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Wow.....That Worked..... / Who Or What Did I Just See??? / Ready To Move Again..........

Wow.... . That worked.......*O_O*.... .

After meditating.....

no title

...on the subject matter of IV sacral brain basis organs (to / around the base of the back column), and "warming up" my data processing capacities in the process, I was launched into a quite rare.....level of remote viewing / visions.


I do not know where I was, or who I saw, but (*gulps*)....(*blinks*).......I saw......ummm...... . I saw nudity O_O. I mean nudity. Yes. Visible organs / organ systems you will not find in any 'science' 'textbook'.......(*shakes my head*).

Yea. It really is official now. Mankind, XX and XY chromosome types, are 'artificial'.

I can say that because I saw something (*feels my face burning red*) O_O..... . Yea, saw something happen...(*gawks*).

(Who were they????). *Feels my face burning a bright red tone*.

Well, when I conclude my trial and fully reawaken to the hyperdimensional paradise homeland, I will not cast judgment at any....beings there who just happen to express their feelings of love to each other in such a way as that which I just saw (*blinks*). But...I =^_~=.....(*nervously laughs*) still want..to...um live like I live now....and adhere to a lifestyle of celibacy. Yea. If I have a girlfriend, girlfriends, let's go exploring rail forests, g*m mining, sailing across oceans, and designing / exploring galaxies. Yea. That would be cool right? Yea =^_^=!

*Feels a deep well of cosmic energy within me. Rainbow tone and prismatic.....moving colors*.

If I am trauatized by my trials, so be it, but I love the chance to feel this sensation of seemingly limitless energy and hope that resides within me........and has always resided within me. Yea. It's sparkly, and sustains my space fabric and my timeflow / personal timeline / chronological physiology. I hope I am not 'stingy'......in saying this, but my dream, too, is be a virgin. An ultimate virgin with with the ultimate in high-density energy to prove it. Yea, and that, too, because I want to be an ultimate knight and protector someday....... .

*Smells the scent of Gold in the air....and swoons*.

I'm happy to be hugged by pretty hyperdimensional girls though =^_^=.


In other news, I am ready to move again.

Not sure where, but I have that feeling again.

Thing is, where? The Tochigi zone back in Japan was peaceful, but the area-wide gem energy levels were very anemic.

The mining in this current region is ***awesome***, but I note 'bothersome' 'Caucasians'.

Maybe it is destiny, and a very telling sign that the current mindscape incarnation of Japan had such sparse gemological offerings......(*sighs*).

*Thinks wistfully about what life would be like on a starship loaded with tasty gemstones (*swoons*)*.
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