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Peaceful Evening Dinner / Boosted Reality Manipulation

I'm about to enjoy a slow simmered and nutrient packed dinner *^_^*. I give thanks for the food.

I guess I will do this post as the flavors soak into the food.

As of late, I seem to have boosted reality manipulation abilities. I have been doing tests with my Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U. I can seemingly, as of late, just speak or wish, and cause very very eerie stuff to happen. Such as noting back to back "1up" drops for Mega Man 10 within a span of 60 seconds........, or even manipulating item rolettes in Peach Kart VIII. It is not only so for software and hardware. Whether it is food, like the pizza the other day (*grins*), or whatever.....I want (such as getting home to eat said pizza), my "reality steering" abilities have been made known IRL on even a daily basis.

Check the gem videos from this week to see what I mean........ .

Yea, voice activating the thundercloud above my house, and then pulling rare and water clear gems back to back.

If this keeps up, I may need to check the casino soon, whereby I note 100$ become 10,000$........ .


Oh, I witnessed a monstrous puking dragon entity today....... .

I did not even fight the beast. It just collapsed at my immediate presence after puking twice

Looks like I may be linked to Metroid somehow, because I found myself entering into some kinda mech / mech sui........(*went and ate the entire frying pan load pictured above, and most of the mashed potatoes in the other pot*).


Oh...me so sleepy, toasty, comfy, and full. Me gonna nap a while, and continue this report later...... .

(I swear I am not trying to set a bad example. I only eat a meal a day..., and weight train extensively. Too, using magic / ki makes me really hungry for elemental energy... . Gemstones, veggies, and hugs from hyperdimensional girls nourish me.......(*drifts into sleep*...........
Tags: cooking, cosmic energy, dinner, probability manipulation, reality manipulation
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