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I *have* to take it back ~ a bit~, to explain this post. It seems, the fact that I hear the MMIV Dust stage ~ theme ~, as I mentally prepare to do this post, is yet another testament.....to my "having to take it back a bit" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8up0f2aJDQ ). I *REMEMBER*....my *UTMOST* *DESPAIR*......, which I used to feel ~ , as I used to *hear* that song ~~~ .....long ago~. Back then, as I initially experienced the MMIV softwere, I noted 'the' 'status' 'of' 'a' 'minister's' 'son'.............. (feels my fingernails glow in shock)....., 'accused' 'at' me. I... recall at 'the' 'prisonlike' 'location' I witnessed..., as I initially experienced the MMIV software: ( http://localbusiness.starnewsonline.com/st+andrews+ame+zion+church+parsonage.9.103545208p.home.html ). Yes, I remember *MY* *PAIN*....... . Even though I note..."the internet" now~..., I feel *the* *same* *duress*, *the* *same* *agony*, that I *USED* to feel (!!!!) ~~~ . I understand now~...., why that is so. After *spending* *some* *time* ( *feels my nails glow, in a feeling of hope* ) (*felt a kissing sensation to my lips* (!!!))......*ON* *JURAI* (!!!!!), after *EXPERIENCING* *COMMUNICATION* *WITH* *ACTUAL* *DIVINE* *BEINGS* (!!!!), *I* *UNDERSTAND* *WHY* *I* *FEEL* *AS* *I* *FEEL* (gulps). (Takes note of a Seiken Densetsu III theme, which features ~ glass shattering sounds, heard mentally). I realize, my *WHOLE* *LIFE*, and even *MY* *RECENT* *EXPERIENCES*, *AREN'T* '*ABOUT*' '*ANIME*' (feels myself go *pale*, *chilled*, with *SHOCK*). I understand, why I noted 'the' 'enemy'......., 'snipe' 'false' 'payrents', '*CHRISTIAN*' (!!!) '*payrents*'....., 'at' me......., 'from' 'day' 'one' (and I mean that statement *literally*) (feels my fingernails~...glow in shock). (Feels nervous perspiration...., down the side of my face). Apparently, '*THE*' '*MODUS*' '*OPERANDI*'...., '*OF*' '*CHRISTIANITY*'..., 'is' 'that' 'of' 'a' '*WAR*' 'MACHINE*' (!!!!). '*THE*' '*MODUS*' '*OPERANDI*'..., '*OF*' '*CHRISTIANITY*', 'is' '*PREEMPTIVELY*', '*SURGICALLY*', '*ACCUSING*' '*CARTOON*' '*CHARACTERS*' '*AT*' *SPECIFIC* (!!!)......*DIVINE* *BEINGS*!!! Yes, '*CHRISTIANITY*' ('and' 'all' 'it's' 'sects')...'*ACCUSES*' '*CARTOON*' '*CHARACTERS*', '*VIDEO*' '*GAME*' '*CHARACTERS*', '*AT*' *ACTUAL* (!!!) *DIVINE* *BEINGS*; *DIVINE* *BEINGS* *WHO* *CAN* *TRULY* *PROVIDE*....*ACTUAL* *SALVATION* (!!!!) (feels my fingernails glow in shock) (feels my stomach go *CHILLED*...., with *SHOCK*). Yes, 'Christianity' 'does' 'what' 'it' 'does', 'while' '*DELETING*' 'at' *ANY* *AND* *ALL* *CONTEXTS*, *SUBJECT* *MATTERS*, relating to *TRUE* *DIVINITY*!!!!! '*Christianity' 'imposes' 'rotten' 'substitutions' 'at' *TRUE* divine beings, divine beings that *TRULY* wish to help~ and protect~ the innocent. I realize now, my finding *THE* *TRUTH*, and having *TRUE* *DIVINE* *BEINGS* *CONTACT* *ME*, was just a result of (gasps as I noted 'a' 'negro' 'at' my right, 'dub' 'at' the words/letters "awww" "s" "h" "i" "t")......*PRAYING*; *PRAYING* *FOR* *THE* *SAKE* *OF* *THE* *INNOCENT*......., *TRYING* *TO* *HELP* *THE* *INNOCENT*........*IN* *BESEECHING* *ANY* (!!!) *DIVINE* *BEINGS* *WHO* *COULD* *HEAR* *MY* *PLEA* (worries, as I take note at 'a' 'psychotic' 'laugh'......'at' the areas behind me) ~ !!!! That *ONLY* (I am referring at 'all' 'the' 'imposters' 'out' 'there')....*I*......, have had such *RESULTS* *TO* *PRAYER*, and *NOT* ....'all' 'those' 'fakers' 'out' 'there' ('ones' 'trolling' 'at' the internet), proves to me a recent theory of mine. The theory of which I reference, is *THE* *PSIONIC* *WORLD* *THEORY*. My experiences of finding myself ~~~~ .......awakening, in worlds such as those of Jurai and Fa'Diel, have just been an issue of *PRAYER*. *ALL* *PATHS* *OF* *PRAYER*, *LEAD* *TO* *THE* *SAME* *DIVINE* *BEINGS*!!!!! (Takes note of glowing eyes, perceived in my field of vision). (Worries, as I note 'a' 'negro' 'at' my right area, 'do' 'a' 'sheepish' 'grunting' 'noise'). *ALL* *PATHS* *OF* *WALKING* *IN* *PRAYER*, *LEAD* *TO* *THE* *SAME* *TRUE* *LIGHT* *WORLDS* ~ !!!! I discern now~, (feels my fingernails glow in shock and discernment) 'ATHEISM', 'BUDDHISM', 'JUDAISM', 'HINDUISM', 'SHINTOISM', 'AGNOSTICISM', 'AND' 'SATANISM', '*ARE*' '*ALL*' '*SECTS*' '*OF*' '*CHRISTIANITY*', 'for' '*ALL*'....'share' 'the' '*SAME*' '*MODUS*' '*OPERANDI*' !!!! The above realization, explains why I noted '*NO*' '*SELLING*'( http://prowrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Sell )...'at' my advance mentionings of *tsunami* *events*..... *BEFORE* they happened.

" jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan"
"perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident....."
(by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06) ( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )

" "however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type...." (by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 ) ( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=29950 )



Admittedly..., back then, I was *CONFUSED* about issues regarding this world....., *BEING* *A* *PSIONIC* *WORLD*...., *but* *I* *still* *did* *what* *I* *did*!!!! I am *NOW*, learning how to *CONTROL*....such events as those which happened in the past (blushingly chin dips) (feels my nails~...., glowing with hope). Yes, I have (feels a tightening of my throat, a response to the hope I feel)....*RECENTLY* found of the *MATTER* *ORGANIZATION* *FIELD*, *WHICH* *DEFINES* (!!!) *ALL*.......*OF* *THE* *STRUCTURES* *WITHIN* *THIS* *WORLD*..... . The events of ago, were, apparently, based upon my *OWN* *INSTINCTIVE* (gasps as I feel a kissing sensation) *UTILIZATION*....., of (uh oh.....) (feels my nails glow with hope) (I realize, upon saying what I have, I shall note *a* *turning* *point*) (feels a sensation on my right cheek)...............*MY* *OWN* (!!!!) (oh yes ~ !!!! *THIS* *MEANS* *HOPE* !!!!) (gasps as I feel a kissing sensation, to my lips, again) *MATTER*....*ORGANIZATION*.....*FIELD*. I'm going to be forward here....... . As soon as I *AWAKEN*...my....capacity to control *my* *own* *matter* *organization* *field*, I am going to *DISASSEMBLE* *EVERY* *SOLID* *MATTER* / *LIQUID* / *AIR* / *PLASMA* .....*ARRANGEMENT*.......which my matter organization field has *ORGANIZED* / *BEEN* *ORGANIZING* ~ !!! THE *SUN*, THE *PLANET*, *WILL* *GO* *TO* *A* *STATE* *OF* *RAW* *MANA* *AND* *ELEMENTAL* *MANA* !!!! *Gulps*. Yea~, those tsunamis, *WERE* *JUST* *BASICALLY* *LIKE* *ATTEMPTED* *BABY* *STEPS*, and I realize now, since I am witnessing 'an' 'opponent' 'that' 'has' 'no' *MERCY*, *I* *MUST* *DO* *WHAT* *I* *MUST* *DO* !!!!! (Takes note of the MMX II .., volcanic stage ~~~ theme, heard mentally). (Gasps, as I feel another kissing sensation (gulps) to my lips.... .). *Smiles happily*. (Feels such happiness, I actually feel *guilt*; I now feel my nails ~ glowing with said emotion of guilt). Yea...., I don't believe in 'arguing', and when you have *PROOF*, there is *NO* *NEED* *FOR* '*ARGUMENTS*' (inhales, amidst feeling feelings of hope). Me? I am going to try to study and work diligently in the coming times..... . If any person wishes to meet/discuss these issues with me....(feels a touching sensation ~~~ to my lips again), I'll be (most likely) witnessing 'teh' 'ghetto' (!!!) (:D) (*CACKLES*)........as I train. If you hang around the location of this area~ for a while....---> http://www.nhcgov.com/library/Pages/default.aspx , perhaps we can meet~ and chat for a bit *^_^* ~ !!!!
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