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Existential Status Report / How's The Real Me Doing

Things are going awesome *^_^*.

I understand myself now....in ways that I never even knew were possible, and that was reflected topside by my appearance.

Yea. I saw the blonde hairtails possessing and true me....Friday / Saturday in between dimension diving events. My color / complexion was back (*blinks*), and I seemed happy and full of hope. Yea. I looked calm.

That said, I *really* do not know why am I still here witnessing an abysmal antiexistential sewer.......(*feels a touch / pat to my head*). Obviously there is no "teaching" to be done, and it is obvious mankind is not getting better in any way, shape, or form. I'm not going to complain though...... .

Me? I am excited about life, and since finding that the true me is not a stereotypical beast of burden / snakehip......I am content and full of hope about the future *^_^*. Yea. All the problems I witness are external....... .

While it is an experience of noting torture.....to witness mankind day after day, I have peace inside. I just wanna be that real me in that real hyperdimensional world, and continue my mission with....any and all....necessary amenities and resources. Yea. I am glad for the chance to be that mystery blonde. So glad (*exhales in relief*). Yea. I think I have attained my goals in trialing. Now it is just a matter of getting the knowledge back home....., deactivating the Omniversal Routing Gem, and addressing this "multiple bodies" issue which I currently go through.
Tags: inner peace, multiple bodies, status report, the hyperdimensional homeland
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