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A New Era Style Fluid World Event / Timeline Manipulation

K. So this morning (*blushes really red*) I experienced some spectacular visions involving my beloved Nina, and felt intense glowing sensations to the front of my head....and behind my eyes.

Well.....when I next opened my eyes / woke.....I noted knocks at my front door..... . As I walked to the door....., I took notice that a fluid world event, a very disorienting event, was taking place. I opened a morphed window beside my door rather than opening the door....on account of my intuition, precognition, and empathy in effect. I witnessed some dumpy druggie / tweaker dude, and his dumpy chick........, and then noted tweakyman dump some 'story' at me that was just a cover for 'asking' 'for' 'money'.... . I just walked away, not even listening, and went to my basement. I could not find any of my gems, and I got worried about that....... .

In the basement, seems I heard at a drug dealer style altercation.....at the back yard, and even heard threats about throwing / trashing a bicycle (!?!?!), so I walked up the stairs....and vocally proclaimed (through the opened window) I was going to see about a 911 call for the cops in a minute..... . As I said that, I caught that the yard and the environment had transformed drastically. Not only did I see lots of buildings and a suburban transformation, I witnessed a teeming horde of Caucasian druggie tweaker boys. A gangster leader threatened at me, and so I got ready to defend myself.

As proof this event was here, proof for me anyway, I actually picked up the phone and noted 911.

But I chucked then phone after saying some location info, ran to my front room, and reflexively used a throwing move at an intruder (that looked like a first grader)....... .

Everything went dark....after that........until I woke hearing at knocks again, knocks at my door. I was in bed? A reset must've taken place....... . So I got up, and after looking my durag for some moments, opened the door.... . Opened up just reflexively as I usually note J and Heather, Gerald, or Aves knock......around 1pm / 2pm sometimes.

Nope. Not J, Gerald, or Aves this time..... . I caught at some strange Caucasian man with his 5 year old running around....... . :/ .......... .

Guy asked strange questions, asked questions at my gem mining stuff, and then claimed he was a 'new' 'neighbor' from 'Tennessee'.... . (Obvious nightmare fuel about old Finkles and that Tennessee vampire loser). (Yea, I'm still traumatized at that godawful stuff). As I gasped a bit, and as storm was being triggered IRL, I then caught at dude backpedal...and say he was originally from Massachusetts (!!??!!). I refused at dude asking if he could search through my latest mining load, and then witnessed him leave. I made sure to lock up my mining equipment in the garage room.....after that. A triggered rainstorm took place after that......, a somber rainstorm.

I'm worried, because that fluid world event literally had me witnessing a 'stowaway'...... . That dude....was most likely one of the attackers.......that 'hopped' a 'deleted' 'timeline'. This is very serious...., because what if next time......the fluid world event had me witnessing a gang of Transformers attack....instead? Hmmmmm.

My gosh.... .
Tags: fluid world, time manipulation
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