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When A Sentient Universe Roars.... / Charging A Hyperdimensional Artifact

Lol. I noted J rush when it came to the drive home last night.

What happened??? Burns appeared at me left hand IRL. Blisters. This Negro I witness grafted at (but not on...nor to) me.....'couldn't' handle my platinum / silver / golden aura emissions. I also noted the internet going down locally, and I noted Heather woozy (*cackles*)....... . For some reason I kept noting beasts huddling at me, such as Zinkerdoogie and Zonkerdog (chihuahuas).....and subanime pseudofelines *O_O*.... .

So now, before I continue yesterday's post, I have another prediction and warning to myself. Next I will note a "sitter" targetted at my house. H kept dropping suggestions of living in my house....:/. I need to be wary....... . Only Goddesses are welcome in my crib *^_^*!!!!! Virgin Goddesses (*purrs*). Yea, who make me feel safe and loved! No strange welcome up in here yall ~~~ *^_^*!!! No freaky stuff! No freaks! No freaking!!! (*Recalls at the 'nurse' noted last week amidst the multi-night hospital study*).

Okay.... . Let's get this post going.



(*Groans as hears at a car honk*).

(*Noted a "Baptist church" invite from a "neighbor"*).

(Time to witness another church with fried electronics hunh? Lol. Really?????).

Omg..... . What is up with this????? (*Surmises I note all the frenzied distractions because I did not accept 'Finkelris' n 'Sis' last year*). Can I please type muh post??? Lol.

Okay, so there I was yesterday witnessing those 'Naruto' dudes.... . I was ***NOT*** impressed with em. (*Gulps*). Kakashi was talking about chakra gates, a false system that does not apply to my gender / physiology specs. Me?? I removed a wrapping formed of bandages from my right arm, and rubbed my forearm......, noticing (!?!) anime style skin O_O.......grafted at me all the while.
I listened carefully at Might Guy...'who' suddenly chimed in about Rock Lee....doing (???) some harsh training regimen earlier that morning, one possibly involving gates...... .
Lol. That was when it happened.... . Kisame, that weird dude, dropped in at the scene..... . I grinned, having a hunch at where the situation was going.

Bingo. My hunch was confirmed.

Kisame prepared a condensed hydro grenade bomb shot.........with his icky and false pseudomana....... . I did not want to eat it. It was gross (*shivers*). Not like holy energy consummate water mana whatsoever. Hmmmmmm.... . Pain suddenly dropped in to amplify Kisame's attack...... . Me? I smiled... . I had been waiting to test my new abilities (*grins*). I did not try to make sense of 'the' 'anime' 'dudes' and 'their' 'actions', I only acted.

The hydro grenade was blitzed at me by Kisame and Pain. I roared in excitement, anticipation...., and thrust my arm forward..... . A white claw of cosmic lightning materialized from my stretched arm....., a ***huge*** claw. I caught at the blast, and ***squeezed***!!! I noted the blast disintegrated, but I was not done..... . I ***kept*** squeezing......, and then I heard it *O_O*. Me....emitting some kind of eerie, and startling......creature-like roar / groan / scream...that seemed to emanate from the very fabric of space..... . A nova event and / or white hole event... was generated on the point where I squeezed space and time. ***Everything*** went white.

Boom.... .

I think I witnessed 'an' 'entire' 'universe' disintegrated *O_O*.

I kept roaring in ecstasy (*blushes*)...as I felt awash in my signature energy.

Yea, and I directed the *BULK* of that energy into ***THIS*** artifact....to be stored for later use!!!

Tags: cosmic energy, defense protocols, fights, hyperdimensional artifacts, jewelry
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