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Contact Event / Jessie Rocket.....??? / News Analysis........

Woa O_O. Some form of contact was definitely made...., and even after the last posting.

A (???) mystery being, anemic and seemingly starving, came my way in a very grave state.....seeking (!?!) life-sustaining cosmic energy.

Lying back in my S*pphire room of the mountain sanctuary house, I heard their voice...., and even (!?!?!) sensed their hunger (*gulps*).

Fairly loaded with G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum energy due to my n*notherapy (still ongoing by the way)......., and boosted by some African Dream Root I had last night, I extended my hand toward the (*squints*) petite figure and transferred a portion of the cosmic energy blend coursing through my circulatory system.

The figure seemingly cried tears of relief, collapsed, and rested. As the figure's dire cravings and state of starvation were seemingly addressed (for that time being), I sensed an eerie...and delicate...neon whitish light / filmy energy sweep across the realm O_O.

What happened next was ***DEFINITELY*** a white expanse event. A ***HUGE*** white expanse event.

Words came to me in the white? Thoughts? A question????

Seemingly an intrigue filled question specifically regarding my statement about screening, and screening at 'those' 'two'......(****y and ****)... .

Next, somewhat reeling, I opened my eyes to what seemed like a world of white, that was slowly shifting? But there were issues. Grave issues. I saw and sensed.......a friendly JESSIE ROCKET (!!!???!!!???!!!) standing somewhere near me, but whatever setting was manifesting......had issues manifesting. The ground, and gravity, went all wonky..... . The ground beneath my feet seemed to tilt. Ummmmmmmm....though things were happening fast, with a cursory sweeping glance........I spotted at a malformed and lumpy seeming Meowth, a malformed and lumpy seeming Pikachu, and either my vision went wavy / wonky.....or I saw Jessie who seemed to ripple and flow in the wind (*shakes my head*). (Did I also witness that James guy? I think so.........).

As soon as green meadow grass formed underneath (???) us standing there, everybody went rolling as the ground shifted....to a diagonal angle. Before everything went to white (and a total collapse occurred regarding the world / environmental manifestation process), I think I witnessed Pokemon dudes' 'faces' go missing, torsos swapped and / or cartoonishly detached, and other such stuff. I think I spotted at Ash, too, and that after my starlike form flew from whatever form I was inhabiting...moments before the ground flipped.

(*Shakes my head*). What an event.


Not sure if it is linked to last night's / this early early morning's events, but.....


Yikes..... . Could this be like the starship equivalent to a collapsed cake made by a baking newbie?

Last year.....I had a vision about an elongated starship, drew a portrayal of it, and posted that portrayal to this journal.

I *really* need to work on my accuracy regarding manifesting worlds and technological items. Hmmmmmmmm. I'll triple my daily G*ld dosage next year, and see what that does for my manifesting abilities.
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