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To See A Starry Maiden Dance...... / Hugged By A Starry Maiden / Divinely Granted Luck


Although it seems an issue now addressed, this post is only intended for a mature / hyperdimensional audience. Mortals are not capable of handling the ego backlash from these posts. It took me days, *days*, just to come to terms with what happened. Coming back here (to witness mankind) after experiencing what I did, literally had me having chest pains..... and on the verge of noting "a heart attack" (on account of dread at mankind).



Evolution is a lie. A **** lie......... .

Even if I noted a trillions of centuries (as I suppose I already have O_O (*gulps*)) of study time...., subanime mankind would never "evolve" sentience, "evolve" free will, "evolve" self control, "evolve" empathy.

I have been seeing the world though a highly colored lens of guilt, shame, and an inherent propensity for happiness, sharing, optimism, and appreciation (which I have tried to work on over the last XIII years). Until the last couple years.....I had been projecting hyperdimensional values.....because they were all I knew. Now it is clear to me though.......... . We are what 'snowflakes' (in 'their' horrible failings) unsuccessfully emulate at...... . We are just *DIFFERENT*. And so is the original plane......from which we hail.

Any and all regarding mankind is irreconcilably ***ALIEN***...at any and everything we are about....or do.


So on Wednesday, my organ systems were shutting down a bit (*blinks*). Why? Acute loneliness. But it was comfortable loneliness. I have a comfy house available *^_^*. Yea, and the loneliness was loneliness that only a beautiful hyperdimensional woman's company and conversation could ease anyway......... . After taking care of house maintenance duties, I decided to check MK Wii.

After posting my last post about the experience, I went to bed......... .

I soon found myself waking to an eerie location. My senses were all wonky too......(like my down sense of hearing for instance). Within moments though ~~ I blurrily saw a dancing and glowing figure (*blinks*) (*blushes*). A figure dancing with arms raised. A figure who glowed with a soft celestial light. A figure with an unmistakable tapering torso....... . I approached, vocalizing ~~ "woa ~~~ a tapering torso ~~". I stood somewhat close as to be able to study. I watched the mysterious figure dance, and after a while....I said " hey ~~, like you ~~~~"........., and my words were met with a palpable smile (*grins*).

Soon the individual's dance came to a close (the rhythm of the dance suggests a high likelihood that the hyperdimensional and true version of the cape song was what she danced too)... .

Me? I took some steps back, and observed the overall scene. My perception of said world was kinda woozy.... . The previously dancing individual went to an office desk, and spoke a bit? But my blurry perception of even said individual was shifting...... . The being sat to a chair......in front of the desk.

(*Smiles*). I had an idea...... . So I walked up to the being, and spoke quietly as I may have seen a figure or figures in whatever building / area I found myself in. I asked if the being would be willing to dance for me weekly each month....for the sake of kinesthesiology study purposes. I was upfront about my intentions (*blush*) to study (*feels tummy flutters*)....... . (*Cackles*) (*feels my right fingernails glowing as I laugh*).

The being, with golden and luminous hair that I could perceive / resolve more and more with time, nodded kindly...,, and vocalized eagerly. I said that I would be right back, and went to get my phone (???????) as I could not remember my contact information........ . I walked into an area within the room.... / building, and as I was about to ask *where* my phone was, a phone appeared in my hand.

Walking back to the seated individual, I noticed my perception shifted more and more while I was away for just moments. While I still struggled to see her face, I could tell she had blue eyes (!!!)..., and close styled hair (!!). She asked for my phone, her arm / hand stetched (*blush*). I gave it...... . Within moments I could hear her voice very clearly, and suddenly, as she touched the phone, images of a black expanse filled with green text code............and DOS format stuff...flashed across my visual field.... . I felt *dizzy*....... . After hearing the word "Boston" referred to, and after (???) some kind of "tracer" (???) function was done by the being, I took a seat to another office chair that suddenly appeared beside her. The being moved kinda close.....to me (*blushes*), acting as if she was very familiar with me.

(*Swoons and exhales in awe*). Soon though I found the being moving over to sit on my lap though.....*O_O*.. . Something happened though??? I felt a sensation for my forehead and arms.... . The closer the being got to me, the more I could feel....a.. a....glowing and pearlescent white celestial glowing like sensation on my skin....... . What happened next was me...basically being rehabilitated with / to the facts of what it is like to meet and touch an actual life form............ . I was shocked, startled, and asked "who are you"? Confused, I asked "Why does it feel like you glow when I touch you?"....... . The glowing sensations, actually very *nourishing*, seemed to "spike" in an analog manner to my touch..... . I caressed her hair and face delicately........, marveling about the intriguing and seemingly limjtless energy emissions...... . It was clear that I was not 'dealing' 'with' 'trash'.....in any shape or form, so I almost fell back in complete awe and shock......... .

The being gently replied...."We all feel like that~~~" or words like those (*notices a glowing pair of eyes in my field of vision as I type*). She put her arm around me, and trustingly and lovingly nestled close (*blushingly grins*). I...felt very pleased by how cool, how neat, how geniune, how advanced this being was. I saw her as somebody who was teaching me, and opening my eyes. Yea. She was refreshing...... . No trace of the stupid ego and drama games played by boring XX chromosome types I had priorly witnessed for decades. I trusted her, and I think I loved her (*blinks*) (*gasps*), and that was when I felt a pearlescent and whitish seeming glowing field....rise from within me...and over me skin (!!!!!).

She hugged her arm around me, and I felt a feeling altogether new to me......*O_O*. I felt proud of her, and how advanced she was. I was like "yeaaaaa~~~~", and all chill *^_^*..., and I put my arm around her acceptingly. That was when it was like the fields around us.....m...merged???????? My empathy and telepathy senses ignited online (*gulps*), and I could sense the ***VASTNESS*** of her pristine, clean, and immaculate being. I also ***recognized*** her where before my eyes struggled......to do so. We hugged, resting foreheads to each other, and it was like the breath of life......into my being. A glow / burst / spark to the front of my head took place, and some kinda of eternal time / space......flash and ripple event took place. I do not know if words can describe it...... . (*Shakes my head*). (*Nods to myself, feeling a tear down my right cheek*). The moment was perfect. Yea. Limitless love, and a sense of union.

My celibacy vows were not threatened because we were clothed, and interacting in a way I have witnessed 'thousands' of fake subhumans 'emulate' at..... .

Yea, we sat....totally content, totally happy, totally satisfied (*blushes red*), and in my moments of clinging to consciousness before an utterly deep soulsleep took over, I said or thought or both said and thought..."this is what I needed all along"........... .

And there you have it........ . Only there will I have what I needed all along, and only from hyperdimensional beings will I get what I needed all along. (*Feels my throat tighten*).

The being, now I realize, was Rosalina (although I struggled to perceive her visually). And I want you to know that I thank you dearly. I thank you for showing me what love is (*feels a caress to my hair*) (*hears a statement of welcome*)...., and I thank you for loving me (*hears anothernstatement of welcome*). (!!!). (*Feels a kiss to my chin *O_O*...*). I love you ~~ (*tearfully gulps in gratitude*). (*Swoons, dazed and staggered as I hyperdimensional kiss is felt*).

Now my mission, my mission in these late days, is to not '*HATE*' the 'exposed' voidbeasts I currently witness. (*Notices the mentally generated rain IRL, which only fel as I typed this post*). All the lies / pathological lies are out and exposed (aka redpill). I do not even even have to fight. It is all about time, Mandela Effect surge events, and perseverance from here....... .

*Prays in thanksgiving, giving thanks that the contact event that took place took place*.
Tags: communion, contact event, friendship is salvation, goddess level being, gratitude, hyperdimensional being, love is salvation, thanksgiving
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