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A Terrible And Monstrous Fight

On account of everything going on today, and the joyous occasion of a very intense "aura awakening headache", I am going to try to keep this brief.

Stuff is glitchy over here today......, glitchy after I witnessed a *HORRIBLE* battle...... .

Me??? I'm rolling with an awakened aura pressure IRL today, and getting ready to get back into the thick of it.

So...., today, I was dimension diving and releasing torrents of energy. Some point, I witnessed a strange place.... . I witnessed a strange 'McDonalds' location, and I may have noted the dragonoid...(???) (!!?!?!?!!) trying to feed me (???)...., that....and acting like a "concerned" and "somewhat annoyed / bothered" chick dealing with a stubborn and headstrong boyfiend.....(*cackles*).

I was trying to just bounce, noting glitches about the location (downed computers) (*cackles, remembering the event*). Some point as I walked to examine at a SUV interior in the parking lot in back, I saw at bunches of strange screens..... . Suddenly, an incredibly dense pressure was upon the area..... .

When visual reception came back to me again, I was hovering...and darting about in my starlike form..... . A ruined expanse, a ruined cityscape, sprawled at every direction. Ulgh... . I witnessed a monstrous, diseased, and armless / legless / serpentine....god class exodimensional abomination....looming at the distance in front of me. With a boom, a blast suddenly shot forth from behind me. The exodimensional and sickly greenish entity was gored by the blast, it's chest and body spewing (*cringes*) vile blood and ichor...... . Strange black tentacles exploded from the horrible entity, as it seemingly regrew another body from the ruined mess that remained after the blast. The vile beast shot a blast of it's own within moments....... . The target, a dragon, was struck by a sickly cord of antiplasma......, the blast moving from it's chest to it's left jaw (knocking green liquid from it's mouth).

The dragon was the one I have witnessed grafted at me before.....during events whereby I witness Jehovah...... .

The exodimensional god entity guffawed cruelly, and then increased it's power output in a sickening flash of evil light.... . The entity quadrupled in it's size. I then, nervous, boosted my aura pressure levels. I then..noted the dragon....also quadruple in size.

........ .

Lol. Me? I am just kinda...laughing :P. Laughing bout the McDonalds thing (*cackles*).

Hmmm. Still though.. . I wonder at that opponent, that mutant...I witnessed today. Twas evil, malevolent, diseased, cancerous, hateful. Will I note it go after the red dragonoid? Or was it...somehow related to the red dragonoid?
Tags: battle, exodimensional warfare, fighting
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