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Sleepyhead Woke Up.......? / Not What Nor Who......I Expected / Packing Teh Bags Part I

I was about to come on here...., report a *really* intriguing Serena event....,, and just cruise into the day of the trip.

*Shakes my head and sighs*.

But it looks like I need to chronicle some things.......... .

K. So, I do not know......if this trip is going to happen in the "conventional" way (*thinks about my meteor storm backup plan*) (*feels an eerie vibrating sensation to the sole of my left foot*)....and I say that because I do not know if I'll note 'kayfabe'.....hold........ . (*Feels my fingernails glowing....with intense defiance*). (!?!???! *Suddenly perceives a visual of (!?!!) a beyond anime Serena / mystery blonde who hath very very brightly, upsettedly bright......even, glowing nails....and a facial expression of an upset and determined basis*).

To report an example of what I mean..., and an example that took place *before* today, I'll report a phone event from a couple weeks back. Seems I found that the upcoming flight(s) did not have a seat bookings for me. Meaning, had I showed up to the airport(s) and not setup seating weeks beforehand, I'd have likely noted trouble... .

Well, when I called at the airline, (*shakes my head*) I noted a strange.....and gross (*cringe*) debacle. Though I did note seats supposedly "registered", window seats, I (*cringe*) also noted the 'airline' 'worker' chick start freaking the **** out......(*cringes*). Yea. A chick that started 'breathing' 'hard' (???)....for no reasonable reason., hacking, and making strange gurgle noises as if about to puke (*chuckles a bit*). Anxiety? No, the chick was seemingly having a paranoia attack...... . But....I needed more evidence before making a definitive judgment, so I did not report the event my journal.

K. Today? Well, where to begin? (*Growls a bit*). I was walking to the mailbox to tend to a very important pre-trip matter..... . Looking down upon reaching the base of the driveway, I noted vandalism / littering (been a trend lately). Yea, I witnessed bait at my storm abilities. Determined to keep calm, and not storm up the region / effect my airport travel plans via my emotion-driven weather manipulation abilities, I loaded the mailbox......, put up the flag, and then tidied up my driveway...(yet again). Detecting 'something' 'was' 'wrong'......, I sat to the recliner with a view of the road........and waited...at 'mail' 'truck's' 'arrival'. After eventually watching at the truck come and go, I went to check the mailbox. My letter was *STILL* *THERE* and, I noted junk mail dumped at it. Too, the flag...was.....down?????

I went back inside, and picked up the phone. Why? A hunch. You see, if you travel overseas, and note a bank card, you can read at literature that cites a chance for 'funds' to be completely cut / locked out......unless the bank is notified of any overseas travel beforehand. Since I might observe hotel prepayments soon..........(*notices the internet connection collapse....(lol)*).....

*The internet went down locally (6-7pm) for a prolonged time........IRL, so took a nap*.

*Resumes compiling post some time before midnight*.

*Blinks*. Wow. As I was saying, I made a phone call, and that because I discerned obvious sabotage / passive aggression / trickery was obvious... . Well, the phone (??) kept blipping and tripping. Maybe it was my ki (*thinks of my microdosing the trump card items for the last IV days*).....,? Well, upon noting a 'bank' 'worker', I kept noting claims that my call was "breaking up"........., and furthermore I heard at thinly veiled aggression and frustration from yet another chick....(*inhales and groans*). (*Recalls at the "mascot" theme "security question"*). Even though I listened at the the unreasonably irritated and irrational 'worker'....claim everything went through, I'll check at the bank in person........to make sure there are no 'accidental' 'problems'..... .

Oh. I guess I should report how after the phone call, and before the internet flopped, seems the basement washing machine got zapped some point (*inhales....and exhales a bit with worry*). It was locked up in the middle of the spin cycle....... . (Makes me glad that I have only been microdosing the trump card items).

I guess I need to make another post covering the mainstay of the Serena / dimension / vision events from earlier.

Before I do that though, I need to mention that I may witness 'Dawn' the day after tomorrow........ . Yea. 'Dawn', the millionaire one, does not have the best timing (*inhales and groans*).

Yea, this trip is going to be....***HUGE***, and I can only surmise that I note 'they'.......'know' at something. Something about this world, my past, and my identity. Something I have yet to find....... . K. Let's do the next post, and get into covering the Serena event.
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