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Post SM Event Analysis / My True Essence

Oh wow. What an event (!!!!). (*Feels a caress to my head*).

I am sleepy though, and need to orient myself before reporting what happened. Looks like what I said earlier though was ***proven***...by some kind of "merging" event...(!?!)...whereby I have startling new abilities, and startlingly deep vitality resources that I do not recall "this me" being aware of.....before today.

Oh.. . Lol. A fake and grotesque 'oni' 'version' of 'clone' 'Nina' ('Z') was '*furious*' at what I said earlier / in the prior post. I noted a tantrum and freak out as soon as I woke to whatever plane I just experienced. I stood up for myself verbally though, and released earth-shaking energy blast warning shots.

I even noted stinky hate bait about Finky a bit later, devious and manipulative agitprop inferring 'a' 'sleazy' 'convenience' 'based' 'false' 'relationship' with some gross dude. I refused at that nonsense too. I cannot save one that 'never' wanted to be saved.

(Lesson Of The Day: Tantrum = clone.., clone = tantrums).

Looks like my performance opened up / granted access to the events I shall report later today / tonight.

Yea, things happening so fast...I struggle to chronicle them. I am not complaining. I am glad I *have* something to chronicle (unlike soulbond / otherkin / otakukin / etc).


Looks like I have found why and how that mysterious me, that blonde with the hairtails, has been somewhat catatonically going around in the hyperdimensional plane......whilst I, whilst still directly linked to that aspect of myself, have been stuck here. I'm embarassed, deeply embarrassed....., but it is what it is? That me acted as a safety, guarding me......by way of keeping my full scale abilities in check O_O.....until I was ready. I was about to, in implementing that blast XIII years.....ago, witness.....a vicious force of shiv wielding exodimensional clones......and there I was all hugs and giggles (*facepalms*), and even proclaiming there is good somewhere in everybody and everything (*reels, groans, and facepalms*). That me in the overworld, the me responsible for the cosmic blast, *KNEW*........the truth, and that...even in a coma.

Ok, so here is what happened.

Through the morning I witnessed at brutal battles. I think I even checked at the Mega Man '5D' 'realm' for a while as wild dimension flux events took place. Yea. Dr. Thomas Light (!) was making a strange and dying request at me....as he slowly downgraded into a vampiric like '3D' dude. As I tried to gather what was going on, I noted him change into an Espeon-like anime entity that could talk. That was when I witnessed two.....negative plasma comprised 'purple' demon fox / demon wolf entities break down at the laboratory room Dr. Light was in. I cringed, about to go into tears as I noted one of the beasts bite, and then rip off half of the Pokemonized Dr. Light's ear.

What followed next was me witnessing 'futuristic' warzones, and not getting involved or emotionally attached.... .

After a bit I found myself brought up (!?!?!?!) to the hyperdimensional plane..*O_O* as if I was summoned for an audience. Yea, but it was like I was "stuck" (!?!?!?) inside....and experiencing the point of view of a person acting on their own........ . The person was present to some kind of elegant gala...and / or restaurant type setting. The setting was decidedly formal..., and I worried thus. The *calmly* *hovering* and petite body I was in was wearing a red or burgundy (*blush*)....long type of evening gown or dress which had bikini top and bodycon style elements (*turns completely red*). I felt very comfortable (*burns red*) with the attire, and so did the being....that / who encompassed me. It was still my instinct to run for cover though, but the being ensurrounding me calmed me (*blinks*) with an effect / ability that reminds me of Wings Of Love *O_O*. As if I was trusted, I was given some motor control? Yea, and acting just like a kid (*laughs*) I giddily turned a corkscrew as I hovered.... . After letting me play and hover for a while (*blush*), the person / being in the gown alerted (???) a pair (sitting to a table) (and both wearing similar formal dresses) to some sort of issue and / or event.

(*Suddenly hears the bgm intro to this song ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k2Zzkw_-0I *).


*Rests a couple hours in the window room recliner, savoring the ambient holy energy levels and praying / living in thanksgiving*.


(To be continued / edited later through the day and or night).


*Makes it back way past midnight / the next day*.

Yea. I noticed something though...., as I gazed about the gala? I did not see any men (!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). But yea, something was about to go down......, *something* (*gulps*).

Next thing I remember, is me....in street clothes (white pants, jacket, sneakers), ansd experiencing a "merging" and "unifying" sensation initiating (!!!!!!!) within myself...as I ran into a bright and sunny field. Initially remote viewing myself from above, and my blonde hair and blue eyes (*blushes*), I found myself running on foot (!!!!!) and carrying with me...(!!!!???!!!!) what felt like a limitless amount of hope, faith, happiness and trust (!!!!!!)........, and that the likes of which I only felt wisps of back my toddler days *here*...... . I think Wings Of Love was in effect, and as I ran into a sunny field....which perhaps had festive and colorful balloons being released into the air, an *army* (!?!?!) was behind me...(*gulps*), causing the very air to tremble with a spirit and vibe of unity and cheer (!!!). A lithe young lady (!!) hopped, and skipped to front of me ~ and to my right, and she was in the middle of transforming her attire to a white athletic looking shirt, and a white athletic looking skirt.....(*blushes*) as she also dribbled a basketball (!!!) elegantly / skillfully / athletically. She said words offering me her assistance and support. My verbal speech abilities were not fully online yet, but I telepethically messaged her.....trying to thank her and all the same let her know that I would try to do as much as I can do on my own (that was this me talking obviously, and I apologize.........because I really need the help (*blush*)).

Through the day yesterday I was woozy and strained. I feel, and more and more with time, like a new person, and all the same / and yet...."myself" and "the same".
Tags: inner transformation, omnidimensional plane, sailor moon, the hyperdimensional blonde, unification
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