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Time To Get To Work...... / No Sleep In Tokyo.............

Well, I made it O_O..... .

And, with a bevy of gemstones on my person, incapacitating pains like those......from over a decade ago....didn't even *happen* this time!!! Looks like, now, I can *handle* the energy on this side of the planet....and do it with ease due to my gem mining training.

Lol. My abilities seemed to cause a lot of weather issues, as well as plane issues........, but I made it. (*Recalls the thick layers of clouds spanning from East to West, and the bumpy and jostling rides / landings*).

I give thanks to the beings who made my survival possible.

What now? I'm going to put distance between myself and Tokyo, and see about releasing my mega card..... .

Oh. Yea. So far, there seems to be ***no*** chance whatsoever one of these drone-like dudes could be a hyperdimensional being.

[Lol. Seems though like I note a lot of 'interested'....'normo'.....chicks though. One departing from a plane asked what instrument I played, and what hotel I would be staying at.....].
Tags: chilling, in japan, japan trip
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