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Time Spent With A Gorgeous Starry Maiden ~~~ / Massive Awakening Based Strain

After straining so much through....this week, straining through an unexpected awakening (accompanied by everything from fevers, to seizures, to hypothermia, to breathing struggles, to headaches)......, I woke (*blushes red*) (!!!!) with my head resting.....(*feels my cheeks burning*) on the chest (!!!!) of a mysterious woman in a white top / blouse ~~~~....... . I was sitting upright in a recliner or couch akin chair, and she had *O_O* apparently placed my head where it was...... . As soon as I reflexively, in shyness and caution...., prepared to move my head and run (tis a habit after noting so many paranoid and vengeful XX chromosome types and "setups" in my days over here)......, my eyes rolled to the top of my head (*coughs*)...and I sighed.....as I was just *overwhelmed* by *sheer* ***comfort***......... . I sensed of the mysterious being, whom my peripheral vision perceived to be blonde (with inverty and pronged hair)......., a ***warm*** and ***loving*** ***heart***, so I was able to just relax.....and enjoy (*blushes*) how soft, warm, safe ~~~~, loving ~~~ she felt...... . (*Gasps as a kiss is felt as I type*).

That was when I did it.....*O_O*. Speaking suddenly, and nakedly ~~ from my heart, I was like "Ooo~~ I love you~~~..... . Thank you so much~~~".

I gulped then, worriedly realizing that I indeed spoke the words that I did.

Too my surprise though....I heard a mysterious and feminine......voice reply with words of welcome, thanks, and love *O_O*. Words like "You are so~~~ welcome. I love you, and I thank you~~~~".

I nestled to her heart and slept (*blushes totally*).

Waking up over here......after a while, I saw images (!!!!!!!!) of (*blinks*) a beyond anime female with blonde hair..... . A female who was sitting. A female with a white top, and (???) like a multi-layered green skirt or skirts.... . A gorgeous and luminous female who looked like Kotori Mizuki, Nina Wyndia, and Rosalina.....(*gulps*).

(*Gawks and goes red as remembers*).... .


Me?? I have been backlogged with events that need to be written and documented. I am overhwlmed really (*blinks*). I might have to get some kind of voice to text software soon, or some other method by which to write down detailed reports events..... .

So much has been happening.

Here is a clip of me learning a starlight song to play for Rosalina Nina next time *^_^*.

I give thanks that I can live like this, and experience such incredible adventures.
Tags: communion, goddess level being, hyperdimensional being, love, love is salvation
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