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What It Is Like Living In A Permanent State Of Meditation... / White Wolf Girl Illustration Coming..

Before coming over here, an *AWESOME* event went down.

I guess it shows....whenever I play hyperdimensional hymnals multiple times in a day....

... .

What happened? Well, I guess I made the choice I was supposed to...regarding that Switch. The software I got last night has NES style music and visuals.

So I actually *used* the Switch for an initial night..... .

During the fluid world / dimension diving events that followed the Switch time, I struggled to keep noting a Negro male grafting at me like usual... . For quite some time, I *may* have been gliding through an eerie mall-like place with Starry Maiden beside me (if so......I noted a Negro dude grafted at her).

Some point though...I found myself in a small room to some eerie location. I was lying on a bed by a window, and gazing through the window.....I noticed leaves of a tree appearing and disappearing. A fluid world storm event was taking place, and I heard at what sounded like a Caucasian XX chromosome type mortal claiming that a glitch was taking place.... .

Whilst sitting in that room, I heard hyperdimensional music. As soon as I initially I heard the music..., the world flash transformed for a moment..., transforming to a futuristic and metallic setting that looked like it was comprised of NES style graphics. The music? The heard music sounded like a hybrid of the MMII Heat stage theme and the MMIV dust stage theme...., and when I materialized my mandolin........I managed to make something happen. Playing along to the theme, and then eventually guiding both the musical direction of overheard music......*and* the world transformation process simultaneously......., a ***HUGE*** surge of energy took place for the environment.

Before the surge event clicked into full gear though, I think I witnessed an angry, grumpy, fussy, and depressed...subanime blond Caucasian boy doppelganger....entity....seated at my left side. He was holding at a electric-acoustic mandolin, and heckling at me? Lol. He futily dissed at the music? Maybe he was / is the anime Sailor M**n....'acting' 'out'... . After discerning the angry curly-haired dude would not play along with me, I got up, and played to the hymnal.....as more and more energy coursed / blasted into the area. Now, I do not know, but maybe ***Nina*** (!!!) teleported in / appeared with a piano in tow......because as I kept playing, and as the world kept transforming into what looked like a holy sanctuary of mana charged / infused technology.......I saw a piano player? A player who seemed to be wearing a dress.... . A piano player who complimented my playing / energy. With all the energy streaming upon the area, I think I witnessed the heckler guy disappear.

Soon I found myself back here....with the world feeling all trippy......, and found the quake news.

In retrospect, maybe the theme I heard sounded a little bit like this. It *does* present the basic gist of the MMII heat stage melody.., albeit modified in note structure.


Me? I have never had.., any time I can remember, a 'freak' 'out'. I have always preferred pacifism, and had a peaceful seeming mind even before implementing / finding about meditation. But back when I discovered 'every' 'graft' I witness ('grafted' at my body / mind / soul / existence, personality) has a weak but deadly and sinister......artificial 'intelligence'..., I refused at fate.. . I defied at fate. I was not going to let myself be 'another' 'crotch' 'grabbing' 'thug'.

Noting 1999 and after my initial solar flare vision / reality manipulation event....., I made my pledge to celibacy, mapped my mind / existence / identity, and went into a permanent state of meditation. I did it in an act of self defense. I did not want to be delusional, and lead to doom by the Homo Sapiens 'grafted' at me.

Back then, and after a thorough mapping quest.....I discovered my mind / soul here was in III parts....I called Jag, Jaguar, and Jaguaro.

Jag was the clown cat =^_^=..., perpetually playing around lol......and laughing... . Jaguar was the serious, and was focused on action and duty. Jaguaro was the thinker, the writer, the planner, the strategist.

[For the record......by mapping those III parts I could thus discern and defensively seal at the terribly powerful and evil demonic entity that came / comes with this Negro graft I currently witness].

Unifying those parts of myself, resulted in ***WILD*** surge events, and me recovering more and more of my abilities..... .

That all said, I found at a webpage last night.


Me? I think the real fruit of meditation.....is objectivity. A being who has a peaceful mind, a calm mind, can observe the truth, can observe reality, and that free from the contamination of solipsism, and narcissistic projection. To be a true and effective researcher in any field.....requires objectivity. Intelligence must be tempered by wisdom.

Me? I am going to keep meditating. That, and I am going to see about reunifying with that "me"....who wanders about in the hyperdimensional overworld. I need to merge with that me in the overworld...... who.....whilst still quite dazed and "drowsy" acting....., is still in a "coma" (a "walking coma").

That said, I really gotta get that gallon of G*ld and those other nanoparticle supplies as soon as possible. Yea. Meditation is not easy. It is a way of life.


During my trip to Japan, I might have noted a shrine clan related senior dude offer 2,000$

...at an amount of these much smaller than this...... . I do not sell my g*mstones though.

Well, J.....(!!!???!!!!?!!!!) mined at an amount of these gemstones that would fill a dang on half gallon milk carton......and now I note him claiming he *WANTS* to sell this year or next year, and possibly in Japan. These are all from a spot I found around here via my abilities? I did not know I would witness J so serious at mining O_O. Reading at the internet, I note 700-900 dollar prices at each of these kinds of g*mstones.

I need to study Japanese a whole lot lot lot more......if I am going to note J go into business soon. I may note regular trips to Japan soon.....O_O. (*Grins as recalls at all those flirting XX chromosome types*). (*Thinks about all those relaxing shrine places seen during the last trip*).


The delicate-hearted and adorable white wolfy girl has been (!!!) regularly arriving and sleeping in the vicinity of my bedside (!!!!). Sometimes I note it is like she will patiently wait for me wrap up my writing / research....and then try to cuddle next to me *O_O*.

I do not know if I can even claim to understand what is going on, be she does not mean me any 'harm'. Actually, usually, she seems really chilled.......as in need of being warmed up / comforted.

She has very beautiful, soft, and full ~~~ eyes. Too, and thankfully, she is ***NOT*** an XX chromosome type (nor subanime or anime).

*Feels my fingernails glowing as I thought / mentally spoke my next sentence*.

I like her.

(!! *Gasped as felt a caress to my backside*).

I am going to see about doing an illustration of her...which will be based on the view of her from the side....seen a couple weeks ago........ . It will be a spellsketch, a summoning spellsketch, and I will post it on here. Lol. Yea. She was so cute in her little starship (*laughs mirthfully*) uniform dress.

Yea. She is a sweetheart. And a cutie =^_^=! (!! *Felt a caress to the top of my head / scalp*).
Tags: fluid world cluster events, gold, herbal medicine, hyperdimensional hymnal effects, life lessons, mining, platinum, silver, starry maiden
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