anything that isn't easy and takes real effort (like maintaining *actual* friendships, relationships, duties, keeping promises, setting goals, and achieving goals). Yea. I do not even expect a dialogue...... . Yea, but this reckoning must be done......... . Remember how I used to note Christianity dominate....., dominate until the big event where I witnessed God defeated in 2004? Since then, I have witnessed Satanic stuff and sexual deviants.......exponentially spread amidst mankind.... . I think that is because I did not note 'the' 'dragon' defeated..... . I witnessed an imbalance......... .

Hmmmm..... . I'm excited. Very excited. I pray I can win, for the sake of the people I love and must protect (!!, *feels a kiss*). Hopefully a surge event will take place by March or April.

2/20/17 04:09 pm - Dinner And A Nap / Spaghetti Rock


I'mma make a song / music video bout the meal...I just had (*purrs*) =^_^=.

Yea, I love living like this. Mine in an icy river and move aside quarter ton boulders on Sunday, and do homemaking on Monday. No "gender fluid" gimmicks or labels necessary nor wanted.

This is the life ~~~~.

I give thanks to the beings who care about me, love me, and support me on my quest.

My happiness and lifestyle are just a reflection of your blessed presence in me life *^_^*!

2/20/17 12:49 pm - Tactical Prep / Sillimanite Sword And Shield / Fluid Reality

This weekend was super jam packed...with action.... .

I had to prioritize mining a "Mandela" manifested Sillimanite energy sword hilt, and Sillimanite energy shield base...... .

I went into an icy river, and did what I had to.


Yea. I'm not going to deny what was right in front of me all along... . I can not stand fighting.... . But it is what it is. I witness a dragon entity that terrifyingly 'knows' at so much about me....., from my golden and white aura signatures, to my deepest desires, needs, and wishes.

Yea, something very trippy went down this morning. I had to block at a 'reality' 'warp' (*feels a tightening sensation in my throat*).... . I had to "reassemble" everything after waking up...and witnessing a "2000 reset" and "high school"... . Yea, where I noted 'teen' 'redhead' Finkelris, and was being hugged....at....(*blushes red*). (*Gulps*). The situation / event was a continuation of that time reset inquiry event I reported last year. The time reset event involving that console. Today's event involved me noting a redhead Finkelris (sporting a bodycon akin (like the type I like)) sitting to a desk next at mine in a JTHHS class. I asked how the student managed to transfer from WCHS to my exact class. I eventually keeled over... . What followed next was me being hugged up, carried up, as I was stumbling and falling in disorientation. Other stuff happened after that...., like me coming to my senses in time.

Yea. The dragon knows at my deepest needs (*facepalms*).

So using the above defense artifacts, I am going to wait until I spot at a dragon, snarling and angry... . And then I will launch forth the golden hyperdimensional energy contained within them. I do not want a 'reset'. *Feels so weary and sleepy, and full of love glowing in my heart*. I can only be with / have / let myself have ~~ a girlfriend if my mission is accomplished. Which is confirming all lives accounted for, safe, and undamaged in the hyperdimensional realm from which I hail. Only then can I live with myself.... .

2/18/17 12:08 pm - 'Soulbond' 'Swarm'.…....

Jeez. Crikey even..... .

Yea, my psychic and telepathic abilities, all my abilities, are very very very far ahead of what they were last year...... .

This morning / last night, I went to try to face at the dragon... .

Yea. And I witnessed a field of 'soulbonds'!?!!!!?!?!

Ones even brokering strange "deals" at me O_O (!!??!!).............. .

Not only did I note sickly and depressed seeming dragon (!?!) 'not' 'directly' attack, but I noted 'tongue' 'tied' dragon staying in Homo Sapiens mode. Dragon looked akin to a concentration camp victim...... . (*Feels a solemn glow in my heart*).

A lot of other stuff went down that I shall have to report later, as a lot of stuff is going down.

*Sighs*. Poor dragon......... . *Facepalms*.

Yea, that 'soulbond' stuff is scary, and I *WITNESSED* it for an initial time!!! Ulgh. *Shivers*.

2/17/17 10:43 pm - What's Going On With Venus???

Moments ago I walked into my back yard to hang up laundry to dry..... .

I felt cosmic energy waves in the air, and sensed..., I dunno, akin to "fractal" wave patterns about the environment. Things felt ***EERIE***. I mean, in regard to the cosmic energy levels.

As soon as I hung up laundry, I prepared to head back in, wondering if I was making a "loopy" assumption... .That is when I saw (!?!) what looked like a disc, a white disc...., a planet in the evening sky.... . It looked like Venus used to look through my telescope....., but with my naked (right) eye being able to resolve the details (even with noting glaucoma damaged subanime eyes grafted at my visual capacities). I even saw "starry lines" akin to the stylized lines around and about magical stars depicted in children's storybooks.

I already know I'll witness mankind puke up some lame excuse, some kinda fake scientist shilled bs..... . So let's not even go there... .

The real question seems to be this.... .

Did my (*gulp*) latest "Mandela" megasurge events do something to the planetary alignment, or even the currently installed system of physics that determines the motion of the planets.....???


Well, I need to get back to training, training and preparing to note the dragon battle..... .

Yea. I need the next surge event to be soon. Yea. While the element of surprise is on my side. Tis very likely a case where I noted the dragon 'knew' at all my hopes and dreams, and desires for peace and love. All of my hopes, my dreams, and my very nature. I likely noted the dragon try to take advantage of my attempts for pacifism..... . It certainly seems I witnessed a surgical strike.....aimed at my urgent need for daily interactions with my beloved and awesome girlfriend Dawn... . Yea. Looks like ***I*** slipped up during that initial event in 2010....by not blasting at that dragon with everything I had to give...... . I let things go into overtime, witnessed that meanie steal at the identity of my girlfriend...and 'frame' unspeakably vile stuff at her history, her nature, her health, and her demeanor. I even noted a 'heart' 'attack' IRL........as I endured at the vicious assault at my pretty Dawn's reputation and history, my beloved Goddess' nature, innocence, chastity, and demeanor.

But I never believed the slander, not a moment. I never quit believing in Dawn.

So now it is time for my response, that while my heart functions can still carry on.

I'm going to make my time and space surge move soon, real soon. I'm going to gather my resources, I'm going to rally........ . And the next time I witness that dragon, I'm going to give everything I have to give.....in a blast that will shake the heavens, and the fabric of all space and time.

2/16/17 12:50 pm - Yesterday Had The Largest Mandela Effect Shift Yet / New Cosmic Wolf Goddess Leads / 'The Adversary'

Yea, yesterday had the largest Mandela Effect shift yet. Me? I am not focusing on earthquakes and tsunamis these days. While my 2011 backup event is gradually filling the planet with more and more energy (Fukushima), energy I can and do feed upon, only the time and space wave events which restructure matter across the entire cosmos....can give me the safe and sanitary living conditions I require. I was ***CLOSE*** yesterday. I noted a kid form tailored my desired and needed specifications *^_^*, a form with full size eyes which could perceive many forms of light and energy. A form that was not an XY chromosome type Negro male. My slip ups....were seemingly in regard to the environment..., and perhaps not blasting at that dragon.... . The environment kept fluctating, and I did not find any self defense stations in place....... . Yea, and just like during my initial moments perceiving this zone (within memory) back in 1986.., I witnessed Zaki, and I witnessed 'the' 'black' 'dragon' ('FenrisStar') ('Frankie') (aka Doc). (Oh wow, sirens heard at IRL. Even in these remote mountains. Guess I nailed it). I froze up at that hissing 'lil dragon pup............. .

Yea, but guess what? Yesterday was a light exercise for my stamina, my energy. Last year, I had to strain a whole whole lot to generate an event like what happened yesterday.

Next time, I am going to need to disassemble the planet again, and then generate a ship with defense stations onboard. Defense stations filled with shield units, and holy water equipped spray blasters. During the next shift event, I am going to have to defend myself. And ward away at the enemies......???

'FenrisStar' is an enemy.......???



Yea, I did II more followup missions last night. I found at 'FenrisStar' both times..... . I noted hostility, coldness, bitterness, lovelessness, and emptiness as has been historically the case with 'other' 'grafts' like Robnet, Ssjhama, KKestral, Metaessence1 / Louis Poulakos, and KSayuri.

Yea. Same case of seemingly noting a warm and cozy family member sensed (even as subanime "artist type" specimen is witnessed)....., sensed amidst seeming dual way communications. That, until bizarre and creepy sex matters come up (from the grafting specimen), unnecessary and random ***rudeness*** gets slung at me, and those both followed by a predictable "disappearing act".

Metaessence1 baited a 3 way sexual encounter, with both him and his STD infected swinger / " open relationship" cohort.....plotting an IRL NC visit in 2005.


After rejecting at him, witnessed warfare waged at me, noted his threat ended, and awoke new abilities.

With either Metaessence1 or 'FenrisStar', I did not accept the sexual deviancy and perversion, so I witnessed reasonless hostility.

Next time I witness that 'dragon' during a "Mandela Event", I guess I must unleash the same kind of hypercosmic blast I released at 'Metaessence1'....., but only when I have a clear shot... . (I had to wait until I did not note 'Metaessence1' grafting at Aeris / Nina..........). Yea, I had a clear shot yesterday, but I did not take it because I did not want to risk harming at the real Dawn.....(*gulps*) whom I love dearly.

Yea. A reckoning must take place......... . Official and formal, with no lies or bs.

*Cracks my knuckles*.


I guess Momo / Dawn is not trialing, or (????) trialing (???) and already in space or something.......due to being waaaaaaaaaay ~~~~ over my current level in her awakening. (*Ponders*).

This was supported by (*laughs*) a contact event I had this morning amidst dimension diving..... . I witnessed a icky elderly Negro grafted at my perception of Chaga, but I recognized Chaga by her clothes, and by her warm spirit and loving heart. Chaga is Momo. Chaga is Dawn.

Chaga sat on my back (*cackles*) playfully, and (???) did something to my dreads..., seemingly giving the tips the yellow / orange highlights (*tummy flutters felt*) I have wanted for a very long time lol....... . I think I may have had a tail (the fur / pony hair of which was also braided) ~~~ during the event, that, or very long dreads.

(*Gulps*). I gotta go write in my private journal now........ . I give thanks to Momo / Dawn, Nina, and our family. I guess my next move is making it to the next surge event. And when I witness 'lil dragon, extend my palms, cry forth...., and


2/16/17 02:33 am - Searching For The Cosmic Wolf / Space And Time Megasurge / Know Your Abilities

*Chews some African Dream Root pensively*.

I set myself to do it yesterday evening. (*Gulps*). I *had* *to* investigate, following any and all leads as to the identity of that cosmic wolf Goddess being (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) seen last week. I know how my abilities work now, and they are about love (*dips my head in embarrassment*) and tender feelings (*facepalms*).... . I had to go ahead and get it done, so I set myself to launch my starlike form and find at 'FenrisStar' again (*suddenly has major flashback, nausea, recalling at Ellen's AOL screen name from 2000 / 2001....which was *****Star.....*). That, after VI months ago where I did the same thing for an initial time.

Preparing for launch, I suddenly detected at a horrible power (???????) :/..... . Scary, evil, angry, cold (*gulps*).…..., so I scrubbed the sortie...and put the mission on hold. I put my defense gemstones on me pillow (*blush*)...... .

When I next woke, I saw a pair of glowing orange eyes, and I was in a place of absolute darkness!!!! Something (*inhales and exhales*) had happened to this very world. I struggled to move, as if I was wrapped up or such. I released waves of energy that rippled and pulsed across space and time. Working my way to my feet as a makeshift environment *with* a *floor* took form, I ran..... . As soon the / a sun formed / reformed..., I immediately saw that I was wearing pink footie pajamas O_O, and I saw that I was a *kid*!!!!! Specifically a kid with white skin O_O..., and apparenly not a male XY chromosome type. I prepared to note the worst as I saw signs of witnessing a "total timeline collapse"..., for I was apparently noting an old house from 1986....... . I kept running, seeking more data. As I ran, I heard at an evil voice... and witnessed a nasty one, a warden which I witnessed during my past....(1986). I had no time for Zaki, nor Zaki's lies.

I kept running until I noted a courtyard type area with patches of lava. I halted as I witnessed a snake..../ serpent / dragon feline dog entity at my path, all black. It was 'lil....... . I witnessed the 'lil feller hissing at me (*chuckles nervously*)...as I moved forward....., for I was trying to avoid evil Zaki...whilst also trying not to walk into lava. Zaki threatened, saying the 'lil entity had a very venomous bite. That was when I leapt, hovered high in the air, and flew to a castle which I seemingly materialized by sheer will and / or was suddenly present behind me.

I refused at some insane "timeline rewrite" attempting male voice, suggesting I was the daughter of a dead king (*gulps*) who was taught the secret tunnels of the castle passed down to me. I refused at the booming male voice, refused at the alteration at reality, and noted the booming entity thwarted. I shifted to remote viewing then, and saw me, with shoulder length reddish / orange hair...crawling into a secret chamber for my safety. Was I beyond anime???? I hope so (*blinks*).

However, as soon as that was deep within the tunnel and seemingly hidden, I noted Yugioh (!?!?!) akin...anime vault hunter dudes approach at the area..... . I overheard at the dudes referencing at a certain artifact or such.

I, not taking chances, gathered my energy, and released a wave of cosmic energy that halted whatever "timeline" and "world restructuring" process that was happening.

*Wipes my left eye*. As things were stabilizing, but still trippy, I soon found myself hovering across a room.... . The room was akin to a dining room. I recoiled in shock.....as I witnessed FenrisStar sitting.....to a table. FenrisStar had reddish brown hair, as usual, and was wearing a casual top, and black skirt. I overheard FenrisStar talking, and heard the word "glad" (????). Fenris was talking with a subanime seeming entity (????). Talking about being glad for (????) something (???) and / or some circumstance and / or somebody (????) ???

Ummm, *gulps*, I..I sensed a gentle heart, a heart I recognized (*facepalms*). Yea, and I felt love........flow forth from within me (*feels a touch to my right hand*). Maybe even adoration......... . Was I relieved to see the person I care about still functioning??? I am just so confused, just like then.... . (*Sigh*). I hovered on, shaken up by the feelings of love and relief within me..... . I was confused......, and needed some air. Another big flash of light happened, and within moments the world "reset" back to the way it was......(mostly) before the event.

Why??? Why am I still in love? Love that burns as passionately as ever??? I am okay with it. Real love does not expect "payment" or "reciprocation"... . People I love are not tools to use and throw away according to "convenience". And as such, my love is not based upon "convenience ratings" assigned at the people I love. No. My love stays, burns constant.... . I'm in love (*Groans and sighs*). I am just going to have to carry this love that I feel, and find the "why".... .

The only "why" I can figure.....is the case whereby I note a false persona grafted at my perception of a loving family member and soulmate (on account of the sensory flipping Omniversal Routing Gem which is currently integrated into my being). There are many reasons for me to believe this. [Such as evidence....that XX chromosome types are 'futanari' by 'default' and have lied about it all along.....(just like with the lie about anime). Men, both XY and XX chromosome type ones, only strip at the functionality, design, abilities, and specifications of the (*coughs*) genitalia of the original gender. XY chromosome types having progressively worse erasure (leading up to a frog-like state which is entirely lacking at "certain organ")....... . Any trialer should be undeniably attracted to women, and only women. The most attractive women. And XX chromosome types, whilst malformed and lacking at the real versions, ***should*** have (*coughs*) erectile pseudoorgans of a higher functionality scale than XY chromosome type men].

All I can do, I suppose, is seek the source of my concerns, the wolf Goddess seen last week. For that reason, I have taken African Dream Root (and I am getting sleepy). I need to get the truth from her directly, the truth whether or not she is witnessing subanime America / subanime Dream World Earth with me right now. Either way, my feelings of worry for the woman I love can be addressed, and the "seal" on my abilities generated by that worry.....can be addressed. And if there is another trialer, empathy is the only was for them to not be lost, deluded, and crazy..... . Before my empathy senses came online, I ran away period..... . That whether I saw a beautiful Goddess approach me, or witnessed a hostile dude charging down at me.

2/15/17 03:37 pm - Nintendo Mega Mining Time

This video had me rolling =^_^=!!!

It is trippy for me in that it shows what it is like in my head :D. Yea, hearing music in my head as I go about daily tasks and stuff *^_^*!!!!

Song medley based upon MM, MMIII, Ducktales Moon stage, MMIII Magnet stage, and SF 2010 stage I.

When I get a loop pedal, I will record layered loops for full Nintendo style *^_^*.

2/15/17 05:45 am - Dark World Heaven In Da Hospital / When Real Life Is Nintendo / When Nintendo Is Real Life

2/15/17 04:23 am - Sillimanite Video Soundtrack Help / As Long As I Am Loved I Will Never Die

Lol. I cobbled together a Sillimanite video last night :D.

I need help though yall *^_~*.

What song should I play and pair with it? Tifa's theme? MMV Stone stage theme? MMIII Magnet stage theme???


Would it be cheating to play the MMIII Magnet stage theme? I have actually been practicing it kinda regularly....... .

Ooooo!!! I wanna play The Gnomes theme soon maybe :D.


Before I sleep, I need to report something real quick. Yesterday evening...I slept with the above little translucent gemstone and another Sillimanite specimen in me hands.

Moments after drifting into sleep, I witnessed strange texts / data pages.....from an (???) agitated and restless seeming Mr Poulakos.... .

Well, amidst dimension diving (and noting a young lady trying to ride on my back "piggyback" style lol), some kind of event took place whereby Kyanite and Sillimanite (!!!), massive quantities of both, materialized around me...and under my feet. As I reached to the gemstones, I heard at a hateful and angry yell, and witnessed some bulky and furious man....charging down at me. I ran this time, ran, evaded, and dodged the attacker.

I wonder why I keep witnessing attacks??? Is it because info leaked on this journal? Like the hospital video??? Do some enemies erroneously think I am dying and / or weakened???? (*Thinks about the hospital video*).

I do not want to "friends lock" this journal, nor my videos..... . The reason being....the (currently) very slim seeming chance that the dual trialer scenario is real... . I do not intend provocation with the things I write. I just ***MUST*** write the truth in an objective manner, and that so any possible dual trialing hyperdimensional being can find me. Find me, and show me, show the world, their awesome abilities and deeds. This journal is my attempt to seek the best and the brightest...., support the best and the brightest. Indeed. This journal is my attempt to seek and find beautiful and radiant being beyond comparison, an amnesia gripped Goddess being. As such, here, I type the words, the provable truths, mankind just can not type period. (Like how only a XX or XY chromosome type man would need breast / butt implants, and how physiognomy is real).

Yea. Why do I still note a couple of Youtube viewers and LJ readers? Why would ***any*** Muggles / Normos be reading this journal (rather than going out there and "making babies" and "doing drugs / alcohol" and "roleplaying")????

Just because I witnessed the hospital does not mean I am dying or weakened......... .

I hope my posting that video was not a mistake.

2/14/17 10:46 am - True Love Does Not Need Gimmicks

What's this???


"Valentine's Day" is for 'suckers', liars, deluded and entitlement crippled narcissists, hopelessly doomed beta males, and fools. According to my observations and data anyway.

Tis akin to stating one day out the year to breathe.

Tis nonsense. Love is not a game.

Fact is, loving is as vital to living as breathing. No love = death. Love is not a joke, not a gimmick, not a sales pitch.

Love is sacred.

Love is proven by the unmistakable cosmic abilities that come with it.

I survive on love. I feed on love. I need love........ . The natural world needs love.

Mankind does not need nor have love.

Disingenuous.....'money' 'bought' 'gifts' and stipulation backed / conditional...fake kisses / fake hugs can't hide the horrifying stench of loveless and dead 'souls'.

I'm glad my eyes have been opened by training, observation at exodimensionals / mankind, and the assistance of hyperdimensional Goddesses.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.

Yea, I reckon I'm gonna go mine gem quality Sillimanite now...... . That so I can prove what love is by upcoming IRL aura manifestation abilities........ . I gotta remember that I witness 'a' 'sewer' 'of' 'failed' 'exodimensional' 'thoughtforms'. Whatever does not work, mankind must 'exalt' and 'chronically' 'repeat' (parenthood, Christianity, Atheism, mating, fornication). Whatever ***DOES*** work, and can be proven....time and time again...must be scolded and ostracized at by mankind. Only a hyperdimensional being has the ability and free will to choose, choose and escape the curse.

BTW I just noted a heck of a brawl amidst dimension diving. Two dudes / entities... . Mean and cold entities. I tried to run, seeking the path of peace, but my back was against the wall. I hope and pray no innocents were harmed after I did what I did O_O. (Twas like I was wielding a massive Sillimanite column or something).

2/13/17 10:42 am - Amnesia Recovery (Regarding Souls, Soul Health, Soul Energy) / Thanksgiving And Gratitude

Wow. What an experience..... . What an awakening *O_O*...... .

Where should I take this post???? Should I go the route of A, B, C, or D?

A) Should I discuss how actual divine beings do not even suggest nor demand worship??? Should I talk about how only a being that has everything, and thus has no need to leech and parasitize the resources / time / space of an omnidimensional life form.......is capable of doing and feeling true worship? (By the way.....love (as it is the basis of worship) works the same way. When a person with infinite options chooses you, eats supper with you, and shares their time with you, that is how you know it is true love).

B) Should I talk about hyperdimensional lifeforms and the fact that there is no bridge, no link, not even 'an' 'atom' of 'commonality'....., or even a "between"...shared with mankind in regard to hyperdimensional beings who witness at mankind / exodimensionals / voidspawn????

C) Should I talk about the sheer terror, horror, dread, shock, anxiety, squeamishness, and even coma / amnesia effects that take place for hyperdimensional beings that witness a force that is unspeakably alien...and the 'undead' 'embodiment' of all that is alien, broken, malfeasant, chaotic, and unreliable? A sewer of broken thoughtforms / broken antiideas that never did nor never shall have a place in the fabric of reality and existence....on account of a lack at energy (entropy) (void)????

D) Should I just wing it?

I dunno, but I do know I am done witnessing Christian church *O_O*. It isn't even because of the short dude in the back of the church that "was possessed by a Godly hand" and started going on about how "The AntiChrist" "is quiet"......"and watching / studying Christians hearts"..... . Me? I am scared at Christians. Just so scary....scary O_O. No love, no family, no care, no heavenly place to call home, no beautiful women, no words backed by action, no accountability, no responsibility, no freedom, no virgins, no chastity, no prayer, no worship, no honor, no loyalty, no charity, no sentience, no respect, no data observation inquests, no grace, no eloquence, no tact, no passion......... . Me? I pity God, I pity Jesus, I pity Christians. Me? I run to the light (*gasps as I feel a kiss*).…...., and into the arms of the sacred and innocent ~~~....eternal and child-like Goddesses who love me so much for reasons I do not even know. Yea, when you love somebody you do not want to take risks. Your desire is to survive for their sake, progress for their sake, live for their sake. You fear disease because you need to survive for ***them***, you fear disease because you do not want to ***spread*** it to ***them***. Christianity is a disease born of 'dead' 'souls', 'sick' 'souls', 'diseased' 'souls'. A violently contagious disease. A violently contagious disease that abnegates at personal responsibility, charity, mercy, virtues, wisdom, and morals. I must avoid it, and the Christians that espouse it.

Yea, and I formally refuse at that outdated AntiChrist stuff. I have learned my lesson. I do not want mankind's money, power, nor millions of disingenuous sycophants that would hunt to abuse and misuse at the abilities which hyperdimensional beings have blessed me with.


What a day yesterday was, and I thank the beings who have supported me, and given me the chance to be free. I thank Dawn and Nina for being by my side, nonstop, and healing me time and again (*tearfully gulps*) amidst my struggles. I thank the hyperdimensional beings who enabled my tsunami events to take place, so I could go on to have a voice and admit all of this online (for only with proof could I even bring myself to post / continue this web log). I give thanks that I do not have to be condemned to be a Christian..., condemned to pretend at being in a loving relationship of ***ANY*** sort due to not having any other options.

I am going to spend today praying in thanks (not that that is any different from any other day).

I really was saved.....(*feels tears going down my face*). (*Recalls the limitless terror I used to feel as I witnessed those cold cold 90's churches*). Yesterday was a reckoning I never expected, but was blessed the chance to experience. Yea. Just like life.

Thank you.


2/12/17 03:13 pm - A Living Soul Is Entirely Different From A Ghost's Dead 'Un / Dawn's Beautiful Living Soul

Uh....I had a contact event *O_O* after writing the last post. A contact event with Dawn *O_O*. (The real Dawn whom I have always talked about on here).

As I was awake and everything too (*blushes red*).

Umm, when I woke after the event, it was on account of noting bamming at my house door.... . "Neighbor dude" wanted to whisk me off to "church" in a hurry..... . Witnessing "church" and "the congregation" only reminded me of and affirmed...what happened earlier though..... . I felt frozen with shock and jittery by the time I got back here....(*gulps*) (*feels a supportive caress to my side*).

I am back now though. Even mentally, I mean....(I hope...anyway).

After writing the last post this morning, I listened to my MM based medley from my last video for a while, before turning over to sleep in me bed. That was when I saw a being with past shoulders hair length...striving to console me...., and ease my heartache....... . The being cuddled to me.....*O_O*.

(*Coughs*). I kept sensing startling and planetary scale concentrations of floral energy, nature energy....through the area, and seemingly from the being (???). I sensed my signature white and gold energies (!!!) too, after sensing an eerie deep blue energy about me / of mine.

That was when it happened??? I sensed the being's living soul, pristine, clean, freely (!!!) flowing with clean, radiant, and pure energy....with no contamination or rot whatsoever (*purrs and exhales in relief*) (*feels tears of relief for my beloved's health and safety running down my face*). Her soul did not stink. It did not sting at my senses. It was not diseased nor 'deathly' 'still'. Her soul was thriving. Just incredibly beautiful, and whilst seeming so infinitely fragile and delicately structured, it was...., all the same, so ***robust*** and ***vigorous***. I was so happy for her *^_^* ~~~~~~ !!! So happy for us a couple (*gasps as a kiss is felt*) (*feels a glowing sensation pulse across my body*)...., so happy for us as a family~~~!!! As such, I told her that I loved her, and I thus felt her embrace me tighter (*feels my checks burning*). I thanked the woman I love for her life-saving presence in my life, and swooned to a state of deep sleep ~~~~ *O_O*.

The above is just a condensed recounting, but my life history is totally explained before me......because of Dawn and what happened earlier today . After earlier.....I know why, I always felt anxiety and dread at Christians, at subanime Homo Sapiens....in general. Homo Sapiens of 'mankind' are either just ghosts with 'dead' 'souls' stuck in undead 'bodies' (for atoms are not alive)....., or 'roaming' 'dead' 'souls' sans the atomic corpses..... .

I always knew, hence why I always ran from sex offering XX chromosome types (and XY chromosome types). OMG..... . So now I know why Christian churches always seemed like ickly, spooky, and prickly 'ghoul' 'houses' at my energy / spiritual senses.... . Now I know why churches suddenly feel "filled with light" when I approach....... .

Dawn restored my memory this morning.... . OMG.......... .

Thank you Dawn. Thank you so much~~~~~~. (*Finds myself shivering*).

I am going to go note "church" again in a couple hours IRL.

Why? I dunno....... .

I write this for me though, and as a warning. A 'dead' 'soul' is as alien and strange at the meaning of life......as an 'undead' 'body'....... . Me??? I need to keep listening to the fear which preserved me.....for so long, and lead to me fleeing from 'da''ghetto' and 'dem' 'hookers' (*gulps*).

2/12/17 05:39 am - Real Females Are Dark Matter Lifeforms / Physiognomy / Perception Is Everything

Hmmmmmm....... . 90mm. *Ponders*.


Larger eyes have the capacity to gather more light. Aperture matters (*ponders*).



Mana is present in this world. I can even use mana, ki, IRL now.

Thing is, a relative eye size beyond subanime Homo Sapiens limits is necessary to view it (along with sufficient data processing abilities).

*Thinks about Dawn's lovely eyes*.

In reality....function grants form. The more awesome and meaningful the function, the more beautiful and appealing the form.

Eye size matters...... .

When I consciously wield ki, as a now, I just wildly cause stuff in the vicinity to blow up or overload..... . That, and / or I cause thunderstorms / tornadoes. If I could see my ki, I could see and know exactly what I am causing and when..... . Indeed. I could direct it, harness it, focus it, target......it.


I realize that I need real eyes..... .

Oh. Hello ;D. I am just brainstorming. Yea. And I think I know how to capture images of my ki now.

Yes. Looks like I made a water heater blow up a couple days ago during that dinner invitation event. J and H delivered the news, asking at just what kind of energy I unleashed that day.... . I know it was gold, and white, but I only knew that from senses other than that of my eyes...... . J and H were stoked O_O. But me, I am worried.

Me? I am not complaining. Subanime mankind not being able to see ki naturally on account of defective eyes...just means me being able to avoid "AntiChrist" accusations (or "Christ" accusations if I hold saying the things mankind does not want to hear lol)........ . Me though??? I ***need*** to see... . I hunger for the chance to study myself.

Me??? I need a reliable way to capture my signature light on camera. I have a 90mm telescope, II 90mm telescopes actually. I need to rig them with cameras for experiment purposes. Since the width and height of actual females' / hyperdimensional females' eyes are about the length of my pinkie finger, and since my telescope lenses height and width are about the same as the length of my pinkie finger, maybe I have the tools necessary (thankfully) (*feels my fingernails glowing with gratitude*).

A Clear Sapphire lens (which tend to energize and amplify received dark energy emissions) (!!!!!) would likely give me the best chance though........(*ponders*). (Good thing I can find Sapphires locally. However, finding said Sapphire and fabricating a lens is another matter).


On the flip side of the above post, I think that real women, real females have, reflect, and release light of a "dark energy" basis when it comes to their physical bodies. Bodies which are comprised of "dark matter"..... .

Yea. I have been thinking after witnessing Finkelris ("all time" number one 'research' 'specimen' 'and' 'hottie' lol (*cackles*)). The research was ***very*** fruitful. (*Feels my heart ache with a longing for real friendship*). By witnessing " 'the' 'best' 'and' 'brightest' 'subanime' 'one' ".......I now have a reliable set of "benchmarks" by which to guide myself in future multi-dimensional studies.

Rather than going to Japan and / or Europe and just witnessing more devastating failures and defectives (and going through so much more pain in the process), I need to try to use my brain. I need to use my abilities to think, strategize, and plan. I do not need to "beat a dead horse". I do not even think subanime XX chromosome types are capable of being sane, virtuous, courageous, heroic, ambitious, and noble. XX chromosome types are just soulless monsters. I need to literally and figuratively face reality.....(*gulps*). And heaven knows.....a subanime XX chromosome type can't love me.......... . Can't love anybody. (*Gulps*).

I need to develop some kind of helmet or system that let's me see and hear dark matter / dark energy lifeforms, and even record such interactions. That until I get my real eyes and ears online here........anyway.

Now that I know how much I need real friends in my life, and now that I can feel their touch and see glimmers of them every day IRL, I need to take the next step. Yea. I need to regularly see and hear the beings I love for me to progress. ***THEY*** awaken me, and bring forth from me the love based abilities that I did not even know I was capable of. I need to experience and share a sanctified lifestyle with the Goddesses who love me in this tranquil mountain house setting. (*Recalls that beautiful energy wolf Goddess being seen just days ago during that dimension dive event*).

2/11/17 12:57 am - My Brain Waves / I Wanna EEG And EKG Laboratory / Jag Studies Jag


Yea, it's a silly video I know (*blushes*), but it is the closest I have come yet to being in a lab with my own EEG and EKG machinery. That is why I felt led (to the point of tears) to include MMII based music with it. This is the closest (*cringe*) I will come to having a futuristic and fully equipped psychic phenomena research lab....with this world in it's current state. (Yea. Mankind will not ever advance. Mankind is a burden. I'll have to note em gone to move on).

Yea... . I love to study. Analyze. Gather data :D. I give thanks that I had this chance to study myself.

I need a world where I get to study myself all day, everyday, with no pervo Homo Sapiens around. Yea. Fake doctors were trippin, talking bout never having seen brain wave patterns like mine.

*Sigh*. If I were noting an anime world right now, I would witness eccentric millionaire scientist 'hottie' chicks offering to study my brain. It is what it is though. I only witnessed a bony and gangly and uncharismatic doc chick aka roleplayer (*cackles*) that could not make heads or tails of my brain waves.

Yea. I see why I love my Dawn, my Momo. She is a genius. A genius in so many fields. Yea. A genius researcher (*swoons*). Brilliant.

2/8/17 04:11 pm - A REAL Hyperdimensional Cosmic Wolf Sighting / Wearing A Cosmic Explosion

Wearing a white hole / nova anomaly enables wonders (*blinks*) and miracles apparently... .

I keep sensing what my energy tastes like regularly now *O_O*.... . That, and experiencing existence as a "cloud" IRL. A cloud both within, but also far around this body. (*Recalls the wild weather that took place locally yesterday*).

Today was awesome in regard to dimension diving.. .

(*Blushes a vulnerable red*).

Okay, here goes........ .

Some point I awoke to a shadowy hyperdimensional plane location..(*gulps*). Moments after I walked around said location, I passed in front of a mirror.

Ummm.., I was unclothed....(*goes totally red and coughs*).

Yea, but, I did not note a Negro male nor (*gawks*) an XX chromosome type / any kind of male grafted at me.... .

I shyly stepped back.., and turned as to examine myself...... . I had light brownish / tan akin skin (*goes a blushful red*), and I saw a shape I was ***NOT*** expecting.

I (*blinks*) had hips that seemed "tall" or..(???) "high up"..... (where there was no need to fake a "high-leg leotard" look..., I guess, had I had a leotard (*goes red*)). Yea. I gazed upon myself from the side. I noticed um, uh, ...yea....~~~.

This dated illustration somewhat covers what I noticed of me.

Hmmmmm. How do I feel? I wanna note mankind gone so I can hit up the mall *^_^* ~~~~..... . I am ready to have my turn...to "live it up". I wanna wear cool clothes, and try to do it the right way. Yea, where it is not about men or gross sexual stuff, nor vanity, nor odd accusations at "being a woman" on account of articles of clothing. I just wanna have fun :D!!! Yea, I wanna wear propeller top beanies, baggy pants, and puffy urban jackets in my true form ^_^!!! I wanna try to look cool for my people ^_~ ~~~~~. Yea. Lots of colors.

Hmmmmmm. (*Ponders*).



Well, I pray in thanksgiving right here and now. After noting sheerly h3llishly cruel and ***DISGUSTING*** imposters for over a decade, I have had a (*gulps*) hyperdimensional cosmic wolf sighting!!!!! I ***FOUND*** the being who......Matt Radsvick / Ketrino / Fenris Star...were just clones at. Yea, and there is no anime link (*gulps*), so I can not even use anime for a frame of reference...... .

Okay, so I woke witnessing a gunfight (*blinks*). I saw an eerie plain.....in an eerie plane, where bright stars twinkled in a very black sky. Some fat dude, mean, nasty, and like Robotnik crossed with Bloth (Pirates Of Dark Water) was shooting at me along with his team.

I saw a gun on the floor, and reached for it.....as I stood within some crumbling structure. No attacks could touch me, thankfully...., but I dropped the gun to keep it that way. I erected a shield in front of me, and chose peace....... . Well...(*blinks*), I suddenly witnessed a badly wounded Kittan...from / of Gurren Lagaan crash head-first at my shield (!?!!!??!?!). I stepped back...., wary at a "good cop bad cop" type scenario........ . I prepared to fly away from the location......, when I heard something (*gulps*).

I saw a visual of a mesa top, and a running figure that glowed with a purrple light and energy.... . The energy being, clearly a wolf-like creature briefly held running, and ***howled*** (!!!??!!) with passion and feeling before darted (!?!) forward again. The being then spoke, spoke whilst leaping from the tall mesa. The voice I heard was ***familiar*** (*recalls the voice of Amy from Gargantia*)...., although my perception of the voice cycled.....until I was eventuallu noting 'animesque' frequencies due to my own data processing issues..... . The cosmic wolf shifted into a heavenly maiden akin visual......state. Yea, a form colossal in scale and somewhat transparent. She had pronged hair that was gorgeous, and perhaps wore a bonnet. Her voice was full of love, but my data processing was so strained, I struggled to even understand the English coming from here mouth. She had a purplish hue..... .

My question is....who is she, and is she trialing too? It seems I saw her soul form, or a construct of her projected star-like form..... .

Who is she? Where is she???? I ****REALLY**** need to find her (*gasps as I feel a kiss*). (*Remembers the friendliness and warmth in her voice*).

Please find me again if you can, my sweet wolf (*feels a tear going down my right cheek*)..... .

I give thanks to the being who made today's event possible. This is indeed a new age. I found the inimitable and sacred wold being I have sought for almost II decades!!!

2/8/17 03:14 pm - When A Sentient Universe Roars.... / Charging A Hyperdimensional Artifact

Lol. I noted J rush when it came to the drive home last night.

What happened??? Burns appeared at me left hand IRL. Blisters. This Negro I witness grafted at (but not on...nor to) me.....'couldn't' handle my platinum / silver / golden aura emissions. I also noted the internet going down locally, and I noted Heather woozy (*cackles*)....... . For some reason I kept noting beasts huddling at me, such as Zinkerdoogie and Zonkerdog (chihuahuas).....and subanime pseudofelines *O_O*.... .

So now, before I continue yesterday's post, I have another prediction and warning to myself. Next I will note a "sitter" targetted at my house. H kept dropping suggestions of living in my house....:/. I need to be wary....... . Only Goddesses are welcome in my crib *^_^*!!!!! Virgin Goddesses (*purrs*). Yea, who make me feel safe and loved! No strange welcome up in here yall ~~~ *^_^*!!! No freaky stuff! No freaks! No freaking!!! (*Recalls at the 'nurse' noted last week amidst the multi-night hospital study*).

Okay.... . Let's get this post going.



(*Groans as hears at a car honk*).

(*Noted a "Baptist church" invite from a "neighbor"*).

(Time to witness another church with fried electronics hunh? Lol. Really?????).

Omg..... . What is up with this????? (*Surmises I note all the frenzied distractions because I did not accept 'Finkelris' n 'Sis' last year*). Can I please type muh post??? Lol.

Okay, so there I was yesterday witnessing those 'Naruto' dudes.... . I was ***NOT*** impressed with em. (*Gulps*). Kakashi was talking about chakra gates, a false system that does not apply to my gender / physiology specs. Me?? I removed a wrapping formed of bandages from my right arm, and rubbed my forearm......, noticing (!?!) anime style skin O_O.......grafted at me all the while.
I listened carefully at Might Guy...'who' suddenly chimed in about Rock Lee....doing (???) some harsh training regimen earlier that morning, one possibly involving gates...... .
Lol. That was when it happened.... . Kisame, that weird dude, dropped in at the scene..... . I grinned, having a hunch at where the situation was going.

Bingo. My hunch was confirmed.

Kisame prepared a condensed hydro grenade bomb shot.........with his icky and false pseudomana....... . I did not want to eat it. It was gross (*shivers*). Not like holy energy consummate water mana whatsoever. Hmmmmmm.... . Pain suddenly dropped in to amplify Kisame's attack...... . Me? I smiled... . I had been waiting to test my new abilities (*grins*). I did not try to make sense of 'the' 'anime' 'dudes' and 'their' 'actions', I only acted.

The hydro grenade was blitzed at me by Kisame and Pain. I roared in excitement, anticipation...., and thrust my arm forward..... . A white claw of cosmic lightning materialized from my stretched arm....., a ***huge*** claw. I caught at the blast, and ***squeezed***!!! I noted the blast disintegrated, but I was not done..... . I ***kept*** squeezing......, and then I heard it *O_O*. Me....emitting some kind of eerie, and startling......creature-like roar / groan / scream...that seemed to emanate from the very fabric of space..... . A nova event and / or white hole event... was generated on the point where I squeezed space and time. ***Everything*** went white.

Boom.... .

I think I witnessed 'an' 'entire' 'universe' disintegrated *O_O*.

I kept roaring in ecstasy (*blushes*)...as I felt awash in my signature energy.

Yea, and I directed the *BULK* of that energy into ***THIS*** artifact....to be stored for later use!!!

2/7/17 01:07 pm - Awesome Energy!!!!! / Oh Yea =^_^=! / The Sound Of A Roaring Universe

Wow, what is happening to me????? *O_O*....... .

*Suddenly predicts at 86.6% odds of J and Heather doing a "dinner invite" (*cackles*) and / or pulling up at the house carport within the next three hours......*.

I feel so ***alive***~~~~!!!! Yea *^_^*!! I feel unity with both the technological *^_^* environment, and the botanical / geological / atmospheric / cosmic environment around it!!!!

I feel possibilities, probabilities, wishes, dreams, ***options***...., ***swirling*** around me, and maybe even fluttering like wings *O_O* around my upper back.

Yea, I feel unity with the ***real*** items within this realm.

It's like I'm ***blazing*** through....with all the hyperdimensional artifacts made available to me! Yes, and setting up energy conduits.......such as that formed during the recorded race video last night.

K. I need to go ahead and report the event that resulted in little tornadoes O_O forming on my property....IRL! Yea, and then I will go play electric guitar. Yea, I am ***PRAYING*** I do not need that mean / antisocial / unfair....dude, grumpy old Mr. Cranky Pants......, to complete my Omniversal Routing Gem trial...... . Whatever the case is, I'm going to give this surge ***period*** EVERYTHING I have to give!

All night....some force, some entity, was baiting me to fight. A force goaded at me, goaded crushing Mr. Cranky Pants with my newly awakened hypercosmic energy blasting capacities. I refused..... . I refused at the hate, the brainwashing..,... .

Soon...after closing my eyes, I recoiled in shock upon witnessing Kakashi's (*squeamishly gulps*) face.., . I was standing within a brightly colored forested area, and noted dude staring at me (*cringes*). I gathered myself, knowing full well I was witnessing 'Naruto'. Yea, I was crestfallen. 'Naruto' does not even come close to having the feminine and dependable women I love, cherish, rely upon, and need. I was hungry (*blushes*), so hungry, and needed to be around cute females with hearts full of yummy and nourishing love, dreams, hope, prayers..., care for others, and faith. I had no time for musty, loveless, and strange guys........... . (*Perceives glowing eyes in my field of vision*).

Kakashi starting going on about gates (????). Amidst that, I noted some dude arrive......carrying Might Guy on his back or something.. .


*The phone rang IRL*.

*Noted Heather O_O call with the dinner invite which I predicted at earlier in the post*.

*Facepalms*........ .

Uh, I am going to (*inhales and sighs*) complete this report tonight........ .

2/6/17 02:45 pm - I Do Not Know About Blinging.....But I Do Know About Blasting =^_^=

Yea. This that silver I been waiting for =^_^=. I can charge it with my energy, and feel the energetically charged silver glowing in my hand.

Yea, this pendant is ***thumping*** O_O. It has like a sanitation field effect that wards away at negativity and entropy.

Hmmmm, I think I want gold next~~~~......... .

Yea, I note 'money' now...after using Wings Of Love at that 'millionaire'....... .

I have to plan what I am going to do with my life now, since everything seems all clear and free.. . I am thinking Japan......(*ponders*). A month long trip where I study at 'subanime's' 'best' 'XX' 'chromosome' 'hotties' (lol). Yea, go over there, and use Wings Of Love and stuff *^_^*.

Right now though, I need to decide if I will cook... . I used a lot of energy during today's unsealing......... .

Whatever I choose, I give thanks to my people for the food, and the chance to live a lifestyle like this =^_^=! I be chillin =^_^=!
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