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A REAL Hyperdimensional Cosmic Wolf Sighting / Wearing A Cosmic Explosion

Wearing a white hole / nova anomaly enables wonders (*blinks*) and miracles apparently... .

I keep sensing what my energy tastes like regularly now *O_O*.... . That, and experiencing existence as a "cloud" IRL. A cloud both within, but also far around this body. (*Recalls the wild weather that took place locally yesterday*).

Today was awesome in regard to dimension diving.. .

(*Blushes a vulnerable red*).

Okay, here goes........ .

Some point I awoke to a shadowy hyperdimensional plane location..(*gulps*). Moments after I walked around said location, I passed in front of a mirror.

Ummm.., I was unclothed....(*goes totally red and coughs*).

Yea, but, I did not note a Negro male nor (*gawks*) an XX chromosome type / any kind of male grafted at me.... .

I shyly stepped back.., and turned as to examine myself...... . I had light brownish / tan akin skin (*goes a blushful red*), and I saw a shape I was ***NOT*** expecting.

I (*blinks*) had hips that seemed "tall" or..(???) "high up"..... (where there was no need to fake a "high-leg leotard" look..., I guess, had I had a leotard (*goes red*)). Yea. I gazed upon myself from the side. I noticed um, uh, ...yea....~~~.

This dated illustration somewhat covers what I noticed of me.

Hmmmmm. How do I feel? I wanna note mankind gone so I can hit up the mall *^_^* ~~~~..... . I am ready to have my turn...to "live it up". I wanna wear cool clothes, and try to do it the right way. Yea, where it is not about men or gross sexual stuff, nor vanity, nor odd accusations at "being a woman" on account of articles of clothing. I just wanna have fun :D!!! Yea, I wanna wear propeller top beanies, baggy pants, and puffy urban jackets in my true form ^_^!!! I wanna try to look cool for my people ^_~ ~~~~~. Yea. Lots of colors.

Hmmmmmm. (*Ponders*).



Well, I pray in thanksgiving right here and now. After noting sheerly h3llishly cruel and ***DISGUSTING*** imposters for over a decade, I have had a (*gulps*) hyperdimensional cosmic wolf sighting!!!!! I ***FOUND*** the being who......Matt Radsvick / Ketrino / Fenris Star...were just clones at. Yea, and there is no anime link (*gulps*), so I can not even use anime for a frame of reference...... .

Okay, so I woke witnessing a gunfight (*blinks*). I saw an eerie plain.....in an eerie plane, where bright stars twinkled in a very black sky. Some fat dude, mean, nasty, and like Robotnik crossed with Bloth (Pirates Of Dark Water) was shooting at me along with his team.

I saw a gun on the floor, and reached for it.....as I stood within some crumbling structure. No attacks could touch me, thankfully...., but I dropped the gun to keep it that way. I erected a shield in front of me, and chose peace....... . Well...(*blinks*), I suddenly witnessed a badly wounded Kittan...from / of Gurren Lagaan crash head-first at my shield (!?!!!??!?!). I stepped back...., wary at a "good cop bad cop" type scenario........ . I prepared to fly away from the location......, when I heard something (*gulps*).

I saw a visual of a mesa top, and a running figure that glowed with a purrple light and energy.... . The energy being, clearly a wolf-like creature briefly held running, and ***howled*** (!!!??!!) with passion and feeling before darted (!?!) forward again. The being then spoke, spoke whilst leaping from the tall mesa. The voice I heard was ***familiar*** (*recalls the voice of Amy from Gargantia*)...., although my perception of the voice cycled.....until I was eventuallu noting 'animesque' frequencies due to my own data processing issues..... . The cosmic wolf shifted into a heavenly maiden akin visual......state. Yea, a form colossal in scale and somewhat transparent. She had pronged hair that was gorgeous, and perhaps wore a bonnet. Her voice was full of love, but my data processing was so strained, I struggled to even understand the English coming from here mouth. She had a purplish hue..... .

My question is....who is she, and is she trialing too? It seems I saw her soul form, or a construct of her projected star-like form..... .

Who is she? Where is she???? I ****REALLY**** need to find her (*gasps as I feel a kiss*). (*Remembers the friendliness and warmth in her voice*).

Please find me again if you can, my sweet wolf (*feels a tear going down my right cheek*)..... .

I give thanks to the being who made today's event possible. This is indeed a new age. I found the inimitable and sacred wold being I have sought for almost II decades!!!
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