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Studying 'White' 'People'............

K. This is a realtalk post, and a message to my past self ^_~. This post comes by way of decades of field observation.

K. I had a *major* event take place yesterday, but I think I need to hold reporting that just yet. Right now, I need to continue on a topic brought up in a recent post.

Alright. I just read at...some bull****....


.... .

'That' ain't an angel. Ain't any love being shown for Somalians either. Tis just more of the same.

So I will say it again. The worst weakness (as well as the most 'defining' weakness) of 'white' 'ones' is a neurotic, pathological, and even crazed 'fixation' on 'keeping' 'up' 'with' 'appearances. Chronic "virtue signaling" is born of that 'fixation'. What am I saying? I am saying that the average Caucasoid "gets off" on assuming to have the "moral high ground". I am saying that the average Caucasoid "gets off" on 'social' 'attention'....... . For the average Caucasoid, appearances come first........***PERIOD***. Such so, that the majority I have studied..at.....exhibit at least one neurotically and narcissistically generated (!!!!????!!!!) 'mask' 'persona' '/' 'identity'.....to present to the 'public'.

This is critical to learn Jag....

[As an aside, I must mention that it took me a long time to even phrase this observation, as I note I have no frame of reference to mankind's predilections for 'attention' 'whoring' and 'virtue-signaling'. Even during my original tsunami announcing posts of the past, and even with proof on my side, I *really* wanted to just hide......myself away. I was shy and non-confrontative? Only reason I did what I did, was due to my instincts to assist anybody in need......flaring up. That said, the chance to study mankind is very interesting, and even very rewarding for me.].

Altbough I can now wave my hand at SJW'ers gimmicks.....by way of recognizing at a meaningless 'fashion' 'trend' when I witness it, I have taken my observations deeper. The wh!te man's religions (Christianity, Atheism), the wh!te man's supposed philanthropy a.k.a chronic fake charity, 'social' 'trends' 'like' 'veganism', and even the bulk of the wh!te man's....advertised.....mating / copulatory / sexual patterns are simply sociological fashion statements.....centered around "keeping up with appearances". A Caucasoid cares not about death nor risks of death.....if it can have fame / power / 'attention'... . SJW'ers, New Ager's, Atheists, and extremist Christians operate on the same programming.

Now, rather than talking about mankind's automatic programming for narcisism, sociopathy, and solipsism, I need to give a message to my past self........... . A message that explains so much.

Mankind is quite insane. I will not deny that (repeated) observation. But a deeper truth has been made known. Though I note mankind 'blocks' 'it' 'out', and though I note mankind buries it under multiple 'personas' '/' 'schizophrenic' 'personalities', mankind is uncannily and automatically...........'informed' at the existence of hyperdimensional and divine lifeforms....... . (*Shivers*). That's why I witnessed the 90's "breast implant" explosion. That's why I witnessed the otaku outbreak. That's why I witnessed the 90's nosejob explosion. That's why I witnessed the late 2010's "butt implant / butt lift" trends. That's why I have witnessed the SJW outbreak..... . I note mankind is suicidally h*ll-bent on assuming at the qualities, the appearance / beauty, and emotional / mental capacities of specific divine life forms.......whilst also psychotically 'being' h*ll-driven to deny at the existence of said (*blinks*) divine hyperdimensional lifeforms.

Whatta mess......... .

There is much to learn by studying at subanime Caucasians........ .

Although post covers the topic in an admittedly general manner, hopefully it will do for now.
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