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When Stategy Meets Reality Materialization / The Light Of Victory / The Secret Of Prayer

I woke up today hearing the above song in my head, and noticed an *eerie* vibe, an eerie and haunting vibe about my house. Yes, this paradise mining house which is the fruit of efforts and strategizing..... .

I love living in this house. I truly love it. All the guitars, the freedom, the peace, all the love...., and the sensation of stability that resonates the air. (*Feels shock, and glowing fingernails, as the words "Yggdrasil House" flash across my head*).

So why the Japan trip? I want to think beyond myself, and see about helping others experience the quality of life and the radiant hope which I have been divinely shown and blessed with. I want to help hyperdimensional beings feel limitless hope and happiness ~~ that is backed by an indomitable will. Life is perfect..... . It feels perfect. It is perfect..... . Life is flawless. And I want to prove it to our people....... .

I will not lie. A part of me wearily asks "why" about this trip, and asks why I do not just cancel all the bookings....., sit back, and play the above theme with my guitar on my couch.

Yea. Amping it up, playing the music I that expresses my beliefs, and just enjoying my days....... .

All I have to do, in such a case, is recall how my struggles of last year bore fruit which these photos ***PROVE***. I did not get here by choosing "easy". It was not " easy" to drive that guitar-loaded moving truck here whilst struggling to even see the lines on the road. I may struggle to see it clearly now, but my actions in the future, so long as they are divinely ordained / accepted / vetted........, *WILL* bear fruit yet again. Fruit that, just like with this miracle of a housing situation, I can share with others (such as if there indeed is a dual-trialing hyperdimensional being present in this world). Faith is action, action is faith.

Maybe in a couple (or many) years I will have a bigger house, maybe even a castle, in the mountains of Japan. Yes, with a river which has even more Sapphires, Rubies, Topaz, and Moonstone gemstones. A castle which I can share with the beings, the people, I love.

I truly love living in this house. But unless I spark....***DRASTICALLY*** boosted abilities here which I can record on YouTube, then I must return to Japan this Autumn. I must do what is best for the people....... .

I pray in thanksgiving to the divine beings who have made my quest and lifestyle possible. I will never note mankind acknowledge it, but this blog, which is utterly jam-packed full of miracles and proof (which you all have watched over, permitted, facilitated, and confirmed)........., is just a testament to your presence in my life.

I really am happy here right now, and I don't know why the fluid world events are...as of yet so little and brief.... . If I must go back to Tokyo....(*sighs wearily*) to get things progressing, so be it.... . I shall not complain. But I shall pray..... . Yes I shall.

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