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Celebration Time *^_^*!!!!

Yeeeess :D!!!!!!!! I love life *^_^*!!!!!!!! I love it~~!!!!!

Yea, I was not going to let 'them' "play" me today.

I was not going to have reality changed by a certain force ^_~.

This heart *really* *is* in a grave state.

Sitting down to table, I noted EKG tech dude all like "I can see you work out". And then I noted nurse all like " those are well defined pectorals, are you a linebacker for the NFL?". Yea. I noted dudes all like "you look like a Clydesdale, looks like you could be hooked up to a Budweiser cart and pull it just fine". (*Goes blue with shyness at "horse" comment considering my state of dress*).

So the test, scheduled for 12 minutes, was underway..... . My chest felt tight, and I ***knew*** something was going to happen.... . I checked at the 220/100 BP, and smiled....... . Dudes kept on trying stroke an ego that was not there for me, and the treadmill sped up. 6 minutes in, and my heart was like BOOM (!!!), ...beep beep BOOM....BOOM (!!!!!!)...., and the machines were flashing red, buzzers were sounding, I was reeling dizzily, and my hand clutched my chest as ***intense*** (!!!!!!!!!!!) pain shot from my heart.... . I caught my heart rate in red to the 200 bpm range as I woozily careened from the treadmill. The test was stopped cold, and I had to be **caught** and escorted to the medical table. I fainted for a couple moments, and the world seemed fluid. Teh pain accompanied arrhythmias and palpitations were caught by the scanners and recording machines, and I preened...that reality could be so ***good*** to me :D. I grinned from ear to ear (*cackles*).

I overheard at dude talking with the cardiologist, and I heard at the words "abnormal CP"!!!! An abnormal EKG, for the third time!!!!! Wahahahaha!!! *^_^*!!! (*Sees a floating pair of rainbow colored eyes in my field of vision*). (*Cringes and groans as feels a sudden pain wave in my chest*)..... .

After pushing for the release (so as to not be stuck in the hospital today), I made myself a ***huge*** free breakfast to the cafeteria.... . I tried to hide my ear to ear grin, so as to not be given a " psych evaluation" lol (*cackles*) :D!!!!

Oh gosh I am happy!!!!!! Happy (*gulps*) I have the chance to check the _________ on from this joint :D!!!! Aaaahahahahahaha!!!! *Kicks my feet in the bed*..... . Ooooh~~~~...... . I get to have a girlfriend (*blushes happily*), beautiful, sweet, gentle, and loving ~~~~ (*swoons*). My suffering and loneliness here will come to a close, no tricks, no gimmicks, no unfair stipulations.

I am so happy.... . (*Exhales in relief*). If I note an SSI cut, all I have to do is just jog (*cackles*) in the wilderness and it is done. Oh, I love it!!! Thank you!!!! (*Feels a loving caress to my scalp*). I thank the wonderful hyperdimensional beings who make my lifestyle possible (*senses "the other side" for a moment (*gasps in a surprised state as feels a ***delicious*** empathic kiss of saintly love, innocence, and purity*)*).

Yea, I do not plan to stick around for the reasonless abuse, the bullying, and the ignoring at me.... . I'm done, and ready for the next Code Blue.


Tags: cardiology, celebration, heart issues, thanksgiving
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