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Planetary Mana Influx..... / The Gates Of Mana / Japan Trip Or No Japan Trip?

Trigger Warning: This post is for me, and relates to matter / reality / cosmic energy manipulation. No mortals allowed.


"Oh, before I go, this morning I woke in an ocean... . I was in unity (!!!) with it. I felt a massive energy surge. I heard a voice announcing a hypercane (????), and then I saw (???) a kid dressed in white..hovering in the air. What followed was a satellite akin view of a huge huge huge hurricane........touching down on the continent. Why did I note 'Texas' referenced, in regard to the path??? Oh. I think I know now..... ."


-Last year's post and prophecy....after I felt such *HEARTACHE* and pain at the 'definitively' 'mortal' and 'debased' 'actions' of that.....T*xan enemy 'Ketrino'.




(Ever seen a previously nigh stationary tr*pical st*rm head back to the ocean......to reload more water as if it was *steered*?). (Yea, and when have I ever seen any hypercane just land and lodge into a region like this?). (From this point on, I'm naming the storm H*rricane Yggdrasil / Tr*pical St*rm....Yggdrasil........... . Hypercane Yggdrasil...... . Yea. That H**vey name stuff 'was' stupid).

(9** was fake. Hmmmmm. A cosmic ray burst and tsunami, a linked tsunami involving Japan, and a hypercane......... . All water based events........ . *Squints*).


I'm interpreting information from last year's vision?


[Which *should* be backed up by The Wayback Machine....page file for June / July 2016]

I'm also interpreting information from during the eclipse......, whereby me....just stepping from my door and harnessing energy...., caused a vortex of thick and moisture-laden clouds to be point generated directly over my house.

Too, I'm recalling (and attempting to interpret) the event pertaining to that celestial creature wrapped around that eerie gem......(which took place immediately after the eclipse).

And while I am not trying to turn this thread into 'po*pytalk', I need to consider the emotions / feelings behind the hypercane vision of last year......so let's take a glance upon these too.


(I wrote the above posts last year as I was upset at Ket / Thi*Shingles). (It rained ***really*** hard IRL around the time of that video link being posted).

*Recalls the year length event delay from my Japan trip.......which kead to that big tsunami / The Fukush*ma Event*.

*Notes that both the Japan water event, and the T*xas water event, and really....all of the water based events are linked to loneliness.....and upset emotion states.....at mortals...*.

*Groans as feels my head...ache*.


Hmmmmmmm. What that creature form of myself said, for all I can tell, is the truth? I, on purpose, sealed my abilities... . I sealed my mana access, and "chained" myself down...... . Yea, and I think I know why......perhaps. Maybe it was because I didn't want to harm anybody....who is actually real, and has actual feelings and emotions.

This much is clear.......: the more I witness evil / evil ones, and the more I confirm the evil entities which I witness 'are' 'only' antidimensional voidspawned voidspawn and incomplete clones (jailed at the inner boundaries of the above mentioned gem perhaps), the more my abilities get "unchained" / "unlocked"........ .


I don't know about this upcoming Japan trip. Yea, and within the past II years, I even wrote and posted about a vision pertaining to Atlanta (where the Japan flight is scheduled from in II / III months).

Yea, I don't want to waste time, and I don't expect those predictable subanime Mongoloid dudes to have any more potential than predictable subanime Caucasoids....really..... .

Yea, and even ***VII*** ***YEARS*** ***AGO*** a sudden (and likely psychogenic) thunderstorm storm caught the plane during my last trip back........ .

I really need advice....... . Should I get III gallons of nan*particles, or should I just head to Japan II / III months from now?

Well, the (*cringes and facepalms*) potential for me to get upset must be considered. If I note a Tokyo trip, my feelings will be hurt at all the 'bills', and maybe I'll get upset...before returning....like I did last time...... .

Ooooooh ~~~~~~ (*sighs*)........... . I have a lot to think about...... .
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