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Tremendous Awakening / My Abilities Are Back Online *^_^*!!!!! / Magic Music Indeed O_O!!!!

Yeeeeeeeehah~~~~!!!!! *^_^*!!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!! Not even a full day after posting and listening to the above, and *IT* happened!!!! Oh wow, okay, here is the rundown / sequence of events.

I spent the night somewhere else again. Whenever I am about to have visions, or have wild energy surge events, I note the knocks at my door...... . So..., after a night of pizza, and cooking dinner amidst witnessing malnourished juveniles (fried tenders and fries), I flopped on J and Heather's couch.

I suddenly found myself *jumping* *up* (!!!!!!)... . I felt water or such splash across me, so I reflexively stood up, only to find myself unclothed.....(*blushingly chin dips*). Naked (*blushingly chin dips amidst a puppycat akin sounding whine*)...with only a white towel held in my hands, and that within a *TOTALLY* different location!!!!!! I was scared~~, and I feared for my existence......., I feared for my very life...... . Looking around, I saw what I was within a bathing room O_O.... . Um, and I..um (*gulps*) did not note a Negro male O_O......as I gazed upon myself.

I popped forth in my star-like form, and then was able to see my face and body (*blush*). I had somewhat tanned...pink skin, blue eyes, curved eyebrows (!!!!), and strawberry blonde to pinkish blonde colored hair that had been put ***up***. (*A tummy flutter is felt, felt amidst taking in fact that Nina or Dawn...may have put up..my hair in the "up" style*). I noted my color was back in ways not yet seen in visions through this entire trial. It was then (!!!) that I saw, and heard, that me ***SING***!!!! Sing in some kind of way that had eerie effects on the surroundings....... . Sing..in a way directly related to emitting hyperdimensional cosmic energy..... . The emitted energy....made me go a bit woozy, *but*, there ***seems*** to be a chance that I heard my song from the video above......***SUNG***!!!!!!

As I heard my actual voice O_O, of my actual body, images, memories, and thoughts.....raced through my mind. The words "Terra" or "terran" flashed through my mind, and also...the word "princess".

I soon was ***gasping***, and back over here......on the couch. Within moments, I noted J...standing silently at the area behind the couch O_O........... . I got back home this morning, and decided, rather then report the event on the journal, to DO IT AGAIN :D!!!!!

I rested in my bedroom, doing that after writing down the event details from earlier on paper.

Amidst sleep, I (!!!) felt a feeling like that...felt in 2003 on October 31st!!!!!! I woke to a room that had a flickering, buzzing, and crackling light fixture overhead. The air felt charged, and I braced myself. Then, BOOM!!!!! Yes, a ***TREMENDOUS*** energy surge was underway!!!!! Yea, but ***so*** vastly transformed from the past, for I had ***CONTROL*** to some extent!!!!!

The ceiling, the roof, flickered and pulsed with ***black*** ***waves*** of a black energy (!!!!). Everything in this realm was being disassembled, reassembled, disassembled, reassembled, until there was ***DARKNESS***!!!!!! Yea, and then, it happened ***all*** ***over*** again as my energy levels *SKYROCKETED*!!!! With each "wave cluster" event, I extended my fist into the air, and cried forth...with everything I had, "I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND~~~~!!!" ~~~ (*blush nails glow felt*) ~~ with love and (*gasps as a caress is felt to my hip *O_O* *) and conviction ~~ in my heart. The effect kept happening over and over again, when I noticed my breathing had halted. I willed myself to stay alive, and stay breathing, and kept pulling this place to tiny bits again, and again, and again, .......*still* crying forth "I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND~!!!!" (*blushes and giggles *) with each megawave pulse. 'Twas like a time and space tsunami ripple event O_O ^_^.

When I got back to here, I felt ***CHARGED***. The event was ***MUCH*** varied from the Tokyo event of 2010. After the event..I detected the dragonoid....at the atmosphere above the world.......squiggling (no offense) like a stream fish caught in a ***massive*** river current.

Yea, my abilities from the past are coming back online, and then some O_O.

Yea, I wanna be a girl ~~~ *^_^*. I love this stuff (*gasps as I feel a glowing sensation, a celestial glow, within my..uh O_O, um, (*gulps shyly*), bottom.... . Oh....O_O ~~~~~, so that system is online now O_O......*). (Wow, that was an *intense* glow sensation).

K. Looks like I may be directing cosmic energy soon....IRL..(*blinks*).

Yea, I wanna be a girl :D. I really do ~~~ (*blush*). I hope I have been a girl~~~all along.

I thank the beings who have supported me in my journey~~~~..... .

(*Whines like a puppycat again, and feels a glowing sensation in my tummy ~~~ as I yearn to wear cool looking magitech / manatech dresses and such*).

I really~~ wanna be a girl~~~~.........(*exhales, feeling eerie sensations and windedness in my chest*).
Tags: cosmic energy, gender, magic music, reality manipulation, space fabric manipulation, space fabric ripples, spellsong effects, the yggdrasil effect, time manipulation
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