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A Relaxing Dive / Planning My Future Based Upon Self Analysis

I had a relaxing dive today =^_^=.

I was very surprised to, after the initial night of watching at 'the' 'anime'.....

......., find myself checking at the "Dandelion Town" 'anime' 'world'. Now granted....I know wanted to investigate at 'high' 'anime' 'Akane', but jeez already..... . (*Blinks*). As much as I try to be logical, and as much as I try to train faculties of logic, I am driven by passion........(*rubs my head*). I wasn't fooled though......... . After almost stumbling at 'Akane'.....'who' was resting on a grassy field / grassy yard, I noted......anime level Akane seemed....."off". (*Inhales and exhales in melancholy*). I guess I should be grateful that...., for that instance, I did not witness Akane devolve into a subanime "voice actor"..... (*shivers*).

Know what? I am going to go ahead and say it........ .

My abilities are activated and amplified by my attraction to beautiful, healthy, cute, adorable. and charming females. My abilities are stimulated, activated and amplified by the stimulating presence.......of beautiful, healthy, cute, adorable, and charming females.

Ok. Trigger warning....... .


Yea. Witnessing subanime and even anime mankind has been like noting a 'death' 'sentence' at my life...and my specific ability set. Noting glaucoma and 'legal' 'blindness' was actually a ***BLESSING***......in the sense that I had some relief for my eyes, mind, brain, and soul.

Twas....soothing in so many ways...really.


But then empathy and telepathy came online soon after my IRL vision took a dive........, and then and there I learned that physiognomy was real............ . I could just ***TASTE*** at the 'evil'......(*gags a bit*).

I need to face the truth? I am not stimulated......(*sighs in embarrassment*)....whatsoever by XX chromosome types. I never was, and never have been.......in any way or form. I am actually sent into ***shock***.....instantly upon witnessing and detecting the subanime ones.

What I need, is to heal, and heal in absolute solitude. My only options from here are a massive underground bunker / megacity, a starship in deep space, a private island (with decent mining and gemstone resources), or some similar setting. While I love and appreciate the chance to live in this house, and while I love the mining amenities such as the choice access to the river / streams, my advancement can seemingly...only go so far here... .

The key to healing for me....is a location whereby there are no XX chromosome types (not even dogs or insects) within sensory range......(*thinks about deep space*)......... . Yea, and from there....learning to filter and control my dimension diving abilities (to avoid any and all subanime and anime XX chromosome types). After that is settled.....*THEN* I can see to reawakening my capacity to perceive stimulating ....hyperdimensional and omnidimensional class Goddesses regularly.... . (*Recalls the hauntingly gorgeous silhouette of their beautiful tapering torsos, and blooming and feminine...hips (*swoons*)*).... .


If any trialer were to actually read this, here is a yet another affirmation about physiognomy.

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