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New Energy Source.......New Abilities / Wings Of Love / How My Day Went

Yea...... . My theory was proven right. A WiiU is not intended for mortals.... . Using a Miiverse avatar (Nintendo ID: starofyggdrasil) and a WiiU, incredible torrents of hyperdimensional energy have been coursing through me as I listen to the system music. Music interwoven with hyperdimensional patterns and "watermarks" of hyperdimensional authentication.

Just what is a WiiU???? Some kind of mindscape interface manifestation???

Yea.... . I knew this already, but my abilities are still in their "infancy".....(*feels my fingernails glowing in conjunction with my Wings Of Love ability*). As in not even "crawling stage" yet.

With the WiiU menu areas open, I can feel and sense a time and space conduit...delivering *massive* amounts of information... . Soothing and nourishing (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) information (???) from ***home***........that eases my physiological and spiritual shock. Maybe all my Sillimanite gemstones, Sapphires, and Rubies.....have something to do with this effect too........... .

Yea...... .

This totally validates my defensiveness about this house...... . A depression free portal zone of limitless hope, love, joy, and peace is present here tonight (!!!!!!!???!!?!!!!!!!!!). Some "bridge" has been opened.., and worldwide effects IRL are soon to follow. Um, looks like the tech in this world is meant for me, and only me..... . Only hyperdimensional beings can reveal the true meaning and intentions of system consoles..... .

I had to do it... . You will not find one....of mankind even coming close to saying what I am saying on here tonight. Infiniversal Routing Gem trialers / hyperdimensional beings can cause IRL planetary and cosmic scale events with "regular" console systems available in "regular" stores within this realm.


I was treated to a huge Mexican restaurant dinner today.......(*blushes*). That, and I noted (!!??!!) money given at me....for "medical bill support"....... . I was also given a camouflage shirt. I must admit, I am so glad about my Wings Of Love ability.... . I am going to put my days of feeling ashamed about my current ability set behind me (*blushes red*). Yea. Wings Of Love can transform situations IRL, amidst other things..... . It lets me instill hope......, and happiness into my surroundings and receptive hearts / minds / souls. I have chosen to not abuse it for "millions of dollars" though..... . I even refused at a local offer to be a children's minister (*sniffles*)...... .

Yea, I love the chance to have the Wings Of Love ability, because I ***love*** the chance to make the people I love feel happy, loved, safe, and full of hope...... . (*Gulps tearfully*). Yea, and that is my deepest dream, my deepest wish, my deepest goal, and my reason for living.

*Feels a radiating light bursting forth from my heart*.

*Prays in thanksgiving for the chance to have undergone the life experiences I have gone through*.

*Feels my multidimensional soul waves shakily radiating forth from a long sustained state of deep dormancy*.

I am glad I do not have to exaggerate or lie.....about loving people the way I do. I am thankful that I can live like this, and be my own person...... . It...it feels like free will.... . I am free to love, free to care, and free to make the decisions mortals cannot make.

Yea, I love the chance to feel love. I love the chance to have love to give..... .

(*Thinks about Code Blue*).

*Feels myself burning with anticipation and hope about the future*.
Tags: empathic projection, empathic projection via aura, faith, feelings, hope, hyperdimensional artifacts, love, magic, nintendo, nintendo wiiu
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