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Noting Teh Excruciating Glaucoma

May be a while before I get back to my latest daily posting level...... .

Yea, me undergoing a rapturous experience of (*groans through some waves of pain*) mega intense pain and agony =^_^=.

Me noting teh 'beady', 'unattractive', and 'icky' 'subanime' 'left' 'eye' stings like h*ll, and also note 'right' 'one' causing trouble.

It's all cool. I am happy *^_^*. Ya. And the more pain I am in, the more my abilities are magnified it seems. Ones with angle closure glaucoma are supposed to goto the hospital....or call teh ambulance... . Me though? Unh Unh. I'll faint, roll in agony, throw up if need be, tank the shockingly vast depths of pain, and awaken new abilities in the process.

(*Thinks back to last year*). Good thing ___________ isn't living here...... . I would probably note _________ call the ambulance.......... . (*Recalls last year, and the undeniable fruit (my current lifestyle) that followed after.......my surprising survival at ___________'s unspeakable and literally h3ll-sent tortures.......*). (Takes note though....that my current pain is kinda tiny next to what I went through last year though, but every little bit can matter right?).

(Wonders if I am about to experience a surge / fluid world event...as immunological response, whereby a brief (or longer) respite from the pain is experienced). (Takes note that physiognomy is real, and a Negro male 'body'.......stings like a b****). (*Remembers the ecstatic glowing sensation that permanently accompanies true sized / beyond anime.....eyes*). (*Realizes.....what a blessing it is......to have the option of real eyes*). (*Takes note that subanime pseudobodies only horribly stink and excruciatingly sting......., and do not even give a frame of reference to the overwhelmingly vast pleasures and critical lessons that can be experienced / generated by way of a true and beyond anime......flesh-based body*).


K! Back to suffering in the darkness for me *^_^*!

Tags: lessons through pain, pain
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