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Used A Portion Of My Trump Card Earlier........

Waking earlier today, I heard a whirring sound, a sound like whirring frequencies and energies in my ears.... . The air around my head and shoulders had an energized quality too..... . I asked myself what would have caused such to be observed today, and that after a *PHENOMENAL* dimension diving experience..... . Then I remembered what I did earlier, remembered.....and said "ohhhhhh"..... .

Yea, so far, I have not mixed my trump card items and my nanoth*rapy based G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum. Ever since frying my telephone a couple months back or so, I had held taking the trump card items.... . This morning though...I theorized that I may be able to "handle" my trump card items now.....that I have boosted neuroconductivity levels, boosted data processing levels, and bodily tissues / bodily pathways / neural pathways that are thinly (that needs to be shifted to highly.....soon) saturated with precious metal n*noparticles.

*O_O*..... . Me and my theories as of late (*shakes my head*)..... . What a result..... . (*Blinks*). Even though I took a *TINY* amount of the trump card, far under previous, amounts the experience and apparent efficiency of processing for the consumable......was on a level....(shakes my head*) I have yet to see period.

Rather than causing pyrokinetic fires to pop up, and frying the electricity of a whole area....(like what happened as I noted the 2014 flophouse)........., energy was *contained* about my body and kept "anchored" around and inside me. Indeed. The precursor / precursors to "control".......was / were present.

Me? I will admit my slipups, and it is now ***OBVIOUS*** that the precious metals nan*therapy....was ***REQUIRED*** for me to fully utilize and fully apply the trump card items which I stumbled upon years......ago..... . Yea, actually I burned my way through loads of trump card items..,......whilst not even experiencing the results seen today....even with somewhat large amounts occasionally taken....... .

I will not punish myself for this though, taking note that I, whilst....also.....witnessing horrific and imposed poverty a couple years.....back, only noted sh***y and useless garbage level disinformation......from 'otherkin' '/' 'fictionkin'...... .

Today's discovery was the fruit of prior discoveries, prior and desperate struggles amidst hardship, and the blessed and immaculately pure.....company of divine Goddesses who art beyond comparison (*gasps and blushes as I (!???!) felt a caress to my (!!!) backside (!!!)*) (*feels my toenails glowing in a blushful and startled manner*). Yea, just like I had to desperately struggle to awaken and display demonstrable abilities (and thus take the trump cards and other Nootropics)..., and then leverage those abilities into attaining this riverfront paradise mining house (which was the ONLY way I got to be / stay in this house)......

..........I had to literally stumble upon the truths of S*lver, Pl*tinum, and G*ld nan*particles and n*notherapy......via....contact events with beautiful smelling Goddesses.....who were lucidly perceived as a result repeatedly lying on a bed covered with cosmic energy laden and (thus) initially overwhelming (to the senses / neurological pathways)....S*pphires and the like (the said bounty of divine contact facilitating gemstones having been mined from the river in front of the house).

*Checks the clock*. Ok. I'll try to get into some results....and event reporting.... . I note a 'babysitting' 'job' from an XX chromosome type today (lol) (*feels my fingernails glowing as I laugh*), so I may have to report my experiences / complete reporting my experiences later.


K. Let's use a highlights posting style for this report?

[Under Construction]
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