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Red Flashes......... / M!ning Location Storm Surge Event.

Going about my day / night, I keep feeling flashes of red crystalline....energy within myself (*blinks*). (*Groans in pain....as aches suddenly take place for me*). (*Groans as feels pain which no XX chromosome type would even have a frame of reference to or even the tiniest clue about*). (*Sees a pair of floating blue eyes cross in front of my tablet....view momentarily*).


Had a close call last week, specifically last Friday......when it came to m!ning...... . After going offroad to the usual site and mining for a while.....the sky went *DARK*. *DARK*. It almost always rains as soon as I set foot onto the particular reds saturated mountain, but this time an *eerie* wind...swept through the area as heavy clouds rolled in.

I noted J seemed freaked, and as soon as the truck was on a paved road again, it was going faster than 64mph..... . Looking into the sky after being in a maze of trees for so long, I saw a sight 5hat made my jaw drop....... . Thunderhead clouds, clusters upon clusters of horizontally layered and vertically thunderhead clouds.......filled the sky in akin to a ring formation... . There were thunderheads in every direction in the sky. Some thunderheads seemed lower in the sky. and others seemed much higher. I was excited, pumped, and feeling charged (no pun intended). That was when it happened O_O..... . I suddenly heard at J.....(!?!?!!?!) asking me to not to touch anything metal in the truck as to not.....inadvertently.....kill (*blinks*) him (!?!?!!?!????!??!!!!). I noted him say that he did not think he could survive (!!?!!??!?!) a direct blast of electricity. I think I even witnessed him go 'pale'. As the truck sped along, I noticed cars, a couple of cars with electrical (???) issues / hoods up, were on the side of the road ahead. Yea, and with a.....*BOOM*..............red / purple lightning cracked through the sky as the truck entered into what seemed to be a solid wall of rain....... . I watched at J get the truck to like 75mph...., and I suddenly said how I would love to someday find a girl who could feed me delicious lightning bolts (*sighs hungrily*) (*licks my lips*) (*gulps hungrily*). I said how I would slurp them down......... . That was when I heard at J suggest me imagine finding a virgin who generates lightning, lightning that would thus be pure.....*O_O*..... . I swooned to the thought of a healthy virgin's lightning element mana.........., and the immediate storm conditions eased... a bit (*blinks*). Lol. J said he was going to head back to his place where pizza was......(*blinks*)?

Hmmmm. J had a .45 revolver and a 9mm pistol in the truck..... . Why did I witness him get flustered like that? (*Blinks*).

Hmmmm..... . I wonder if major major major major *MAJOR* thunderstorms will take place during my Japan trip in a couple months...... .

(*Recalls how .....during *another* big thunderstorm on Sunday, I felt a purple / red bolt of lightning swirling in a circular pattern around my palm*)......... . (Yea, and that amidst noting J's house.......and his wife acting kinda strange / having tics and stuff). (*Recalls how I observed at H's freaked out 'hottie' 'class' sister barge in...talking about how dey phone got fried somehow*)....... . (*Nods in approval amidst recalling how I recently noted H mentioning said sibling......used that disgusting Tinder program on that phone (and within a couple weeks before getting a divorce too)*).

Guess I'm going to read.......


....., and then goto bed. Yea, I keep my current sleeping time set like it is in an attempt to avoid meeting Finky and Ketrino (*winces and groans as suddenly felt a touch*).... .
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