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Swimming Through Reality / New Sensory Abilities / Fluid World Events On Teh Road

*Reels a little bit*...... .

*Takes another glance to the geological data site after posting the above*.

Yea..., in the last post....I was saying...

"Hmmmmmmm. If any abilities erupt forth.....for me, such as levitation, space bending, and controlled energy emissions / blasts...."

....and walking my way into explaining the posted web link....., when I noted knocks at my door...... .

Me? I was *planning* to stay inside the house all day, stay inside as to not be accused of 'tweaking'.....amidst undergoing n*notherapy effects . Stay inside the house as a means to *HIDE* my abilities..... . Yea, but I noted that dragon priest dude and da chirn / chilluns pull up in the F-150.... . I explained my situation...as the winds around my house picked up, and as the sky got darkened and cloudy. Yea, but I noted dude all 'on' 'edge'......, that amidst noting house / dinner invites...from him. (*Sighs*). I did not want him to break kayfabe.....? So what did I do? I said I could note the invite and dinner, but I was not to be blamed for fried electronics and any other events...... ? Yea (*nods*), and I heard dude say his house already been fried plenty of times (*shrugs*).....so he ain't care bout one more time.... .

So what happened next? It felt like I was *SWIMMING* through reality.......all afternoon..... . Yea, and I witnessed J "wiling" a bit at the subject of the upcoming ec*ipse..... . Before noting dinner, I felt intermittent flashes of Gold within my entire body (!!!!), and a sort of "time and space" field....was felt around around my body. My head felt fuzzy, I was a bit woozy, and my perception of time seemed to "skip forward" here and there..... . Unh hunh, and I felt a *parched* type of thirst for more n*noparticle saturated fluids......... . Eerie stuff.... .

Some point I heard at one of teh chirn...ask....if I had ever seen an eclipse? I reflexively said yea, but it was seen during a vision experienced decades ago, and it / the ecli*se was accompanied by a ***HUGE*** earthquake.... . I caught my slip of the tongue, and upon hearing at teh littel dude ask at what I had said, I just hummed....and tried to shift the topic. (I am not saying this eclipse will feature an earthquake.......).

After dinner, fainting spells / ***INTENSE*** gravitic events took place...... . My wooziness mounted, and some point I, whilst still wakeful, noted J and the chirn changed into anime / subanime hybrid entities.....that wore large and 'blackness' 'dripping'...mage's hats.......as a black expanse event ebbed in a little bit. Even the 'family' 'dog' was changed into a little FF akin 'mage'.... . My perception of reality blipped......, and upon shaking my woozy head....and witnessing the Caucasoid dudes change back, I noted J seeming 'animated' and 'stoked'.... . More fainting spells, and sensations of "dark energy conductivity" took place for me, and I realized that I am going to have to make the n@noparticle intake thing a regular thing from now on........... .


K. About what I (*feels a dizzy spell*) was saying earlier, I'm going to private lock this entire journal.....if I display any drastically boosted......demonstrable abilities (such as levitation and *controlled* energy emissions). Yea, and I am gonna ***HIDE*** those abilities, and ***HIDE*** the truth. Yea, I can't risk 'fame', and I can't risk any more 'hotties' like that 'Finky' 'chick' (lol) (=^_^=) (!!!!) (*cackles*) (!!! *feels a caress to my right calf*) (!?!? *feels a kiss*).........'reading' at the truth :P! (*Recalls at Finky's 'hottie' 'class'....purple painted nails / animesque fingers....and that uncanny dragon / demigod power that was around that one.......*). (*Grins*). (*Cackles*). (*Growls a bit...amidst chuckling.....as recalls at teh Fink ^_^ *). Yea, J done bragged to too many North Ca*olinians.......already....... . *Nods*. And I had my fun.....studying that number one.......last year (*feels my stomach wrench a bit*).

Yea. This website is a beacon of truth for the internet.

Soon.......I must hide the path that leads / lead to demonstrable abilities. I must hide the judgments and the knowledge that allowed me to bend the very environment to my will. Too, I must hide the truth about monkeys....... .

*Recalls how I noted the 'reader' Finky mutate......to crazy hotness and 'IQ'.......parameters*.

Lol. If my abilities "mushroom" to a level I struggle to hide, I'll even use a silly Martian......gimmick / stage persona (*cackles*) if I have to..... .

Why all this you ask? It is because mankind can't rise above sex / fornication, violence, and the trappings of the ego (solipsism and narcissism), and I don't want to be rationalized as a villain for being different....... / having demonstrable abilities as a result of being different. I will always note mankind's ego...bruised at my existence..... / the truth about reality.

There is no such thing as 'tolerance'.... .

So.....I must put on the mask of a clown, and dance.......(lol)....... .

(*Understands now how and why I chose to note a Negro male 'disguise' for all this time*).

*Tiredly buries my face into my forearm*.


K. I'm going to rest until my next Gold and Silver n@noparticle sipping..... . (*Swoons as feels my throat parched for more.....*). (*Notices a trickling sensation down the right side.....oh.....and now the right side of my face*). (!!!! *Feels a caress to the top of my head*).

Oh. And I give my deepest and utmost thanks to the beings who have supported me in my quest, and made my lifestyle possible. I give thanks that I could be reminded......of the taste and scent of the holy and immaculately divine.....healing waters of the homeland..... . Yea. Thank you, my starry maiden, for smelling like platinum, gold, and silver. and thus leading me by example......to implement my n*notherapy project.
Tags: fluid world event, hyperdimensional lifeforms, nanotherapy project, time and space phenomena
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