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I Slipped Up Again ~~~.....

Oooooooo~~~....... .

*Cries*.... .

I slipped up again, and hard too~~~...... .

What happened Jaggie ~~ .....you ask?

"Inhales and sighs*. You might laugh about this, but.....I was handling some (6 of like 24+) of my XX year old Playstation discs.... . I used to never touch the inside of the discs.....or wipe them down...., for I did not want to scratch them.... . But some had mysterious finger smudges.... . So, not even thinking to get lens paper for the store or a specialist cleaning cloth, I tried to buff them with washed fingers.... . But since I have been mining all summer, I noted J-dawg's old gator skin and calloused fingers left faint scuffing at my discs (*facepalms*)..... . I'm so embarrassed...... . But I am glad I can not blame anybody. This slip up rests on my shoulders. I did not have the available data processing on hand to wait, and goto the store for lens paper. Thankfully I did not touch most of my original release FFVII discs.

This might seem silly to you, but this explains why I am catatonic and comatose in the real world right now..... . I do not know if it is because the hyperdimensional plane is perfect or what, but I get overwhelmed at ***any*** damage, deterioration, and disorganization......at my beloved legacy items. And that is just with things. A similar effect that is limitlessly magnified in scale....takes place when it comes to the people I love and care about..... .

If I get this upset about cosmetic issues that do not even really effect the function of my Playstation discs, imagine how I must get when I use The Infiniversal Routing Gem.........and witness warped clones imposed at my perception of beloved hyperdimensional beings.......... .

I find solace somewhat in knowing that all these mindscape items will be disassembled, along with this planet, in time.... . Yea though, I need more data processing capacities to come online. My data processing abilities and performance stats are still so anemic..... . I need more data processing abilities so I effectively find more knowledge, and thus apply said knowledge. Yea, I need wisdom, the capacity to effectively apply what knowledge you do have. I have a long way to go. My awakening is still in it's infancy....... .

Yea, I slipped up today, but I am going to try to build from it.

Oh, the items that had corrosion issues are fully back online after I scrubbed the terminals with vinegar...... .
Tags: data processing, self assessment, self evaluation
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