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Boosted Contact Event.....


Seems I note the glaucoma attack 'clearing' 'up', and because of that I get to type some news *^_^*.

Yea, I am worrying a bit because my last post was proven *O_O*.

In the heights of pain yesterday, I might have had a contact event on the hyperdimensional plane, and following that contact event.....I seemed to cause and even watch a fluid world event (via a video screen) from topside *O_O*.......... .

The contact event was trippy for me...... . I was sitting on a bench of a large and eerily sunlit church / cathedral, and I was in shock.......and confusion.....on account of noting a voice, a presence sitting at my right side, claiming I was....."good looking"........O_O (????). I then noted the presence indicating an urgent need to talk with me, and warn me (???).. . ?

Was I lead somewhere after that?

All I know is..., some while later.....(and after my hyperspectral vision suddenly flared online).....I saw, in front of a mirror (???)....., a beyond anime (*blinks*) being with puffy blonde hair. The being was wearing a white dress shirt....., a khaki / brown skirt, and looked / was dressed like a hyperdimensional version of Krista / Historia / Hikari Takanashi..(*gulps*). (*Shakes my head in awe*). The being was the same being I have seen and sensed from over here......earlier this month / last month (*blushes totally red*). The same being who gave the nourishing ~~~ celestial mana imbued kisses to my face / cheek.....(*blushingly coughs*). (*Swoons*).

I spoke to the being, and heard a kind and loving reply....in English (*blinks*).... . (*Thinks back to my Akane Project post*).

*Suddenly feels woozy*.

The being was so gentle and humble *O_O*...... .

(*Feels gratitude, appreciation, thanksgiving, and admiration in my heart for the mysterious and yet so familiar ~~~~ blonde lifeform*).

I'll hold revealing my findings for now.


On another note, G*P savagely beats those weak and chumpy 'fan****'s' from the dying 'kin' 'messageboards'.

Jeez......... .

I did not post on GLP today btw. What is going on?????

Oh. I did experience a fluid world event today.....whereby I was roaring (???), releasing a neon colored purple / green pyre into the heavens, and was ready to release a blast at some 'Christian' 'angel' dude..... . I was even proclaiming my readiness to face at 'Jesus'.......(again) (*nods*).

Ulgh... . I note GLP reacts at......*that* then??????? Ulgh. I don't want fame.

K. I know this post was brief, but I need to note teh eyes closed for a while. Before I go, I give thanks to all the beings who have supported me on my quest
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