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A Visit From The Eclipse Hyping Squadron.....

Lololol..... .

I just got back the lake, and I noted Aves get price gouged like...crazy....and then hand a pair of "ecl*pse glasses" at me.

Yea, and that after noting him call all over the town to various stores.....looking for a last available pair. *Nods*. Me? Beforehand and whilst chilling to the lakeside, I just said I would look into the sun with my naked eyes =^_^=......, but I noted the dudes (*shakes my head*) protest :P....., and claim that the current legal blindess status / glaucoma damage would be worsened if I did........ . *Sighs* *^_^*.

Yea, I was going to stay in today, but after fainting / fainting amidst incredibly intense cosmic energy pains..following my Gold and Silver treatment, I noted knocks at the door.... . I walked to the door, and witnessed J, Gerald, da chirn, and da goats up and about.... .

On the porch a while later, I heard at a 'confession' from J..... . Ya, I noted him claim to be part of a group called the red dragon g***dians. Me? I ain't sweat it none (lololol).

After a drive around town, getting some snacks, and checking at Ave's place, twas lakeside chilling time.

Hehehehe... . On the way back to my place come nightfall, I heard at a *CRAZY* joke from Aves.... . He asked....at me.......why no one has ever managed to summon Satan (!?!?!?!)...... . I asked......"why?". Yea, and then noted him say that that is because it requires a black virgin (*cackles*).......lolololol. (Yea, I am public about my celibacy and virginity pledge). Yea, the boys were wiling........:P!

Me? I guess I am a little excited about the total eclipse tomorrow, and specifically because totality passes right over my house..... . I guess I'll set my alarm clock......... .
Tags: astronomy, total eclipse
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