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Hyperdimensional Hymnal: Bells Of Prayer

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Yesterday night ~~~ I was on the main Yggdrasil console, and in a state of intense and visionary focus.

Me? I *vowed* myself to the duty...of striving to surpass 'anime' 'Nina' 'Wyndia', and that is when it happened (!!!!!). A wakeful state vision, a vision of my true form....took place. My true body.....was amidst a pitch black backdrop / environment, and casting forth light via my true form, my aura, and my (???) p...pink glowing fingernails (*blinks*)....as my arms were folded over my chest / torso in a crossed manner.

This spellsong has an amplification effect, and, for me in any case, it boosts data processing levels......and meditative capacities..... .

And as for environments...exposed to this litany, there is an effect whereby the flow of data is boosted. It has a notable exorcising effect too.... .

Yea. This theme is my cry of defiance at evil, it is my cry of defiance at mankind. It is my cry of defiance.....at the cruelty, the malice, the spite, the scorn, mankind's porn, and the thievery imposed at all of my time and resources. This hymnal delivers the message that there is a bright life waiting ahead, a bright life in a radiant world that is full of hope and radiant and achieved dreams. A world where I can be free to play music, farm vegetables, and take care of others who both *need* and *appreciate* my efforts to care for them. A radiant and shining world where 'evil' does not exist, where 'evil' 'has' 'never' existed, where 'evill' 'shall' 'never' exist.

*Prays, and focuses on the recalled energy pattern of that holy blue place*.

*Feels concentrations of holy fire....somewhere.....near, as also feels my fingernails glowing white*.

*Feels a tear of prayer trickling down the bridge of my nose*.
Tags: prophecy, prophetic rock, prophetic visions, spellsong effects, spellsongs
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