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Another Visit........

(*Sighs and stretches wearily after a long night / morning*).

I have been up since a while past midnight, and researching....... . Yea, I had a contact event.....around midnight or so....... .

During some kind of fluid location event....I was approached by a mysterious being that seemed "interested" in me (*blinks*), but my signal reception of the being...was waay waay down.... . Yea. I even tried to take cover, and prepare my defenses initially...... . Only after being presented something, something that seemed like a gleaming metallic sample (???) of a precious metal, did I reach my hands to the hair / head of the being.......amidst feeling a sudden and deep sense of "recognition". Within moments of sniffing the collar / chest of the being, and then tentatively caressing their hair / ears, did I visually perceive (!?!!?!) a....a beyond anime being who had feminine long eyelashes, feminine / plush / horizontally petite lips, and above the shoulders length....bluish to silvery bluish (???) colored hair.

Seems I may have encountered the same being from a couple days ago..... .

Perceiving that hyperdimensional and beyond anime being...for even just a few moments...took everything I had.

(*Inhales and exhales*). Upon finding myself back in my bed (and yet still sensing the presence of the being), I was determined to just go ahead and get some of the necessary n*notherapy products....WAAAY....ahead of schedule.

The question I have now, is to what extent shall the effects be...., and *how* *soon*..... .

Yea. Will the effects be perceptual? Or will things resume from where they were XIII years ago???

Are the effects dosage dependent?

Yea, and what is the optimal dosage for my situation?

Too, while on that topic, what is the concentration of silver, gold, and platinum nanoparticles within the bloodstream of a healthy hyperdimensional being whose ******* capacities are fully online and functional?

Yea, I need more information, more data.... . I need *MUCH* more information, and *MUCH* more data. Data which I can't get from those squawking 'hens' '/' 'hopelessly' 'disorganized' 'Mandela' 'reactants' to the 'kin' 'forums'... .

Yea. This much is for sure though. I have stumbled upon a way to distinguish and confirm gender in this gold, silver, and platinum n@noparticles stuff... . Females, real females, generate, produce, and can even emit....(*coughs*)...(*gasps as I feel a kiss*)...(*pauses for moment*)...…limitlessly pure ~~~~......silver, gold, and platinum n*noparticles. Their bodies are *saturated* with the n@noparticles. Such may even explain.....certain aspects of how I am attracted to....females...like I am (*feels my cheeks burning*). (*Perceives glowing blue eyes in my field of vision*). *Recalls sniffing the collar and chest / heart area of that mysterious female being*.

*Has flashbacks regarding the navi visuals of Et*nsel's trickling waterways*.

*Recalls visions or perhaps even Etansel related fluid world events observed during the past*.

Yea. I have a lot of questions, and I guess the only way to find answers....is to keep on heading forward.... . *Sighs*. (*Notices a glowing pair of eyes in my field of vision again*).
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