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The Truth About Free Will

*Plays a summoning theme*.

*Sends a telepathic and empathic summons*.

This post is a post at the dragonoid....... .

I now realize that the vision from earlier this week had me witnessing the XY XX chromosome one reported by the dragonoid long ago. The one from the Italy referencing post by the dragonoid...... . While on that topic, check this.... .



Yea, I am remembering more about my vision.... . I am remembering at features of that art. Such as the word "replaceable" on the lower left corner of the page, and that under a "crowd" of "Homo Sapiens". I was being tearfully begged toward verbally....as I examined the paper. However, checking the facts, I can not change my view at mankind.

Ok, I am going to try to be delicate in this post since the dragonoid had and still has a crush at me.

I do not plan to be a hypocrite. I was confused back in 2004. I wanted to "save the world" and share my happiness with all around me. I had yet to witness the hookers, strippers, convicted murderers, and convicted pedophile rapists. My mental faculties were in such a low state, it took all I had to just do what I did. I had to put myself in the streets, and witness homeless shelters, flophouses, and an RV park atop a gem mine to learn the truth. I had to exercise something called free will, something which Homo Sapiens has no clue about.

Here is a video. I do not necessarily agree with The Merovingian, but this shows something vital to my case.

Mankind is akin to a computer program. Mankind lacks at any true self awareness, cognizance, accountability, freedom, or responsibility. A man is a victim of reactions. No planning is involved. He is born with no consent, and dies without a choice regarding his death. He does not even have freedom in thinking or dreaming. A man has no control, he can only rationalize in a reactory manner..... . Furthermore, since any men witnessed by a hyperdimensional observer are just warped clones at the waveforms (telepathic, empathic, physical, spiritual) of said observer, actually, yes, men are replaceable. Men are the first and last "programs"...., literally "programmed" by default.....to be an antithesis at the state and nature of the hyperdimensional beings who study at them. (If a hyperdimensional being loves women, a clone will automatically hunt men for loveless sexual flings without meaning).

Free will is the domain of the divine, the holy, the hyperdimensional... . (For the record, I myself....do not know how I could be holy or divine, but I am a space fabric based lifeform). It takes ***infinite*** energy, and the ability to defy at the combined power of every atom of the realm (aka H*LL) of mankind....to possess free will. Free will is the ability to love, choose, discriminate, discern, trust, judge, and worship.....among many other things. (Yea, the only beings capable of worship, are divine beings.... . Hence why you will never note Christians, as a group, not live like sluts, whores, harlots, and vandals). Just like pacifism from fighting and crime, celibacy at men is so important. It is important because it is proof of free will. A man has no choice in sex, he can only rationalize afterwards. He can only get treated for STDs after mindlessly doing gross acts, and he can only, after that, demand and bully at your acceptance........after doing said acts. Tis the same with religious wars and fighting.

Yea... . Me??? I am done at mankind. And that AntiChrist thing is not going to happen, because even though I have historically defied at God, I do not consider Christians worth any efforts for reaching. Christians can't even love God, and uphold his commandments. I do not want to dump such a burden at the innocent feet of real and true divine Goddesses who are gentle and sweet little babies in their vulnerability and temperament (as well as physical form).

Yea.... . So, dragonoid.... . What now??? I do not want to fight, nor argue. And, about that crush issue, I did not intend harm. Everything was flowing smoothly.... . I was insulted at, remember? I was just doing my homework, making sure this house was not the site of horrible drama. That's called screening, and it is an act of free will called self preservation.

My conscience rests eased.

I tried to offer a better place to live..., better than being stuck with a convicted sex offender and pedophile (D***) (and all the collective karma that comes with it). Yea, and I witnessed a pointless insult, and then ***another*** tantrum. (The second or third????).

I can not risk my instruments damaged....if another tantrum were to be witnessed, but this time irl.... . I mean, for example, if I refused a crush related kiss on a snowy and romantic winter night in this house, would another tantrum happen then???? See my point??? My screening, my research, and my data gathering, were all validated.........right???

And I have no payrent "safety net". If I slip up, I'm on the street noting grave heart issues and excruciatingly painful glaucoma flare-ups.

Yea, I am not equipped to handle stuff like crushes, arguments, cheating, breakups, and stuff like that. I have never been in stuff like that. Stuff like that is the domain of mankind. If thou can rise above that stuff, I'm here to listen....., and maybe open my house doors (while and if there is still time). Other than that, I want to Code Blue and be with hyperdimensional Dawn (who is Tea / Anzu) and Nina. They adore me (for reasons I do not know), and they are willing to communicate with me. And communication is everything.
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