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Sparkle Soul / Treated To Dinner / Another Surge Event

On Thursday ~~~ I received a sudden call inviting me to dinner :P. I was being treated to dinner again by H.

This is what I got :D!!!

I had a good time ~~ chilling, eating, laughing, and talking *^_^*. I love being in public just as much as I love being to me mountain house solitude. I can take on just about any social situation IRL with my Wings Of Love ability. I thrive in social situations.

The video in my last post features what "Wings Of Love" sounds like.... . That sparkling and whirring sound which was caught by my tube amplification equipment.

I found that...during the snow event a couple weeks...ago, I unexpectedly caught footage (!!!!!!!) of me generating / making that sound live on camera, but only as I extended my hand / palm.....and talked about feeling my fingernails glowing..... .

I'll post the video soon.

Me though? I am seeing why I emphasize virginity and spiritual health so much (*blush*) (*feels a caress to my head*). I make sparkle sounds *O_O*........which can be caught in recordings now...... . Love and hope.....oriented sparkle sounds. I wonder what kind of light I make though??? Me? I aspire, hope, and even pray ~~~ I may somehow make sparkle stars rainbow light....that soothes those around me (*wipes a tear from the bridge of my nose*). Indeed, heavenly and celestial light saturated with hope, love, cheer, and care ~~~.

Yea. I wanna glow. Glitter. Sparkle. Radiate a light that soothes the despair that resides within the hearts of those in need ~~~. I wanna glow, but glow for the right reasons. I want to glow for others in the kind of way that I need somebody to inspirationally glow for me ~~~~~. I'm going to pray about it. That, and keep training my soul with music......., and keep doing my utmost to live a spiritually clean lifestyle.

Oh, before I go, I had a surge event yesterday morning.....as H looked on at me..... . I reset the world...with the event, and noted, for a couple brief moments, " 'a silver haired king dude' " (not my style) grafted at me as I hummed / chanted some kind of song. What felt like an impenetrable mass of holy energy was gathered around me....... .

I give thanks to the beings who supported me on my quest. As long as I have this house (*gulps*), I'll try to use it for the right reasons (*thinks of the hyperdimensional children I have sworn myself to protect and nurture*).
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