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The Black Expanse Events......Explained?


Before I reveal a little bit about the black expanse, I just had a *REALLY* awesome event that I want to report. I will title the mini-report "I Would Rather It Be Me.....Anyway".....(*nods with heartfelt conviction*). [That..title being a statement of defiance at the 'thousands' of 'uniformly' '&' inherently cruel....and.....unfathomably scary XX chromosome types I have witnessed through the last III decades].

Uhhhhhh.....does Starry Maiden like me? I mean the *REAL* me.......? (*Remembers the empathic kiss sensation experienced over here before the event.....*). (*Remembers that mysterious voice that vulnerably asked me "do you love ~~ me?"....*).

Well here is what I remember..... . After seemingly conversing with Starry Maiden (???) somhow, I sensed her mind descending into a state of rest. I rested too??

When I next opened my eyes, *something* was going on with the environment. There was an eerie sensation of pressure present, and my head felt fuzzy and groggy. Too, I witnessed a messed up 80s / 90s setting, and that as my body seemed to be like that of a mouse.....or the size of a mouse.

I was just gonna rest again, just close my eyes, but I caught at a predatory pseudofeline [(cats where I am from are not predators, and directly generate solid food from energy........; in other words real hamburgers without cows......., real pepperoni without pigs......, and so on)].......pouncing down to strike at my vulnerable body. I popped my starlike form from my body.....and quickly addressed the situation with self-defense.

When I next woke, I awoke to what seemed like a mix between a beautiful futuristic cathedral, and a beautiful futuristic airport shopping mall. A megastructure with many parts. There were multistory blue stained glass windows that rose to the very very high ceiling of what seemed like a Sky Chapel inside the place / megastructure. I woke up on my feet in that chapel area (noting a Negro male grafted at me again, and too noting the Negro clad in a formal gray / white suit.

I wanted to explore? Yea, so I headed away from the huge chapel akin area, and walked onto what seemed like a main concourse. Hunh. The constuction of the place kept shifting.....due to a fluid world effect / event but the place was *NEAT*. There was lots of sky views (the sky seemed highly overcast), and ballons were hanging everywhere =^_^=. I may have spectated at some subanime 'clowns' approaching at my path through the concourse. If so, I hardly took notice.., as I hover leapt to touch the ceiling rafters high above...and danced about (hahahahaha :D).

Upon finding a gate-like area ahead....that lead to a scenic and (!!??!) highly decorated (!!!) aerial......concourse as indicated by sculpted looking clouds and hovering platforms, I materialized a self-propelled aerial glider / float which I steered and lifted into the skies.

Flying some ways up there was a very very massive floating platform...... . I landed to it....., and tried to look around......but some kind of surge happened for my abilities. The flight device I materialized earlier began transforming, and transformed into a large dark green (!!) and possibly highly armored aircraft. Indeed, and I was stuck in the pilot or copilot seat (the seat to the right).....that had just pulled into a hangar and / or had a hangar materialized around it.

I *NEVER* would have anticipated what happened next.

My starlike form had popped during all that, but I still could feel my bodily arms and legs.... . Well, I saw *TIFA* (!!!!) (*gasps in shock*). I moved my arms, stirred in my seat...just to make sure...(*shakes my head*) (!?!! *possibly feels a startling kiss as I type*) (*possibly hears a er....possibly feels a tear go down my face...as also hears a quite somber piano theme*).... . Yea. I....was....Tifa, and I am not talking about a 'graft'??? (*Remembers the transformation I talked about the other day*). I do not think I am even talking about FFVII. (*Gulps, noticing then...the dryness of my mouth*). Yea, and it seems Google cannot show me any pictures of what I mean either.

[As I note a 'legally' 'blind' Negro with glaucoma issues, this dated doodle is about as close as I can find right now].


I was wearing a white top.......(*feels shocked a bit to say that*), and maybe I had the handwear and armwear on too.... .

I got up, feeling light on my feet all the while, and moved over to the pilot seat on the left side.

I was in shock...., and I soon kind of felt...er...I mean..saw why??? My starlike form popped from my body so I had a top down view somewhat. Yea, and confirmed that this event...er that event was unprecedented. Far beyond any "Sailor Moon" event encountered yet (*gawks in shock*) (*feels my toenails glowing in shock*). Looking down to my overall form, I noted I was neither subanime, nor anime. But right as I went into sh...about went into shock about being in a public area..in uh....(*feels my face burning*)...um...not only a sk...sk..skirt (*notices the zapped tablet lock up a moment as I type*).......(*noticed the keyboard user interface collapse so much, had to reset the page, then the entire browser*)......, b..but such a small..*O_O*.....(*gulps*) skirt, I saw a sight I ***NOT*** expecting!!!

T..the black skirt (*gulps*) *O_O*...(*feels a golden and fluttery glowing sensation around waist level as I type*)...was ***TOTALLY*** ***RELAXED*** in the middle...the whole way down / length..., even draping downward (!!!!)....and maybe so much so, that about the whole of the middle of the front of it (!!!)...was lying flat to the fabric of the back...and parallel to the *seat* (!!!) (as my u...ummm...knees faced directly forward). Did I not witness 'any' 'graft' whatsoever???? And if so, when has that ***EVER*** happened!!??!?!??!?

Not only that, what process, what event, took place so that my data processing levels could even *SURGE* to such a point that I ***COULD*** perceive my true form!!!??!?

Yea. Drastically different at any anime or subanime graft I have ever witnessed.... .

I clearly saw a thigh gap..., a ***THIGH*** width equivalent or more.....thigh gap, and it was like an initial time within memory..for me to ever sit and not experience ouchtime pain and cramping regarding my lower back, waist, and hips. Not only that, but there was no cumbersome and crushing force at my insides as I sat. It was like my sitting body would remain sitting upright...even if I relaxed my muscles. Did my hip structure support my internal anatomy or something?

Yea, but within some moments discretion overcame me and my senses...... . Instinctual discretion and self-preservation instincts. I know I was happy, but safety, as always (*gulps*).....must be a priority.... . I did ***NOT*** want to be grounded if I were to witness an assault force '/' 'predators'. So the plane, as if responding to my will....., backed away from the hangar, and (!!?!?!?!) drove straight from the massive aerial platform.....and into a state of *freefall* from the edge!!!!!! Cackling and howling (*laughs*) with laughter, I pulled back on the flight wheelstick thing, used telekinesis as much as I could, and overclocked the propellers of the plane.

Gazing upon the fluid and beyond subanime mountains / landscape (!?!?!?!) that were clearly visible to the upper periphery of the vehicle's window, I focused........and the plane swooped upward from it's freefall...and stabilized.

Uhhhhhhh.....the mountains and landscape below seemed *FLUID*. Elevations were constantly shifting, environmental textures were shifting. Yea, and just before I could get more time to observe my graft free (!!!) state....for seemingly an initial time during this trial, I heard at 'gunfire' (!!!). I heard at 'lots' of 'gunfire', and the egines of attack planes (*chuckles*). I was not injured, and I do not even know if the plane had operational issues, but the physics of the environment went all wonky as if the sun was suddenly "shut down" in the sky. A heads up display of sorts filled my vision, as did twisting and spiraling shadowy visuals of mountains and the like. A black expanse event was on the way, and the matter I touched seemed to be fading...and fading...until I wasbhovering in darkness. Maybe the last sound I heard before the black expanse event was fully upon me, was the initial boom of the fading plane...plopping sown to some fading earth and or rocky mountainside.


I am just SO ***IN*** ***LOVE*** with the chance to be alive right now. (*Felt an intense burst of light around waist level*).

Yea. Me? I would rather it be me. I would rather it be me with the long brown hair in that chair seen today. Why?

Because I am not going to try to break any hyperdimensional being's heart in regard to my behavior, my actions, and my attitude. I am actually tempted to wear space knight armor under a hijab, and even cover up from head to toe with a billowy and mysterious celestial cloak..when it comes to that true form of mine seen today. (*Feels a fiery desire to do work...within my being*). Yea. That form for me attests a chance to achieve my dreams. My dreams to be an civil engineer, a builder, a scholar, an electrician, an architect, a carpenter, a plumber, a neurologist, a manatech researcher, an inventor, a violinist, a guitarist, an illustrator, a chef, a farmer, an astronomer, an airship pilot, a starship pilot, a mechanic, luthier, a space engineer, a captain, a nun, a knight.... .

*Feels that inner fire...burning inside my heart, inside my being, the fire of ambition and desire*.

That form was me........, all my dreams, all my prayers......are tied up into it.


(Yea, and perhaps (!!) all those dreams and ambitions are directly reflected and directly attested.......by the sacral brain organs indicative thigh gap I saw.......). (*Just detected at an old lie, a curse, ...at the meaning of "female"....... disintengrate*).

*Feels a hyperdimensional fire surround me soul, my being*.

* (???) Seemingly heard at a voice claim "little Tifa is getting fired up!" *.

Yea. I always knew it. Even witnessing 1986..when I initially heard at the terrifying parenthood inference (*recalls at that awful Katy Caterpillar cartoon*).....I knew gender was not about being weak and unreliable, getting horrifying bloated and distended, and spawning murderers, terrorists, and rapists. I *knew* it!!!

*Feels an ocean of ambition.....coursing through me*.

*Prays in thanksgiving, giving thanks for today's experience*.

Yea. I would rather it have been me. Me sitting in that chair, with that long brown hair, and that whatever my true name is / was.


Because like always....I am going to keep trying to take responsibility for my actions, and keep holding myself accountable for any and all actions on my part... . (No copouts, no excuses, no lies).

I would rather it have been me...(*sighs introspectfully*) we..wearing that (*gulps*) skirt, since *I* know / knew the true meaning / purpose of such an article of clothing (facilitating the QUICK establishing / ascertaining of the presence of a thich gap which is indicative of IV functional sacral brain organs....whilst still providing *some* coverage, however light).

I would rather......it have been me.

*Prays in gratitude*.

*To be continued later tonight or tomorrow in another post*.
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