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Wait......What???? A DIAMOND Cluster!?!? / Thank You Omniverse

I was sitting, and eyeing over the mystery bling from the other day. It actually burns to the touch......, such is the intense purity of it.

Well......a business owner and gemology researcher who saw my find just called. He was talking bout regional *diamonds* (!?!?!!?!) having been found by a select few of the gem mining community recently...... .

Whether (*gulps*) Sapphire cluster or Diamond cluster, I pray in thanksgiving for the chance to have made such a find...(via reality and probability manipulation).

Ya. Might be moving to Japan and getting land over there soon......... .

I am so happy I witnessed Finky. (*Shakes my head in awe and happiness*).

Only good has come my way because of it. Yea. The motivation I needed to reach the next level.


Tags: gem mining, life goals, life lessons, life plans, mining
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