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Another Prophecy Landed..... / Another Spot On Prophecy

"Hmmmm. Me? I just got back from witnessing a horrific fight from some sorta 'Aztec' entity dudes......, and that.....during either a fluid world event, or some other kind of dimension related event. My eyes glowed totally red.... . I accessed streams of red colored energy, noted the enemy 'deleted', and then caused planetary scale event by raising my hands..... ."



Yea, another prophecy landed. I slipped up the other day in giving light details though........ . In the reported prophecy event, while....yes I did note Aztec warrior gods attacking.....

.........., I also noted odd markings and maybe even a 'Necalli' akin appearance grafted at my face..... . Too, my wording was vague, and my grammar was trippy. Why? I must've been sleepy. The planetary scale event I reported, was an epicenter visual of a massive massive quake....., that locally.......seemed to involve tectonic upheaval....as I pulled a regional scale red-colored energy upwards from the depths of the earth.

Well, even though yet another prophecy landed, it isn't like mankind is going to understand or even acknowledge it.

I note mankind does not have the faculties to comprehend the truth, reality....., any more than an ant or a locust..... .

It is what it is...... .

All I can do, too, is take this event as proof to myself that my dimension diving events and prophecies are not 'fanfiction' as those disgusting, nasty, and hopelessly ignorant and delusional accusers would accuse at me.

My abilities don't require the "seal of approval" of chump Atheists and like, and I give thanks....regarding that.

I thank the beings, the hyperdimensional friends, who have made my lifestyle possible. I can casually demonstrate my prophecy abilities as of late.

Soon the day will come.....when I walk the streets wielding cosmic blasts....... . Yea, then I'll take whatever I want, from food, to jewelry, to any starships potentially located within any "secret base areas" on this planet.
Tags: earthquake, prophecy, prophecy proof
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