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Dialing Up A Celestial Being / Unexpected Cuddletime With A Mystery Cuddler / Nan*therapy Update

*Gets back from a breakfast of G*ld, Pl*tinum, S*lver, and twinkie ice cream*.

*Swoons in mealtime bliss =^_^=*.

Yea, yesterday......was *different* O_O......... .

I struggled to be / stay awake over here (*feels my cheeks burning totally red*)......for any length of time (!! *gasps as I feel a kiss sensation to my cheek area*) (*gasps again....as sense romantic and loving emotions directed my way*).......yesterday....as it appears that my guitar video / recording and the consequent earthquake.....from the other day.........unexpectedly involved the summoning (!!!!!) of a utterly mysterious, startlingly *youthful* O_O....., ....and incredibly loving being ~~~~~~....... .

Yea. About as soon as I went to bed after the last post, I felt a being with an *ENORMOUS* aura of youth, youthful vigor, and vitality....and yet a very petite form (?????).....cuddle to my neck and collar..... .

Initially I jumped, and even panicked..... . I said that we needed to talk? But then I felt the celestial being, amidst me also having a flash / brief visual of a feminine being with long hair........, loving nestle to my neck......as a palpable sensation of adoration (!!!!!!???!?!!?!!!!?!!!).......both innocent and passionate, pulsed from her / her point of contact.... . Lol.... . I (unexpectedly) giggled like a little kid in a candy store.....as my empathic reception / psychic senses were flooded / inundated with love.... . Yea, I fainted......., fainted feeling full, nourished, and content...... .

When I next fully woke up, I stretched....., opened my eyes, and then froze *IN* ***HORROR***!!!! I mean, even with all I have been through, I *PANICKED*! With my consciousness level / lucidity level just it is now, I was sitting by myself in a *large* van, medical transport akin van, that had a black or gray akin interior, and a white exterior.... . I glanced from the windows, and witnessed 90's looking (!?!!?!?!) subanime cars, and a subanime parking lot.... . It was daytime????

I tried to keep calm, and remembered an event that took place as I noted August 31st, an event that I held writing about in here....(and an event that I guess I will have to report later in this post). So I gathered myself, tried to focus, and tried to get back to *HERE* ~~~~. You know, the sylvan paradise place with all the guitars, and the gemstones.


Yea, but as much as I tried, the pathway back or means to do so was ***CLOSED***.......!!!!!!!! I am talking....*CLOSED*....... . Closed as if it were locked away (!!!!), closed as in I struggled to even remotely sense a *trace* of it.

I worried about my body here. I did not want my body over here to be stuck in some 'stroke' 'victim' 'unit' to Ash*ille NC. I didn't want to be 'hooked' 'up' 'to' 'machines', exposed to perverted 'hospital' 'staff', and 'lose' the house I struggled to attain....., only to just eventually wake up (since I never die) again.....and be back to witnessing a tweaker infested 'RV' 'park' *AGAIN*.......... . So I *PANICKED*!!!

So I frantically clambered about the vehicle.......when suddenly......everything faded to black..... .

When I perceived my eyes open again, I stumbled,...and then froze as I gazed at a 'full' 'scale' 'anime' 'world'.... . I looked down to note anime red and white shoes at my feet..... .

My starlike form popped from my body / the body of mine which I was inhabiting, and looking back I noted 'Ash' 'Ketchum' (!??!?!!!!!?!!?!) (*feels a kiss as I type*) ("hears the bedroom wall creak audibly*)......, a teen seeming...(*squints*) 'Ash'. Opting for more mobility, I floated onward in my starlike form.....and headed towards a pair (?) voices............which I heard riding on the wind.

Making it to the location which the voices came from, I gazed downward.....from my hovering vantage point. A....(*blinks*) 'teen' looking.....anime Iris......was lying down on green grass (!!!) in front of a pond (??) or some type of floral garden aqua basin. Teh anime Iris had hands behind head / neck, and elbows facing skyward. I noted the teen version animw Iris had long purple hair...featuring a pair of "tails" to the top, and was wearing a neck strap dress / strappy dress that had a faint sky blue, and gold / yellow akin (???) color scheme....... . Lying down a couple arm lengths away from the anime Iris....was a 'teen' version of Pokemon Serena..... . After gazing at the anim Iris for a while, and noticing voice similarities to the voice of English speaking anime Addy Walter (witnessed a couple weeks ago)......, I heard at the Pokemon related anime Serena talking about class (????) or such in a casual way...... . I noted the somewhat wavy hair of Pokemon Serena..., and the anime Serena's 'detailed' and 'trendy' attire.

What happened next was a ***very*** long sequence of flip-flopping visuals, and witnessing stupid Pokemon stuff. For example, I was hovering around a red shingled shrine roof.....when I suddenly heard and saw at an explosion..... . One of the roof tiles landed on the ground, and suddenly sprouted eyes.....and started hovering. The Pokemon started preparing a 'Ghost' 'Ball' 'move'???? Within some moments, I watched at five or more of such 'shingle' 'Pokemon' converge, and I witnessed that stupid evolution light stuff.......(*shakes my head*). After noting the blinding flash stop, I studied a bit at the result...., which was a floating Japanese shrine shaped entity / Pokemon with toon eyes......that was prepping a very large 'Ghost' 'Ball' move. A Pokedex screen and audio popped at my field of vision, a screen that stated the Pokemon as a Ghost type (*raises my hands in the air in protesting way*).

*Eventually*..........I made it back to here........, but I perceived the presence of the mystery cuddler again (*blushes red*). That, as I also noticed that the "time" settings in here had been manipulated. Yea, and again ~~~ I said that we needed....to talk........ . Yea, but again....I felt a cuddle to my collar (*laughs*) (*perceives a pair of floating and glowing eyes to the corner of the bedroom*), and with my delta-shaped organ array, I saw and / or sensed a sort of visual of a being possessing somewhat wavy long hair that was combed over to the right (?????). Yea... . A...a....a....girl~~~~~ (!!!??!?!!!?!).


So, today I tried to catch up at 'anime' for reconnaissance........purposes.....only to I find myself eventually staring in shock...... .

Hunh??? Yea, seems I noted a 'voice' 'match' for Addy.......to the 'Iris' spotted yesterday..... .

Me? I just don't know what to even say.........till I gather more data....(*feels my tummy wrench*). (*Feels my cheeks burning red*). (*Finds myself purring (!!)*). I'm. ot going to quit my ambitions ~~~ just because ~~~ I find myself noting hugs....(*feels my heart glowing white, and then gold*), hugs and cuddling (*purrs*).

(*Suddenly recalls seeing some sort of farm setting, and even spotting at anime Jessie......either earlier today, or yesterday evening*).

I'm getting sleepy as I write this? Maybe I will explain the event from last week, and give my my full n*notherapy update.....(*purrs in feelings of peace*) a little later....... . I'm sleepy~~~....... .
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