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A Different Kind Of Lifeform......Has Different Nutritional Requirements

Warning: This post is not meant for mortals. It is for *me*, and it is an emergency backup in case my memory ever slips again.

After stirring awake some moments ago (*blushes completely red*) after.......a night / morning full of *totally* *unexpected* IRL events (which I'll hold reporting here)......, I set about my usual internet rounds.

I was kinda in an upset mood......because I am tired, tired at the icky and unattractive entities I often witness during dimension diving.

So I read a while, and studied a bit.



That was when my data processing capacities clicked back online, and actually ignited to new levels.

I remembered what happened earlier today, had flashbacks spanning decades of information and experiences, and stumbled...., re-stumbled upon ancient knowledge..............the likes of which I have never even heard mentioned by mankind...... .

Ok. So about thus morning, I perceived a divine level hyperdimensional being's presence as I was chilling back in my bedroom. (*Blinks*). During the event.........I kept sensing / feeling / observing......bright and metallic flashes in my head / head brain......, as well as bright and metallic flashes around my waist / lower back area. Yea, but my data processing capacities and perceptual capacities were strained......... .

Metallic flashes.... . Specifically metallic flashes that *tasted* like gold, silver, and platinum. Gold, silver, and metallic flashes and energy sensations much like those experienced during the events of January / February of this year. Hmmmmmm.......... .

That's interesting for me, because some of my earliest memories...as I witnessed 1986 / 1987 involved the / an undeniable perception of holy energy radiating ~~~ precious metals, both the actual metals as well as the characteristic energy they emit / resonate with. Indeed. Even noting 1986 / 1987 I had bouts where I could distinguish the exorcizing and immutable energy of certain metals......, such as when I walked through malls or jewelry stores. Sometimes the energy would be perceived even though I was not even in a mall............ .

It's also interesting because I have *sensed* precious metals and the intrinsic energy of precious metals from the mysterious and holy beings I have encountered........... .

I already have a hypothesis.......... .

While never claiming to be divine, I must face facts.

I have a link to divine beings that I cannot explain, and a link that I do not know how I could possibly deserve.

So, as such, it appears that I have metallic components regarding my physiology and anatomy. I have metallic organ components (!??!?!?!). which are presumably related to both energy circulation.........., as well as perceiving energy in the manner of a transducer / antenna......... . Metallic components related to my neural and sensory functions, as well as gender related functions which I will not reveal on here.

Hmmmmm. Flesh, metal, plant, and crystal........... . (*Thinks of how I have interfaced with machines before during past dimension diving events*). Organ systems comprised of flesh, metal, plant matter, and crystals. A custom anatomy, a custom physiology, for a specific duty....... .

Hmmmmm...... .

My hypothesis is that I have unexpectedly been starved and anemic in regard to unexpected nutritional requirements relating to the direct consumption of precious metals.

I was horrified after I typed a search for "gold for consumption".


Seems just as with the subject matter of energized crystals, I note those 'straw' 'men' New Age bustas (that don't have any provable magic to show, and are all 'just' 'talk').....done preemptively sh***ed at the topic / subject matter as a means to discredit at it.

Hmmmmm.......... . Gah..... . To find the supplies locally, I would have to go all the way to Ash*ville.... . *Thinks about my current Chlorella and Spirulina intake*.

I guess I need to go ahead and get it.

I thank the beings who have made this post and today's experiences possible. I'm quite sure this should work......., and to drastic effects.


Wasn't expecting this notation....... .

Tags: anatomy, gold, nutrition, nutrition for magic based beings, physiology, platinum, silver
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