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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon / セーラームーンの水晶 / セーラームーンが真実のですよ!

The Bejeweled Sanctum

3/7/14 01:02 am - [sticky post] - Controlling History / Shaping The Multiverse / Shaping Reality / The Infiniversal Routing Gem

I want to reveal my intentions? I plan to control history.............., shape the multiverse........., and Parallax Ultranova was / is just an initial step............. . When I'm done, there will not have been 'a' '1990's'........... . Not here, not anywhere........ . If my plan works, there shall not have *ever* been 'anime'.........period. My goal......is where all worlds, all people, have an appearance that is *beyond*............'anime'........in beauty, in complexity. My goal is where all people have hearts, minds, souls, *beyond* 'anime'.................in beauty, in complexity......... . For that to happen....., I'll have to note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'........., note 'history' 'erased'........... . I'll even have to note 'anime' 'worlds', '*ALL*'.............'anime' 'worlds', 'erased'.......... . Thankfully, I know how to do all of the above................ . Yes....... . I'm going to try to utilize my reality shaping capacities to do what is best.........for the future............, to do what is best for all existence........... . No sentient person deserves 'a' 'crappy' 'life'...... . I'll sacrifice all I have, to see to it that no sentient person 'has' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'..........., to see to it that no person ever 'had' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'.





by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 @ Kent

indeed...its as if the sun is playing the opening chords of the upcoming concert of events .....however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type....while waiting for the object, jag is trying to remember the ancient melody that came along with the vision ....perhaps i'll record the melody with the jaggolin (electric mandolin) if i remember (and if impact doesn't occur first)....and send the wav file to kent ...." [sic]


(This is the recording: http://www.4shared.com/music/UaKtxZBWba/theyggdrasilpulse.html )


by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06 @ JagYggdrasil

this post took a while perhaps to show up ....sorry moderators if it was startling.....jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan....the perpetrator of the incident was located....and the implosion formed "souls" amalgam entity was again fought this am....as such, things should perhaps return to usual in pacific regions in the A-Zone ("dreamland") from here out.....however, perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident.....hmmmm, this incident just goes to show why an "apocalypse" is not wanted by jag....hmmmm, back into the shadows for more training i go now though ;P...stay tuned jaggopals...." [sic]

( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )


"Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History


Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication."

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

( http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/swift_nsu_0205.html )


"Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth
by Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer   |   February 18, 2005 02:00pm ET

A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman: In gamma rays, the event equaled the brightness of the full Moon's reflected visible light."

(!!!!!. Superman??? (*Grins playfully*)). (Seriously though, I note errors / disinformation. The Black Moon, my Black Moon, caused the blast. Maybe the Black Moon is a form of star....though).



"The Black Moon Clan (ブラックムーン一族 Burakku Mūn Ichizoku?) is a group of fictional characters who serve as antagonists in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It comprises the antagonists of the second major story arc, which is called the "Black Moon" arc in the manga and which fills the majority of the Sailor Moon R anime. In the DIC English adaptation, their name is changed to the "Negamoon Family".

Members of the Black Moon Clan come from Planet Nemesis, a fictional tenth planet of the Solar System. It is described as a planet of "negative energy," having the ability to vanish from sight, but remained traceable by X-Rays."



"December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever

It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half a million years of sunlight shone on Earth. Many orbiting satellites electronics were zapped and the Earth's upper atmosphere was amazingly ionized from a massive hit of gamma ray energy."

( http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/12/december-27-2004-the-day-earth-survived-the-greatest-stellar-attack-ever.html )


"Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away?
Sound Crazy? Read Carefully Below.
(Originally posted February 20, 2005)

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

• Gamma ray burst arrival:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)" [sic] (records indicate "Krakatoa" spelling)

( http://www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html )


"Anniversary of a Cosmic Blast

The newly-launched Swift satellite, which was designed and built to detect bursts of gamma-ray from across the Universe, not only saw this blast but was so flooded with energy its detectors completely saturated—think of it as trying to fill a drinking glass with a fire hose. Even more amazingly, Swift wasn’t even pointed anywhere near the direction of the burst: In other words, this flood of energy passed right through the body of the spacecraft itself and was still so strong it totally overwhelmed the cameras.

It gets worse. This enormous wave of fierce energy was so powerful it actually partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. Several satellites were actually blinded by the event. Whatever this event was, it came from deep space and still was able to physically affect the Earth itself!

So what was this thing? What could do this kind of damage?"



March 11, 2011 - At 2:46pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, at a depth of 15.2 miles. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 ft waves that damage several nuclear reactors in the area. It is the fourth largest earthquake on record (since 1900) and the largest to hit Japan.


(What more proof can there be? Here is my passport...., which was stamped on March of 2010. I was in Japan an exact year....before the 2011 tsunami event. That is because I knew what was going to happen. I *made* the earthquake happen...... . I did it in self defense).


6/23/17 09:33 pm - Hunh? Eerie Vision About Momo And Japan........

(*Feels my face burn totally red*)........ .

I am going to hold giving many details, but I just had a vision / contact event experience........that spanned from some other....realm..to all the way over here.

Momo (the real Dawn), hyperdimensional Momo (with the reddish hue hair) was involved......

Momo who had fresh and vibrant mana......of both terrestrial and cosmic varieties (*blinks and recoils*). Yea, and no stench of 'h*llf*re', depression, bitterness, and wrath....... . No stench of 'America'....... .

I was shown a (*blinks*)......ve...ve...v..very um attention catching portrayal of the Japanese archipelago *O_O*???


K. Just a handful of months to go until Autumn, and the trip.... . Thank you for the clue, true Momo, true Dawn (*grins with ecstasy about confirmation of her safety, health, and wellbeing*). Thank you for letting me know you are alive and doing fine (*exhales weith relief and ecstasy*). *You* are *fun*, and the original and authentic Starry Maiden *^_^*. (*Swoons as recalls her delicious, nourishing, ........and unmistakably......vibrant celestial / terrestrial mana.... signatures.........*). (*Feels hungry a bit*). (*Swoons with hunger*). (*Gulps*). (*Recalls my Starry Maiden post last year, and how I witnessed the ill-fated h3llfire void imposter surgically strike exactly right after.........said post*).

Japan? Ok...... . However slow and gradual it may be, I am on my way.

Thank you again for the update.

6/23/17 01:20 pm - Boosted Contact Event.....


Seems I note the glaucoma attack 'clearing' 'up', and because of that I get to type some news *^_^*.

Yea, I am worrying a bit because my last post was proven *O_O*.

In the heights of pain yesterday, I might have had a contact event on the hyperdimensional plane, and following that contact event.....I seemed to cause and even watch a fluid world event (via a video screen) from topside *O_O*.......... .

The contact event was trippy for me...... . I was sitting on a bench of a large and eerily sunlit church / cathedral, and I was in shock.......and confusion.....on account of noting a voice, a presence sitting at my right side, claiming I was....."good looking"........O_O (????). I then noted the presence indicating an urgent need to talk with me, and warn me (???).. . ?

Was I lead somewhere after that?

All I know is..., some while later.....(and after my hyperspectral vision suddenly flared online).....I saw, in front of a mirror (???)....., a beyond anime (*blinks*) being with puffy blonde hair. The being was wearing a white dress shirt....., a khaki / brown skirt, and looked / was dressed like a hyperdimensional version of Krista / Historia / Hikari Takanashi..(*gulps*). (*Shakes my head in awe*). The being was the same being I have seen and sensed from over here......earlier this month / last month (*blushes totally red*). The same being who gave the nourishing ~~~ celestial mana imbued kisses to my face / cheek.....(*blushingly coughs*). (*Swoons*).

I spoke to the being, and heard a kind and loving reply....in English (*blinks*).... . (*Thinks back to my Akane Project post*).

*Suddenly feels woozy*.

The being was so gentle and humble *O_O*...... .

(*Feels gratitude, appreciation, thanksgiving, and admiration in my heart for the mysterious and yet so familiar ~~~~ blonde lifeform*).

I'll hold revealing my findings for now.


On another note, G*P savagely beats those weak and chumpy 'fan****'s' from the dying 'kin' 'messageboards'.

Jeez......... .

I did not post on GLP today btw. What is going on?????

Oh. I did experience a fluid world event today.....whereby I was roaring (???), releasing a neon colored purple / green pyre into the heavens, and was ready to release a blast at some 'Christian' 'angel' dude..... . I was even proclaiming my readiness to face at 'Jesus'.......(again) (*nods*).

Ulgh... . I note GLP reacts at......*that* then??????? Ulgh. I don't want fame.

K. I know this post was brief, but I need to note teh eyes closed for a while. Before I go, I give thanks to all the beings who have supported me on my quest

6/21/17 10:00 pm - Noting Teh Excruciating Glaucoma

May be a while before I get back to my latest daily posting level...... .

Yea, me undergoing a rapturous experience of (*groans through some waves of pain*) mega intense pain and agony =^_^=.

Me noting teh 'beady', 'unattractive', and 'icky' 'subanime' 'left' 'eye' stings like h*ll, and also note 'right' 'one' causing trouble.

It's all cool. I am happy *^_^*. Ya. And the more pain I am in, the more my abilities are magnified it seems. Ones with angle closure glaucoma are supposed to goto the hospital....or call teh ambulance... . Me though? Unh Unh. I'll faint, roll in agony, throw up if need be, tank the shockingly vast depths of pain, and awaken new abilities in the process.

(*Thinks back to last year*). Good thing ___________ isn't living here...... . I would probably note _________ call the ambulance.......... . (*Recalls last year, and the undeniable fruit (my current lifestyle) that followed after.......my surprising survival at ___________'s unspeakable and literally h3ll-sent tortures.......*). (Takes note though....that my current pain is kinda tiny next to what I went through last year though, but every little bit can matter right?).

(Wonders if I am about to experience a surge / fluid world event...as immunological response, whereby a brief (or longer) respite from the pain is experienced). (Takes note that physiognomy is real, and a Negro male 'body'.......stings like a b****). (*Remembers the ecstatic glowing sensation that permanently accompanies true sized / beyond anime.....eyes*). (*Realizes.....what a blessing it is......to have the option of real eyes*). (*Takes note that subanime pseudobodies only horribly stink and excruciatingly sting......., and do not even give a frame of reference to the overwhelmingly vast pleasures and critical lessons that can be experienced / generated by way of a true and beyond anime......flesh-based body*).


K! Back to suffering in the darkness for me *^_^*!


6/19/17 04:36 pm - The Akane Project

Yea, I have been laughing the last couple of days :P.

Yea, 'Dandelion' 'Town' is about the number one anime I have witnessed in a long time.

Specifically though, 'Akane' ranks up there with the most 'elite' anime entities I have ever witnessed O_O..... . If not for my training of the last V years, I do not know if I would have had ***ANY*** defense....at the approach of such an omega class 'puff' 'puff'.....O_O.

As such, I am going to study at Akane ASAP.

I'm going to have to make sure that I do not lovingly pet.....anime Akane's hair......in upcoming times / upcoming dimension dives *O_O*.

I mean, wowsers........ .

I mean.....woooowsers.....*O_O*..... .

6/19/17 03:54 pm - So....What Abilities Can I Now Prove? / Situational Awareness / Feelings Feelings Feelings.........

In an eerie twist of events, I keep experiencing chest pains / heart issues / breathing issues during *dimension* *dives*.......as well as fluid world events.

However, since I have noted Mr. N / Negro Man.....'resurrected' again and again, and even after noting 'stage' 'four' 'heart' 'failure'....., I am relaxed and casual about the matter....... . I'll speak more on this later though.

Alright. Evaluation time. What abilities of mine can I now regularly prove IRL?

Locally, quite a bit. (*Prays in thanksgiving to the beings who have supported me*). I have made a name for myself locally with my emotion triggered lightning storms (which often present a ring of blue sky over me....amidst the high winds and lightning bolts). I also have (*facepalms*) emotion triggered EMP capabilities...... . J, H, and those of a local church......'figured' 'out' at how I get triggered...... . Yea. My abilities get triggered at whores, prostitutes, immoral XX chromosome types, cowards, threats at my friends, and threats at my life...... .

Because of this, it would ***not*** be a good idea for any 'average' 'soulbonders' '/' 'otakukin' '/' 'otherkin' .....(which as of yet are only presented as unstable psychiatric junkies / psychiatric drug junkies.........and / or unstable and perverted liberal freakshow chicks with the same old common piercings and dyed hair)......to 'approach' me IRL..... .

Yea. As much as I try to be logical, clear-headed, and mentally focused, my abilities (*shakes my head*) are ***CONSISTENTLY*** related to raw and primal emotions........ . When I am burning upset..., like last Autumn / Winter, the local environment burns with me...............and the air smells like a wood-burning stove. When I am calm.....as I have been for the last couple weeks, the local summer temperatures are mild and the days are calm. I'm very embarrassed about this really...... . It's like my emotions are on display to the world........... .

The key to my awakening and consistently wielding my abilities...., as embarrassed as I am to admit it, pertains to emotions and emotional health.......... . This ***reeeeeaaaaaaaaaally*** puts me in a spot (*feels nervous flutters in my tummy*).

(*Groans*). Embarrassed as I am to admit it, I have emotional needs *O_O*...... .

I wonder what my emotional needs are then? What do I need? (*Ponders*)........... . What am I supposed to do???

(*Recalls an event from earlier*)........ . Hmmm? Earlier today during a dimension dive or fluid world event......it seems I cast some kind of magic at J the min*ing man.....(Heather's spouse). Indeed, and that amidst a min*ng run of some sort. I noted J 'ranked' 'up' (*shivers*) '/' 'evolved' to an 'elite' 'high' 'anime' XX chromosome type......that was wearing 'mage's' 'armor' or some such.......O_O. (*Considers at the 'gender' 'dysphoria' outbreak '/' 'madness'...that has dominated post 2000s mankind*). The high anime J had red hair with a shimmer / sheen akin to that of an anime R*by, and was the kind / type that anime guys would '*drool*' over.............. . The elite anime chick J dropped a huge hexagonal S*phhire / C*rundum specimen into a m*ning cart that was just *loaded* with gemstones......... . I think I spotted at more 'transformed' 'ones' approach the cart, high anime level....anime XX types....(two?). (*Recalls, after that, spotting at an anime level Hermione akin one that strangely approached at me....whilst pointing and maybe even brandishing a wand*).

Hmmmmmm..... . (*Has flashbacks to fuzzy-haired little Akane*)........ . I would love to have playmates and mining buddies.....with cool abilities........, *SANITY* and *INSTINCTUAL* *MORALITY* being the best of those (too)........ . (*Ponders*). Subanime XX and XY chromosome types are not capable of play, playing, m*ning, magic, and friendship.......though...... . So what do I do???

Maybe I need to note an 'all' 'futanari' 'anime' 'world' 'transformation' for observation purposes. Where I witness ones that are not hyperdimensional beings, no, but...ummm...., XXXY chromosome types...... . (*Thinks about the gender related Mandela Effect events observed thus far*). I guess I would need to witness 'both' 'futanari' 'types' (???? uh XXXY and 4X???) for education purposes if so???

Hmmm. I'll need to hold with the experimentation at J though. I do not want to harm / change his marriage. I do not want to unwittingly force him to start wearing red wigs and ridiculous dresses IRL.......whilst he is still in a subanime male state (*cringe*).............. .

6/18/17 07:31 am - Repeated Summonings / Jag Gets Fed / Farming A Surge Event...... / My Sylvan Paradise Pics

After typing my last post, an incredible event took place....... .

Yea... . I think I was summoned *O_O*.......... .

And, for the record, no I was not 'scolded' by a higher being / higher beings for my last post......., my last post which no ego-gassed, narcissistic, solipsistic, and rationalizing / common entities...would ever stand for.

What happened then?

I was floating in my starlike form....and directly in front of me was a (???) mysterious and beyond anime female......(*blinks*). She was sitting in a wooden chair that was in front of a all wooden desk. The location appeared to be a candlelit study / study room that, although somewhat dark, had lots of seeming magical tomes and magical books present. The air was saturated with *MAGIC*, and, quite refreshingly, her room was not plagued with pointless 'devices'...... .

Naw, no 'Facebook'....accessing 'cell' 'phone' was present....., nor even electronic lights. And yet everything present was immaculately clean and orderly..... . The place, her place, was clearly focused around the study and application of the ancient principles of elemental mana..... .

The being was speaking to me, and actually able to ***see*** me *O_O*......in my starlike form..., which indicates that she can see spectrums of light that subanime and anime entities 'can't'.... . As for her appearance, she had long....silvery-blonde hair.., fair skin, and.....along with some really cool looking eyewear and / or mini face mask, she wore a really neat and futuristic looking leotard / bodysuit (*blushes*) magic practitioner / mage type attire.... .

Whilst speaking a language I understood, I am embarrassed to admit that I struggled to process her words due to my already strained data processing levels. I admired, respected, and looked up to her all the same though. She was free from subanime limits, free from anime limits, and obviously doing well for herself in a stable and "well put together" world.

Some point, I think I may have noticed her holding up a magic energy saturated ~~~ red flower tipped plant, staff, or even flower bouquet? Lol. I ate them / it a bit (*blush*), and heard her lovingly say "awwwww~~~~~~~". Yea. I was hungry.........(*dips my chin amidst blushing*). Satisfied (and I again thank her), I next recall floating down over...and observing a journal book on her desk *O_O* (*gulps*). Beautiful calligraphy, ink writing of exquisite technique and finesse, was present within the light brown pages of the book.

I guess I fell asleep soon after that.

I wonder who she was?

Ulgh. I shiver as I think this, but chances are high, that I, within some years, would witness a fake anime / fake game......'featuring' some devolved clone.......cloning at her existence.


After getting back here.....I felt quite charged with a mysterious energy.....(*blushes as remembers my impromptu meal*).

After tending to the yard.....I went to find resources necessary to cultivate the / my next surge event.

This White *aphhire for instance.

And this gemmy and crystalline.....find.

Since the river was quite low, I got quite a bit of gemmy material this time (lots of translucent White S*phhires).........


After mining, and then returning to the house for dinner / cooking dinner / eating dinner, I found myself (!??!!?!) (*coughs*) fee...feeling my hair (?!?) caressed as I rested. (*Blushes*). Yea, and then I was seemingly summoned again *O_O*.

I give thanks to the mysterious being...and our family / friends. Indeed. Life is fun, and full of adventures *^_^*.

Oh. By the way, the apple tree in my yard is generating apples now *O_O* =^_^=! Me want eat them, and put them into pies =^_^=!!!

Another startling plant fact......is how this house, shaded and sheltered by enormous trees, retains it's coolness during the day. It does not even get over 71 in here during the daytime O_O. I love living with a house surrounded by tall trees and green plants (*swoons*). (*Purrs*). I give thanks for the chance to live like this. My lifestyle and these pictures are a reflection of this web journal's contents.

6/17/17 01:22 pm - A Relaxing Dive / Planning My Future Based Upon Self Analysis

I had a relaxing dive today =^_^=.

I was very surprised to, after the initial night of watching at 'the' 'anime'.....

......., find myself checking at the "Dandelion Town" 'anime' 'world'. Now granted....I know wanted to investigate at 'high' 'anime' 'Akane', but jeez already..... . (*Blinks*). As much as I try to be logical, and as much as I try to train faculties of logic, I am driven by passion........(*rubs my head*). I wasn't fooled though......... . After almost stumbling at 'Akane'.....'who' was resting on a grassy field / grassy yard, I noted......anime level Akane seemed....."off". (*Inhales and exhales in melancholy*). I guess I should be grateful that...., for that instance, I did not witness Akane devolve into a subanime "voice actor"..... (*shivers*).

Know what? I am going to go ahead and say it........ .

My abilities are activated and amplified by my attraction to beautiful, healthy, cute, adorable. and charming females. My abilities are stimulated, activated and amplified by the stimulating presence.......of beautiful, healthy, cute, adorable, and charming females.

Ok. Trigger warning....... .


Yea. Witnessing subanime and even anime mankind has been like noting a 'death' 'sentence' at my life...and my specific ability set. Noting glaucoma and 'legal' 'blindness' was actually a ***BLESSING***......in the sense that I had some relief for my eyes, mind, brain, and soul.

Twas....soothing in so many ways...really.


But then empathy and telepathy came online soon after my IRL vision took a dive........, and then and there I learned that physiognomy was real............ . I could just ***TASTE*** at the 'evil'......(*gags a bit*).

I need to face the truth? I am not stimulated......(*sighs in embarrassment*)....whatsoever by XX chromosome types. I never was, and never have been.......in any way or form. I am actually sent into ***shock***.....instantly upon witnessing and detecting the subanime ones.

What I need, is to heal, and heal in absolute solitude. My only options from here are a massive underground bunker / megacity, a starship in deep space, a private island (with decent mining and gemstone resources), or some similar setting. While I love and appreciate the chance to live in this house, and while I love the mining amenities such as the choice access to the river / streams, my advancement can seemingly...only go so far here... .

The key to healing for me....is a location whereby there are no XX chromosome types (not even dogs or insects) within sensory range......(*thinks about deep space*)......... . Yea, and from there....learning to filter and control my dimension diving abilities (to avoid any and all subanime and anime XX chromosome types). After that is settled.....*THEN* I can see to reawakening my capacity to perceive stimulating ....hyperdimensional and omnidimensional class Goddesses regularly.... . (*Recalls the hauntingly gorgeous silhouette of their beautiful tapering torsos, and blooming and feminine...hips (*swoons*)*).... .


If any trialer were to actually read this, here is a yet another affirmation about physiognomy.


6/16/17 11:32 am - Ewwwwww Yuck............Harley / Noting A Madman

Ulgh.... . I wanna take a shower........... . Naw, I say that because I just scanned at, and inadvertently tasted at 'The' 'Joker's' 'sick' 'mind'.... . Ugh, twas like a crypt, a bitter and gross morgue (*shivers*). Disgusting.

What happened? Alot happened. I'll, as always, give a brief explanation....... . If I wrote everything that happened each day / night on here....during events, I would have multiple pages for each entry. But before the report, I have news.

Just like I can not logically accept the false myth of evolution, I now call bull at the insidious "REM" and hypnogogic hallucination lies. Tis obvious I've noted mankind freaking out at my abilities and nature for decades.., and forced to lie again and again out of vanity, insecurities, neuroticism, paranoia, and deceitfulness. (*Recalls at the anime lie, which no Instagram subanime chick would ever want to admit*). (*Recalls at lying Finky*). Yea. With me, as my tsunami proof attested and as my ongoing IRL storm generation capacities attest, I *generate* O_O reality....... . Me? I just chill, and do not claim to be a 'God' (or Goddess).......nor demand worship... . (For the record....mankind is not even capable of worship anyway...due to inherent solipsism and narcissism. Mankind's religions are always narcissistic projections that 'empower' the 'projector'. Religions are never about worship.). Yea. Fluid world events are getting bigger, longer, and with more and more permanent aftereffects. Fluid world events were on the way all along. Unh hunh, and I witnessed mankind fight at every and I mean ****EVERY*** step of the process. There comes a point where a critically thinking and objectively observing being.....must regard at mankind....in a manner conducive to regarding at a rambling and unstable / crazed lunatic........ . Yep. Always check over the facts, keep your mindstate flexible, *ADAPT*, and never suicidally discard any truth because it is not 'easy' or 'ego-gassing' '/' 'empowering'...... .


K. So my internet was down last night...... / this morning, and that after an event where an eerie black mist filled my yard and house.......... . Some point I even heard a sound akin to a howl (!?!?!), and then lots of creaking sounds in my house. After picking up my tablet to only notice the typing interface throwing up letters I did not even select, I surmised it was fluid world event time again...... .

[Observation: Fluid world events are heavily tied into my mood, mindstate, and state of health.]

Upon trying to drift into sleep around 3am, I woke to observe a violent and chaotic melee. I spotted at a 'maniacally' 'laughing' toon / anime Joker standing on top of a skyscraper......as a horde of henchman, and unmanned automatic 'golden'.....cartoon 'cars' and 'motorcycles' tore through what seemed to be a 'patchwork' subanime / toon / anime city....... . Twas daytime in setting. I was running on foot....until I suddenly found myself lying at the hood of a moving car...(uninjured). As I sat up...and gazed....to my right, I noted Batman (!?!?!) on his back on a car hood, tied up with rope (with his hands behind his back), and possibly kicking away a henchman (!?!?!) as he prepared a 'trademark' 'escape'....... .

Where was I headed????

Soon I found myself checking at a bleary and swampy subanime setting......, and I detected at horrific madnesd via my telepathy senses. A house was the area in front of me, and I caught at the silhouette of a gun holding Joker in the / a window. I ran, and hid in a culvert / ditch full of running water for quite some time......and experienced heart / breathing issues........ . Evertything stayed the same though (!?!???!!?!), and I was not, apparently, just going to "wake up" over here...... . (And maybe that...because...in that moment "here" *was* "there".......).

So I got up, realizing what had to be done.

As if I phased or teleported, I noted the house interior..... . *But* I noted a gun a my face....as a door opened........ . Joker was 'overflowing' with murderous intent, yea, the subanime and thus degenerated / devolved Joker. I spoke of how I would not die just because of him having a pistol. I then grabbed at the pistol, and used Wings Of Love (*cringes*)...... . I spoke at the Joker, tasting at that 'sickly', 'rotten', and 'diseased' 'mind' in the process. I was reciting how the world works whilst probing at The Joker's 'mind'......and noted Joker's 'temporary' 'allegiance' (lol)............... . I then distanced myself....in shock at extreme bitterness of his murder crazed, megalomaniacal, and vengeful 'thoughts'..... . Ulgh........ .

That's when it happened (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I heard and sensed at *gross* 'cry' of " 'Mistuh.....Jaaaaaaay" (*groans and shivers*) erupting '*at*' (not truly within on through) my mind / soul.........., and that as I observed a skin tone / XX chromosome type change (ahhhh!!!!!) (*shivers*). Nawwwww. Unh unh. I executed an overwrite, and after hearing at one nore 'Mistuh J' 'cry', witnessed an 'end' '/' 'deletion' for (???) some foreign and exodimensional 'Harley' 'Quinn'..............imposing a grotesque alteration at my timeline / existence / future / history. Yea. And with that, an event collapse type event happened (!?!!). But I was not back to my mountain house bedroom yet. No. Seems like I had to endure witnessing some scorned old demonic entity.....(a Finky related one) (and possibly the Joker as an XX chromosome type).....for a while yet.... . I observed at the entity hatefully hurling hexes / attacks at me, but only noted each attack changed to 'gummi' 'worm' 'candies' bouncing off at my shields / shielding / reality manipulation aura............. .

Like a flash I was back in my bed, and struggling to keep the bed, and this realm "stabilized"..... . I literally felt myself *struggling* to keep everything here.........like the grocery stores, the peaceful rivers, and the trees.

I get it now? Disgusting and slutty Harley Quinn and that boy-crazed gross anime / subanime Sailor Moon are both warped......antithetical voidspawn specimens created at the periphery of my existence. (*Recalls at Ichigo Kurosaki, Lelouch, Sasuke, Yugi / Yugioh, Kagome Higurashi, Goku, Ash Ketchum, Emil, Yuma Tsukumo......*).

*Sighs*. I need to see women who have pretty behinds.....and thus luminous.....and sanctified souls & hearts ~~~~.........(*yawns sleepily*). Pretty bottoms that can ripple and bounce.....(*blushes red*). Ya.

6/15/17 02:12 pm - It's Pretty Awesome When.......

As soon as you come from your house door IRL......you hear at a dude go "What happened to you yesterday.....? That storm........".

That happened yesterday.

Yea. No embarrassing RP happens here. It's all real. (*Nods amidst analyzing the data of the most intense fluid world storms observed in the past*).

Also yesterday.....was a bunch of planning for the airport drive later this year. Oh, have I mentioned it yet? With *very* high spec glasses, as well as regenerative herbal medicines, I now note 20/50 vision (with the glasses on)..... . Even though I noted 'restrictions' for the 'driver's' 'license', I can even drive myself if need be.


Ummm. I just noted some disturbing stuff....... . Was it during a fluid world event??? Here is what happened.

I was sitting in a bed, and witnessing a strange 90's setting. On a desk across from the bed...an ancient IBM PC with a tiny screen appeared. And gazing upon / in that screen I noted (*facepalms*) Finky standing in a bedroom and wearing a black goth style dress..... . Next..it was as if my starlike form popped from my body and I was (!?!?!) hovering around at the Finky room. I noticed at (*worries*) Finky that was under white bed covers (with elbows up and possibly hands behind head)......and talking in a somewhat flirtatious and yet somewhat casual manner (???). (*Chuckles as recalls at the flirty makeup Finky had on*).

My starlike form landed back to my prior pov, and I still saw the ancient PC console and screen.... . I just sat in shock at the Finky visages. Why was that even happening??? I was utterly disoriented and in shock. Too, I was worried at the risk of a 'demon' 'gate' formed at the PC screen, and wanted to guard my possessions (which were.....strewn about..yet again). Yea. Something way way way beyond "Skype" was going on........ .

Just as I thought that, I witnessed an angry, short, hateful, and 'high' 'weight' (!?!?!) demon entity stomping at my location. As soon as I caught at the entity reaching and stealing at my black telescope, I grabbed onto the tube....and held on. What happened next was trippy. Twas like I was flying through a wind tunnel or something.... . Gathering energy onto my forehead in what seemed to be a horn like shape, I thrust my head forward....and thus witnessed the assailant lose it's grip and even go crashing.

Yea. I just can't change Finky 'obsessing' at me. I guess no words I say can or will change that. Yea. I can't change the jealousy, the drama, the stalking, or the 'obsessing' that 'defines' Finkster's 'behavior'. (*Facepalms and nervously laughs*). Finkles 'wants' to violate at the cosmic energy saturated gemstones. Finkles 'wants' to use at the black telescope... .

I guess what I need to do, is prepare myself as much as possible........for a permanent upcoming fluid world event / fluid world event shift. Can I *truly* resist an anime limits Finky? A pseudogoddess??

6/14/17 11:41 pm - The Startling Continuation Of Yesterday's Event....

I just got back in from being invited to dinner and chilling, but what happened earlier today still haunts me........ .

After going to bed sometime around sunrise...., I was utterly blasted into what seemed to definitively be a fluid world event (!!!!). After trying to collect my IRL ancient NES handheld system and cartridges....which were strewn all about a twisted and jumbled setting (which seemed to be some sort of vehicle interior that was far far larger than the interior of any roadbound vehicle I've seen within memory).......

........I noticed.....some trippy stuff. Such as totally transformed cartridge titles......as if even the titles of the cartridges went fluid. Amidst collecting items....I braced myself as I heard at a voice.... . (*Squints*). It was then....that I noted some strange old chick claiming at the ownership rights of all my crystals and gemstones from the house....... . Right as I was about to get upset and handle matters (*nods*)......, a huge fluid world wave pulse took place.... .

I soon found myself standing in a transforming library......., well, a place that briefly appeared....to be a library anyway. Glancing around, I observed at a subanime 'setting' that had subanime ones scattered about..... . I felt what felt like a spiritual "throwing up" sensation..., and then and there I was suddenly standing as Serena (!?!!??!??!?) wearing (!?!) bluish (???) shorts (*blinks*) and a top / blouse.......... . I was so startled...that my starlike form / remote viewing form popped from my body momentarily, whereby I confirmed my blue eyes (*gulps*), and my eyelashes (*blinks in a startled manner*). Upon briefly scanning the environment, I think I spotted at anime Rei Hino *or* beyond anime...Rei Hino (with long blackish / dark hair). Maybe Rei (???) was talking with somebody (with blonde or brown hair???).... .

I was overwhelmed, nervous, and needed privacy, so I raced for the restroom... . A restroom....(*cringes*)...... . Upon reaching the / a restroom, I froze in horrified shock (*cackles*) as I spotted at some old chick to the sink area, and even the feet of one occupying at the stall closest to the door..... . Yea, and upon hearing at some unpleasant noises of some atomic subanime entity handling 'their' 'business' (*reels in squeamishness*) (*nervously chortles*), I was like "awwee heck no!!". So I opened the bathroom door....only to witness a strange man (!?!!) and others standing and waiting about (*cringe*) whilst staring emotionlessly at me (!!?!!?). I closed the door....until...(!!!) a shift happened, a shift that had me standing in the bathroom whilst noting a 6'3 Negro graft.....again (oh no........). Yea, but seems my clothing (!?!?!) was all melting (!??!?!) and having issues forming / reforming (!?!?!). I heard at a noise..,, and then suddenly noted a subanime chick exiting a stall. I got squeamish. I decided to just flee, open the restroom door, and take my chances (even with wardrobe issues underway).... . Yea.....I was terrified at that chick..... . So I leapt from the restroom...., and then found myself fleeing the stall chick..... . Within moments....I saw the setting shift to an environment that was like vast white expanse (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Other things happened after I eventually woke up again, like me actually seemingly meeting a gospel musical group member (???) / mysterious being with wavy hair in a ponytail, and nose bridge freckles??? The being tried to greet me, and even shake my hand....(*gulps*) but I was stunned and in shock...... . The being seemed to be concerned, and possibly even experiencing heartache.....amidst speaking with (???) another (??) nearby entity about my response. I decided to take responsibility, and approached the mysterious being. After giving a head tilt gesture....., I walked aside with the gentle being and explained why I was so stunned (*blushes totally red*). (How well do you know me? Can you guess why I was so stunned and in shock beforehand? =^_^=). The being seemed truly innocent..., and responded with shyness and humility that startled me. Indeed. And I thank the mysterious being for their time and company.

The next shift experienced....after talking and chatting with the friendly mysterious being......involved me checking at a "Dragon Ball Super" outbreak.


Hmmmm. Interesting..... . The fluid world event......from river event was seeming "suspended" intil it could resume, and resume it did O_O. Wow.

Also interesting is that even after all my watching at anime this year, and even after all my racing videos, Serena events are the ***overwhelming*** majority.. . And I don't even watch the 'SM' anime..... . Why is my past so tied up with that??? (*Feels my fingernails glowing with the light of desperation*). By "that" I mean Serena related *real* history stuff (not the anime). It's like it is ***unstoppable***, and I'm just "riding the wave"......... . Well, I will not complain. So long as that Serena does not like men, does not like XX chromosome types, isn't some sex-crazed freakshow..., and strives to protect and nurture innocent kids......, I can live with it all......... .

6/13/17 07:46 pm - Sitting In The River (As Thunder Grumbles) / Elemental Sync Event / Vulnerabilities Status Update

After tending to the lawn for a while today (whereby I found that the apple tree has apples on the way (!!!!) =^_^=)...., I decided to cool down in the river..... .

I took my mining gear with me...figuring I may as well get some mining work done.

Sitting in the gemstone saturated silt zones of rhe river, a ***very*** eerie event happened..... . *O_O*. What felt like pulses of my energy went into the river water, and I felt (!!???!!!??!) a fluid world event about to take place....(*cringe*). A *Serena* level fluid world event O_O.... . Cosmic energy pathways of my body....flared with energy, and I gasped.... . I wanted to hide? I felt vulnerable..... . I felt nervous.... . Yea. How would I explain myself if I were to suddenly note Gerald walk up at the dock area???

It seemed like my worries caused the process to subside a bit..... .

Thunder clouds grumbled..... . I tried to put my mind on mining, and tried to get some work done, but winds......, heavy winds, cracks of lightning, and then rain.......moved in. Was it a surge event??? (*Gulps*). I made sure most of my found S*pphires were pocketed, and then headed to the shore...... .

Upon making my way back to the house and utterly coated with Mica, I felt nourished..... . Mining in the river is like having both a gemstone bath, and a gemstone meal (*hungrily licks lips*) (*exhales contentedly*). (*Yawns*).

Yea.... . I love living here. I do not know how any location in Japan could have more gemstones, whether variety or quantity, than this place *^_^*.


Okay. Vulnerabilities status update time. I can do it now?

Yea. 'Shoujo' 'Ai' is icky...... . (*Recalls at Shoujo Ai anime witnessed recently, ones like Akuma No Riddle and Valkyrie Drive*).

I'll explain.

Now that I am not projecting, I am prepared at 'anything' an anime world could throw at me.

If I were to note an anime XY chromosome type anime boy grafted at me, and were to....., upon returning "home" for the day, get....into bed and under the covers...only to find a 'naked' (*cringe*) anime XX chromosome type chick / stranger sleeping......., I would just calmly get up.....from the bed. Yea. No "steam" tooting from my ears, no 'bleeding' for my nose... . After getting up, the options would be either noting the "cops" "called"....(if I were undercover and maintaining cover), or......upon......heading to the front yard...........just blasting the entire house...... .

Ok. But what if I were to note an XX chromosome type anime specimen grafted at me, and I had to maintain cover whilst enduring at 'school'? Yea. And what if a "gym class locker room scenario" came up? T'would be no problem.....perhaps. I'm no fan of 'Haruka', but everything would be cool so long I wear school uniform pants...to school. Yea. I can handle the gym scenario. Upon entering the locker room, and on my way to a locker room stall...(for privacy and honor code reasons), I would not have my nose 'bleeds'....nor steam tooting from my ears....as I witnessed changing chicks via my peripheral vision. I would have no interest, and would actually be averting my eyes.....to avoid 'icky' 'views'. (Same as I did noting dude gyms / locker rooms IRL in the past).

Projecting aside, anime XX chromosome types don't have the angles, the looks.....necessary to make me get red in the face.....and swooned.

Now......if I were to see / be within a hyperdimensional being (*blushfully grins*) gym locker room.....that had gorgeous females (*blushes*) (*coughs*), I would be red in the face and flat on my back......fainted.....upon seeing ***ANY*** sign of lovely and curvy hips, immaculate thigh gaps, full and round bottoms, and their sooo cute...shyly glowing fingernails......*^_^* =^_^=. Yea. Fainted and purring contentedly =^_^= ~~~........... .

6/12/17 03:10 am - I Want Another Megasurge Event.........

I'm no fan of anime, but I get flashbacks after watching at the above....... . Surge events are addictive.......(*recalls IRL thunderstorms and such.....during surge events*).

I wonder what scale of energy I would generate during a hypothetical Japan surge event in a couple months...?

(*Recalls my golden energy from the last Japan surge event VII years ago*).

6/12/17 01:18 am - Metacognitive Superwave / Precognition / No 'Guests' Allowed

I've been tied up with mining more and more of these delicious and yummy reds.....


....as well as White and Clear Sa*phires. I'm literally going to rig some gemstone inlaid "armor" (*cackles*) for my half month length Japan trip around early December =^_^= ~~~......... .

Ever since getting the airplane ticket, a new kind of metacognitive awareness is present for me (*blinks*). I can feel my mind speeding up, and I can sense / perceive shifts in my thoughtwaves. Cool experiences have been taking place, whereby via fluid world events, I can "know" future events also. That brings me.....to my point......of today...... .

K. So, today, a fluid world event took place. I witnessed some old dude hollering angrily about anime (???), and noted some kind of 'falling' 'out' '/' 'discord' of his 'cult'. Dude freaked out, and launched a crushing sorcery assault 'blast' 'at' me.....from some kind of tower or fortification. I braced....myself as much as I could, and prepared to note a direct hit. I just blinked....as his attack was changed to a stale graham cracker (!?!???!?) that merely tapped at my forehead's energy field....before falling to the ground.

I walked forward....at the entrance of the cult base. What happened next, was me noting some kinda goth sorcery expert chick (*blinks*) quitting the cult, and tryna 'cozy' 'up' at me. The unknown chick was subanime, semi sorta 'thick' 'in' 'the' 'thighs'....


...., had shoulder length hair, perhaps a red top, a black skirt, and black net leggings...... . I was not interested, so I headed back home... . But upon reaching a midway point, I noticed that the odd one was still following at me.... . The strange one starting talking about moving in at my house (!?!?!?!?!!!!) (aw heck no!!!!!), thanking at me all the while, and declaring 'their' 'life' and 'recovery' (from weird substance abuse and weird sex stuff) were in my hands. As I reached my destination, I reached at the strange one's shoulders....in a defensive type manner, and said something like what I am going to say next..... .

This journal is not for the weak....... .

And I am not Jesus. I am not a 'redeemer'. I do not turn rancid and stinking trash into pristine and immaculate treasure. I'm not going to say what losers and failures 'wanna' 'hear'..... . I'm not going to say that life is easy, nor that everyone of mankind has a chance for happiness and success. I'm also not going to accept excuses for grotesque misbehavior, and unforgivable stupidity. Rationalizations and copouts are not accepted here.

Yea. This message is directed at the unknown chick I witnessed earlier.

I've addressed my vulnerabilities. Ain't no 'peak' 'subanime' 'hot' 'bod' in a 'tight' 'skirt'.....gonna even phase me these days. I kept calm earlier, but the next time I will launch dimension rattling blasts of cosmic energy...... .

Yea. All my prior offers of free gemstones and assistance / support are closed at mankind.... .

Yea. I won't dare pi** away the awesome resource of this gem mining house, my hyperdimensional resources, nor any ***PRECIOUS*** training time for some.....'chick' that only offers the same unwanted '_______' as the rest.... . I don't want the pathetic sex, I don't the phony compliments, nor any of the other trappings that the weak offer. I made it here to this shining mountain by staying to my beliefs, and that's how I am going to continue to live...... .

I ain't having any debased, disgusting, common, and deranged sl*ts stink up my shining sanctuary. Yea...., and I certainly won't let em sabotage this crucial era preceding my Japan trip.

6/10/17 04:29 am - Oculus Star Trek?

*Facepalms*. :P.

6/10/17 02:55 am - Loaded Grilled Cheese & Crunchy Golden Fries / Late Night Snack / Visited A Farm / Angel???

Me just had a late night meal =^_^=.

Ya. With fried tenders loaded grilled cheese sandwiches, and teh fries.

Hmmmm...... .

Yesterday was intriguing...... .

I spent the afternoon and evening noting 'neighbor' 'visits'...... .

I'm kinda worried.

Yea. Whilst sitting by my gemstone trays yesterday evening, I observed at Gerald.....in all seriousness....asking me if *I* was an "angel" (!?!????!!????)........ . Yea. I also caught at him saying how he respected (!!!) my adherence to my celibacy pledge......, and my life choices. I am worried? Has this house been emitting visible mana based lights of some type or something????? Is it a new feature of my Wings Of Love ability?

After that...I visited a farm. That farm visit turned into a medicine delivery event O_O...., whereby again I spectated another "angel" claim at my person / identity (!?!!??!?!).

Me? I'm baffled. I'm not an RP'er. I am not a fan of anime. Yet time and time again, I just can't hide (*sighs*) my mysterious link to monkeys..... . Maybe I need to hold giving my mana / prayer charged medicines.... . Maybe I need to hide my willingness to help........ . (*Ponders*).

Hmmm. Angels..... . For me, an angel is a beautiful little monkey =^_^= ~~~ who inspires hope, spreads limitless cheer, and sacrificially strives to protect and nurture. Yea. A holy being blessed with a miraculous and wonderful instinctual trait which can not be created, replicated, or replaced. That trait is freely and instinctually prioritizing the needs, safety, and wellbeing of others.... . Yea. A being that is humble, and yet possesses an idomitable will.....when it comes to protecting the innocent from evil ones. Yea. An angel is capable of love.... . They are free from the curse of solipsism, and seeing lifeforms do well....and thrive is an unrivaled experience of ecstasy.....for them.

While I aspire for angelic / divine / Goddess traits for the good they can do unto others, I wouldn't dare blaspheme and claim to be an angel.... . (*Inhales and pensively exhales*). Indeed. Be it gender or existential status, I'll let monkeys make the call about who and what I am (as it should be)...... .

6/8/17 05:21 pm - Geez..... / 'Strange' 'Wolf' 'Dude'.........

K. I am kinda in shock.....? Ummmm... . Why am I noting a 'reference' at my earlier post???

(*Inhales and sighs*).

In other news, I need to report an event from earlier today.... .

I need to watch when and where I sleep....-_-..... . (*Sighs*).

So I woke....in some (???) location....noticing a 'dead' 'weight' at my chest. I could breathe (*gulps*)..., and thankfully I was also fully clothed. I opened my eyes... . Thankfully I was still noting a Negro dude grafted at me as usual...., because I witnessed a strange...strange....anime / toon looking 'red' 'wolf' sitting at my chest. A strange power was about him.... . His face didn't really give me any kind of emotion I could visually read (!?!??!!?!)..... . Did I even note eye to eye contact?????? Hmmmm. Well I tried to move, but everything seemed heavier than I remember (!?!?!?!)... . I tried to move, and made some progress............, but each time I would just find myself watching at him, the strange one, 'adjust' and keep sitting... . Why did I note him 'doggie' 'sitting' at my chest??? So, getting serious, I did a lifting motion and thus noted Mr. Mr. .....on the ground. Preparing to resume sleeping, I was like "!!!!!!!!" to only find myself noticing that 'weight' again, but this time noticing 'wolfy' 'feet' and a 'bushy' 'tail' at my chest. He was sitting / perched again! What was going on? Even then, I recalled at dude from DBS....

....., as well as recalling at Finky ands K*trino...... . Did I catch dude going for a 'sealing' at my abilities and energy? Theft at my energy and abilities??????? What was going on???????.

Getting even more serious, I got up, stood up, and released a surge wave which transformed the environment, aaaaaannnnd (!?!!!!!???!!!) (*chuckles*) landed squarely at dude (!!!!!!!). Dude became a withered old anime hag, a withered old anime crone, and one that was preaching at me (!!??!!!???!!). Me? My body pulsed with all sorts of wild colors, and, was a state of flux..... . I...urgh..(*cringes*)...noted some kinda toon / anime chick with orange or yellow hair....., a red dress, dark leggings, dress shoes / pumps, and fluctuating 'body' 'type' '/' 'age'....grafted at me..... . Lightning pulsed around me........ .

Just because I do not hate old Finky and K*trino doesn't mean I have to be friendly to em.... .

(*Recalls a later event......where I witnessed a 'fanfic' 'announcing' 'K*trino'...*). Dang.

Yea. No touching......Finky Finky and Ket.... . No grumpy 'tsundere' 'cuddletime'. Only Dawn, Nina, and hyperdimensional beings are welcome to cuddle next to me / cuddle me as I sleep (*feels my face burning red*). Yea.... . Only happy and limitlessly cute girls who enjoy life, love life, and truly love me.

6/8/17 03:48 am - The Infiniversal Routing Moon / The Most Dense Object In Existence???

I feel called...to make this post..... .

I am certain of it now....? From observation and experience anyway.... .

The "Big Bang" was preceded by a structure, a mass.... . An.....eerie crystalline matter related "moon", "planetoid"...., or even planet...... . The most energized and massive object in existence......(which possibly has a mass of a galaxy....or multitude of galaxies....all condensed down to the size of a moon). An object which, when integrated....

no title

....by the organ systems the host, sends them on a voyage, a "sailing" (???) experience.....within the depths of their own being, mind, soul, and existence.... . (*Glances about this psionic world....., a realm comprised of thought, mental energy, and jumbled memories*).

The Infiniversal Routing Moon, the structure which prevents the forces of evil, the forces of the void, from poisoning and contaminating reality.

Yea. I'm remembering it now...... .

Just like I note the false and exodimensional fake 'Sailor' 'Moon' anime / anime world did not have *ANY* trace of (*blushingly inhales and sighs*) bounce and (*blushingly facepalm*)...ummm.....ripply motion capable...feminine and round bottom health traits, I also note the anime / anime world didn't have the coherence nor the data levels necessary to convey *ANY* truth.......about the means to victory at all evil...... . Yea. Instead I witnessed a gross facisimile that was basically an 'advertising' 'campaign' for gross men I never even considered in any manner (romantic or otherwise) whatsoever for even an instant......... .

Well, I give thanks that this day has come. I now have a ***TARGET***. I had been going around....in circles (albeit progressively) for over a decade. Now I know how to win. I must eject that moon-sized object perceived so long ago, and blast it with everything I have............... . That is how the trial will be concluded.

I get it. That moon-sized object is the vessel. (*Recalls at the hundreds of false and contaminated pseudouniverses I have witnessed; each horrifying, terrible, sickening, and godawful*).

Well, with that, I am done at mankind (subanime or anime). What I need now is a starship (larger than 400 miles in length if possible)....('no' 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'anime' ever mentioned that either). I need solitude.... . I need to reinitiate the ejection process.....free from interference. If this latest revelation means there is no dual-trialer, then I note mankind (subanime or anime) only akin to vexing and vicious mosquitos at the scope and scale of the process...... .

I'll pray about it.


6/7/17 01:20 pm - Event Trigger Analysis.... / Analyzing The Deep Past

So, the Infiniversal Routing Gem which I theorized about in the past (2006/2007).......was sensed, seen (in a rudimentary fashion), and perceived before I even knew how to verbalize about it? (*Recalls at 1990/1991*). 2nd grade........ . (*Recalls at Be*lamy Elementary School*)... . But what triggered the event? (*Recalls at Hallsboro, and the AMEZ 'church' spam*)... .

There was no witnessing anime back then for me...., not on channel U26...... . Me? I would draw starships, and futuristic worlds all day and every day as I withstood at the grueling gauntlet of fake school classes...... . (Realizes that since I have witnessed the 80's......likely way more than III decades have taken place..... . The calendars say III decades, but after so many reset events...., only the beings in the hyperdimensional overworld would know how much time has truly passed).

I think loneliness and despair....triggered it, that, and a immunological response at the sadistic bullying via mankind's old main religion. Yea. Loneliness and despair much like that I feel now....... . It was just like now.......... . Me? Not only did I know how to read, and write all along....., I also had ideas, dreams, goals, wishes about starships, advanced worlds, adventures, friendship, and technology...... . Yea, that, whilst I noted 'kids' that did not......look, feel, or seem.....(*shakes my head*)...(what's the word) alive, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or mentally.....alive...and "there"..... . Yea. Fake 'kids' that only tattled, made a lotta 'noise', and gave adults false validation for 'adult' 'supervision' by acting like complete morons. (*Nods*). Fake 'kids' with no dreams, no hopes, no goals, no prayers, no drive, no sense of responsibility, no sense of accountability, no love........ . Yea. I had no connection whatsoever back then with even one......'kid'. I didn't sense any potential from 'em'.... . Hmmmmmmm. Via empathy and telepathy, however rudimentary during the time, I could already tell 'adults' 'were' 'dangerous', I just didn't know adults were '*THAT*' dangerous, depraved, and wicked.... . My initial redpill event took place......back then (*reels as recalls at 1990 / 1991*), but I (figuratively) threw the redpill back up...... . And in the process, I sealed or had....sealed (due to shock).....vast vast vast quantities of my energy sensing / telepathic abilities.

That, and buried my head in as much Nintendo media and music as I could........(*cringes in shame*).... .

Mankind never eased my loneliness. My loneliness was actually a response at mankind.... . Even so, such is / was my pacifist nature...., I did not want to destroy mankind.....during that Infiniversal Routing Gem ejection process which was underway. I've only suffered since that decision, suffered in abject agony and misery. I now discern the enemy 'knew' at what happened, marked a 'total' 'idiot' at me....... .

(*Recalls at how the Christian minister freaked out as I cried about "throwing up" "Pluto", The Infiniversal Routing Gem. I witnessed him demanding me to 'hush' 'up'...as the entire realm went fluid, and reality quakes took place*).

All I have done is found the "why" and the "how".....in regard to what happened back then. That, and found that mankind is already destroyed, destroyed by mankind / 'from' 'within'..... . No true and living....lifeforms were within the void anyway, so by deactivating the Infiniversal Routing Gem........ I am not destroying anybody.... .

(*Thinks for a while*)..... . (*Listens to the winds......pulsing the mountainside, winds that speak of sadness*).

I need to resume that prior Infiniversal Routing Gem ejection process..... . Yea. The process which I only learned about through the latest dimension diving / fluid world events. Yea. Anime isn't salvation....., I don't even need to put my mind on that nonsense.... . I'd just witness the same old sadistic and suicidal bullies / demons / enemies with......'far' 'far' 'far' 'better' 'weapons' (ie 'hotter' 'chicks').

Hmmm. A moon or planet sized object (!!!!) O_O. Makes sense, since the time and space of every universe in existence is "routed" by it. Infinite scale energy generation (*nods*). Yea, I saw it in the past......., saw it decades ago....during that halted ejection process........... .

Hmmmmm. I need to think for a while.

6/6/17 10:12 pm - What's With The Tornadoes??? / Eerie Event..... / Closure?

After writing the last post, I decided to catch up on my sleep.

Well, I guess I awoke to a (???) possible dimension diving experience...and a lovely mountain villa style location. Indeed, a villa that seemed to have a pool, and lush vegetation about it's grounds. In said location, I largely chilled in bed? Chilled until I noticed a tornado, storm conditions, and a (???) funnel cloud aimed at the skylight in my room???

The skylight was not breached though, and it was as if the house was shielded by my aura???

It was daylight...when the above happened.

But some point......I found myself gazing up to a skylight....which featured a heavenly celestial view of deep space and stars, and I exhaled in tearful agony and pain.....as I witnessed a visage of the anime subanime hybrid red-haired....dragonoid / Finkles..... . I sensed love, celestial and true love, care, and tender feelings...directed toward me, the type no mortal of atoms could ever have, comprehend, or even want. I clutched my head....., groaned in emotional pain, reeled, and felt my mind strain...... .

When I next woke..., I was in a very very large auditorium.... . Red curtains and all that jazz. Some media and / or presentation was about to be shown. I drifted into a semi-snoozing state in my seat, that until a mystery figure (??) sat next to me. As I drifted back into a semi-slumber, I felt (!?!) the hands of a feminine being take my head into their arms (*blush*), and hold and cuddle me (*blushingly gulps*). I was calmed, and even nourished by the care, warmth, and trust..of the figure. I cozily nestled to the figure, and from there.....somehow drifted....and witnessed odd, strange, and icky stuff related to the Bionic Six realm and Dr. Scarab's monstrous and hoverchair bound....'brain' 'vampire' '/' 'thief' (!?!??!?!!) spouse (!!!?!!).

When I woke here, I felt closure about last year. I concluded that I just witnessed a 'nightmare' 'graft' '/' 'assassin'....'setup' from h3ll......., and just witnessed the 'raw' 'evil' subanime component that constitutes the fake anime Dawn from Pokemon..... . The clincher is / was noting the blatantly obvious Tennessee drama setup factor...., as well as all the other red flag notations. As it stands now, I stand validated in utterly refusing at the assassin...., because look how I am living.... .





Yea. No drama. No problems. No bum impregnated chick(s). No nagging and complaining. All the gems I need, and an atmosphere of hope, peace, tranquility and prayer.

Yea. I think Dawn, my Dawn / the real Dawn, really did try to contact me both last year...and today......hence these feelings of heartache and love which I still feel....... . Yea. But I'll just have to keep moving forward. Because every time as I witness a subanime XX chromosome type (and the horrible stats that come with subanime) or even anime XX chromosome type grafted at her, I'll spectate a 'character' 'assassination' 'blitzing' 'assassin'.......destroying at our relationship, faith, trust, love, fun, friendship, happiness, dreams, hopes, prayers, goals, health, history, present, and future.

Yea. Whether here, or if I check at an anime world in the future, if I do not see an impressive thigh gap, a round bottom, and hips.....with a shape akin to a bell......

no title

.....I'mma walk each and every time. My traumatized heart / feelings right now.....attest why.... . Yea. Physiognomy is real. Physiognomy works. I've never even seen a 'demon' able to take a truly feminine shape. Physiognomy is gospel, and the highest truth.
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