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Did I Just See And Partially Deactivate....The Omniversal Routing Gem??????

(*Notices the date O_O......., the date which aligns with the perfect and ultimately beautiful hyperdimensional expanse event that took place 1/22/06........*).

Yesterday...I tried to take emergency action, wondering if I was anemic or something.... . Lately ~~ I have been having bouts of wooziness and sudden drowsiness.... . Headaches often accompany said events (like the headache which I feel right now as I type).

I (*gulps back some nausea felt right now*) used the wok Heather got me.........to try to make myself a nutrient loaded dinner. Yea, since I consider culinary expression another form of art, and another means to make art, I did me thing on the stove ^_~........ .

I ate lots *^_^*..., and made it to bed just in time for another big bout of wooziness and drowsiness... . Yea, my head was throbbing with pain.......(and it still is......).

So, soon...I found myself waking up to another location.......... . An ornate cathdral and or shrine....location with an altar..was perceived.... . My guard went up.., as I suddenly noted a voice referring at all the combined powers of Christianity (!!!???!!!?!!!?!). Voice was talking about Michael, Jesus, etc...... . Me? I was sitting to a bench in the middle of the place.., and I quickly tried to assess the place....so I could form an escape plan... . That was when (!!!) a big boom (!!!), in regard to air currents and emitted energy, took place in front of me O_O.....and toward the main altar of the building......... .

Hovering there ~~~, in the air, was a Ruby red.......colored ***sphere*** (!!!!!!!!). I ***groaned*** as the energy, the wind, the pressure......emitted and streaming from that thing......washed over the entire area and me...along with it. Everything from that moment on, happened on instinct. I had to will myself to move, will myself to raise my arm..... . I do not ever remember noting a greater sensation of ***GRAVITY*** in all my life..... . Using everything I had, everything I could muster, I cast / blasted / projected...the Star Of Yggdrasil, the symbol and core of my very will and energy, onto the red colored aperture / gateway. Thankfully, the shape and glowing gylph-like lines of The Star Of Yggdrasil took shape, and the (*gulps*) red colored object...seemed to be shrinking (??????), condensing (????).......... . I gave everything I had, putting my very life on the line......... . Just hearing at that Christian stuff beforehand......, I gave everything I had to try to defend reality, existence, the hyperdimensional plane, the omniverse (*feels my left thumbnail glowing*), my precious and caring friends ~~~ (*tearfully gulps*).

I must've fainted, because when I next woke (!!!), I saw Rei (*blush*)...., hyperdimensional Rei, looking all cute (*feels flutters in my stomach*) and adorable....... . She was clearly Dawn (*blushes*), and clearly Eve Neuschwanstein too. I was woozy though, and reeled.... . My soul hovered around my body perhaps that moment, because I *saw* me (*goes red*) sitting....with a dazed look on my face. Me with blonde hair (*inhales and sighs, having made peace with this stuff which I was not meant to escape*) (*feels a glowing sensation (???) around navel level*)...., blue eyes, and hairtails (*blinks*)...... . I (??) (*gasps as I feel a caress as I type*) herd Rei say words like "she is exhausted ~~~....!!! ~~" in a very urgent and concerned manner. I really was...so very tired (*gulps*) (*blushes red*). Looking to the other side of my field of vision, I saw a familiar visage, the person Dawny Rei spoke to, but I collapsed and fainted immediately.......(*blinks*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with shame*).

Only after waking up here, and struggling to go back to sleep (amidst head pain and heart strain) did I realize that I had likely seen the "vessel" by which this trial was experienced *O_O*. Seems certain actually. The energy scale of that object was ***OMNIVERSAL***, the largest I can ever remember. (*Gulps*). Did I set a deactivation wave into motion??? (*Feels my fingernails glowing with shock*). Do deactivated portions turn into that pinkish-purple looking Rose Quartz or Sapphire akin stuff.....seen in the past??? (*Ponders*). The date is significant too O_O!!!!!!!!!!!! Not coincidence.......... .

Well, this is not a stupid gimmick for me. I do not want anime. I do not want gimmicks. I just want to be a person who can bring hope, inspiration, safety, joy, and peace unto the world.. . Whether I am called Serena, or Oscar (lol)....., my goal is a multiverse with no casualties, no victims, no predators, no prey (*feels a caress as I type*). A place where everybody works together to support and lift up each other, rather than contaminate and leech.... . So I am going to pray now.. . Pray for either that gateway / object to be undergoing a deactivation wave, and / or pray for ***ANOTHER*** ***SHOT*** if that is what needs to be done (*feels flutters in me tummy*).

This was unexpected, today's event, but I am already ready to get this thing concluded and done. I give thanks that I could survive to see this day. I give my deepest thanks to the merciful beings who supported my every step.
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