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Woa.... . Found quite the link whilst cruising at GLP today.

Lends more credence to a theory of mine, a theory that states subanime ones are demonoids 'by' 'default'....., and psychiatry / atheistic science are just psychotically rationalized & solipsistic creations.......created as a means to disassociate and "lessen the blow".

Yea. My website, and my findings are all based upon observation. I'm doing and have been doing what 80's scientists pretentiously claimed at doing. Me? I observe, form theories, test theories, and try to do so free from ego...... . Atheistic science is ego dominated.... . Scientists are ego dominated.

Also, I need to give a warning to any sentient being that reads this.

As annoying and inconveniencing as it is, subanime ones....chronically present... by default......'multiple' 'personality' 'afflictions', 'psychotic' 'breakdowns', and even 'suicidal' 'tendencies' at any and all matters relating to reality / universes / dimensions. This is stated from observation. Rather than 'brushing' 'off' this find, I must accept it.

What does this mean?

It too means that I was naïve last year...., so very very very very very naïve. (*Gulps*). I was actually inadvertently *saved* by the events of last year. I mean I really was, with an open heart, going to open up my home (*facepalms*).

I see now though.

I apologize to my supporters..that it took so long for me to come to terms with the truth.... .

Yea, even as of last year.....I was still a newbie.... .

*Keeps observing / studying*.

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