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Hunh? 'Gohan'? Spooky...... . / Nintendo Switch Initial Impression

Wow. This little unit is *turbocharged* for it's size. I can sense the *speed* from it.

The little unit is like a tiny sports car........designed for compactness, and speed......(*raises eyesbrows a bit**). Yea, but it is not going to make me abandon my Wii U.

Though I...as a life goal...never permit / allow complaining (for myself), and though I certainly do not intend to complain given the state of cosmic events (*thinks about the time until the black hole effrcts*), it is not complaining to state the facts as they stand. The unit was ***RUSHED***!!!!!!! Why? I do not know (yet).

Whereas the Wii U is quite slower, it, before the Miiverse was dropped for some reason (*shakes my head*), was somewhat like a luxury car for a kid (lol). It had a functional internet browser, it had Netflix, and it had a friendly, cute, and and silly UI =^_^=. Yea, I loved the Miiverse concept.

As for the Switch and "utilities", with no currently released internet browser, no Amazon Prime video app, and no Netflix app, and no Skype and / or online chat support....the console seems like it was ***RUSHED***.

Yea, and I don't want to claim it to have a UI with an 'antisocial' and 'awkward'......'autistic' 'vibe', but jeez....... . (*Shakes my head*). (*Thinks about an idea of customizable user interfaces........*). Yea, where are the bubbly clouds and rainbows for an initial homescreen load up with some warmth??? (*Shakes my head*). Where is the, where is ***ANY*** social component???? (*Recalls how last month in Tokyo....I spectated at the subanime 'specimens' seeming so autistic, unhappy, and unsocial....). Where is the joyful art????? Where art the calm and happy.....instrumental background themes that give a nod to the past, but also give a nod to the future?

Hmmmmmmmmm.......... . Not what I was expecting...... .

Where I come from, technology and art...go hand in hand (*shakes head*).

If I do note F*nrisS**r send a message (I'm not holding my breath), and do note the Amazon wishlost gift stuff, I would *have* to send a software title and / or a Nintendo card with which to get software.

*Checks this site*.


Well....I got the Z*nky Mii avatar, and the Zinkerd__g (oo in the blank) Nintendo account name setup (why the X character account name cap?) ( Friend Code::SW-0040-8103-8747 )........, but I have yet to note Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (which I will see to checking after this post). Yea, this system is not / not yet a social platform unit like the Microsoft XBox I currently is (*recalls at J's net communication headgear and his nightly online gaming parties*). It is, as of now, a mobile little speed racer (*blinks*). It has a ***lot*** of potential, but it needs a ***lot*** of work. Console software traits type work. Yea, and since I note most games checked at these days.....have such dreadfully ugly 'designs' (Borderlands, Call Of Duty, 'Dying' 'Light', 'Destiny') and subanimeesque dreary 'renderings', ugly suabimesque designs that no amount of processor speed can make beautiful.................., I wonder if I will have any fun with this little thing......... . Yea, I'm not a gamer. (*Shakes my head*).

Time will tell?


During my nap.....to gather energy for the Switch stuff, I may have experienced a fluid world event??? I do not know..... .

I was woozy, and stumbling along some cobblestone path of what seemed like smooth river stones. What seemed like a black expanse.......moments before, shifted to that cobblestone path. Looking to my right, I could have sworn I initially detected at a XX chromosome type.......at my immediate vicinity. Yea, but I noticed (???) 'Gohan'.......(???), a weird and somewhat ghostly power 'exuding' Gohan.

I dunno. I detected at the power of ghosts....as I walked the cobblestone path. me? I ask...."ghosts of 'what'?....." though. Maybe I saw a orangish dusk or daen.....light...form in the sky around that point. (*Sees a pair of neon blue eyes as I type*).

Hmmmmmm. Gohan.....?????

*Shakes my head*.

Sell, time to make some waffle fries, drink algae, and then check at Xenoblade 2 for a while.

I give thanks that this day could come. I just got back from Japan, my Nintendo hardware is current (been a long time....since that) (*feels my stomach lurch in shock*), I live in a riverfront house in a gem mining paradise zone, I have plenty of heat and living amenities, and my refrigerator is full of food. That, and my prophesied cosmic object from over a decade ago......has just swung by the planet....heralding the oncoming planet-concluding blast / blasts.

I'll take that over the fickle 'company' of some relentlessly complaining, chronically unfun, chronically arguing, relentlessly b**ching, and relentlessly virtue-signaling......fake@$$ Fictionkin pseudofriends (*recalls at that old 'forum'). Yea. I'll take it, and offer my deepest gratitude and thanksgiving in return.
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