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The Unwrapping / Initated N*notherapy / Audio Clipping Phenomena


With the Gold n@noparticles on my tongue, and under my tongue, my head recoiled as if a blast of energy shot through me.. .


That taste, albeit of.....perhaps a substantially lower concentration than I remember, *was* *never* '*forgotten*' by me..... . Indeed. The taste of Gold n@noparticle saturated.....healing waters.

My head went immediately fuzzy feeling, and an eerie audio clipping effect happened with my hearing. The Legend of M@na song playing on my tablet, and the sounds from the refrigerator........"clipped"......., and a palpable feeling of pressure....overtook the area.... .

Right now as I type, waves of heat / energy......are palpably washing over my back (????)....., and there is something going on with my perception of time........as if some type of field is manifesting around me.

Hmmm.... . Now as for the tasting of the Silver, initially.,..I had some kind of response by the areas under my tongue... . Yea, as if something electric was going on, and as if loooooong dormant areas (???) / receptors in my mouth expelled an inky (???) substance....., a (???) substance like what gets found on aged battery terminals....... . Tasting another teaspoon, I *did* taste some familiar nuances........tasted during a specific event ago..... .

*Feels my head throbbing with a sensation of pressure*.

This is for sure though? I (*winces*) probably need to get the Platinum....., because a large portion of the taste I remember.....was not tasted today.... .

*Feels heat washing through and over me*. *Notes a fuzzy and tingly....magnetic akin sensation for my fingers*.

Hmmmmmmm. If any abilities erupt forth.....for me, such as levitation, space bending, and controlled energy emissions / blasts....


Tags: experiments and research, gold, nanotherapy, nanotherapy project, silver
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