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GPU And CPU / Theory About The Head Brain

Trigger Warning: Lol. You know the drill.


I tried to watch at the 'new' 'Cardcapt*r' 'S*kura' 'series' just now....(*gulps*), but I was overwhelmed with disgust and squeamishness. I was repulsed at 'Sakura', repulsed at 'Sakura's' 'brother', repulsed at 'Tomoyo', and I cringed at 'Sya*ran'. I could not take all the loveless 'heterosexual' 'and' 'hom*sexual' elements, nor all the saccharine and meaningless 'false' 'happiness' ickiness. Too, my eye scanning abilities flared up all the while in an overdrive fashion...... . While I noted the environment and architectural visuals pushed the sheer limits of anime / anime level detail, I noted the same was not the case for the 'androgynous' 'anime' 'individuals'.

I lasted about IX minutes before shutting down the Wii U / TV.

What I came here to type about, is an idea I am suddenly having......... .

I wonder if the "head brain" in hyperdimensional beings, er...I am wondering if the "head brains" in a hyperdimensional being.....(II of them) are the basis / base principle from which technological graphics processing units were designed from / modeled after (regarding technology in the hyperdimensional overworld).

Take my Switch for example It has multiple processing / CPU / central processing unit cores for processing data........ . But too.....the Switch has a graphics processing unit / GPU meant to specialize in matters relating to visuals.... .

Well, what if the head brain is meant mainly for processing sensory data...from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth? (*Thinks about a GPU*).

That said, are sacral brains to the base of the back column.....the "central processing unit" brains from which intelligence, sentience, cause-and-effect comprehension, objective morality, objectivity, accountability, responsibility, actual free will, as well as magic energy regulation & control capacities......arise.......????

no title

[Rather than space for some unthinkable and terrifying 'pregnancy' and 'birth', the meaning of hips and a thigh gap art about room to accomodate a quartet of IV brain organs. It never was about 'vanity'. It's about having the capacity for objectivity, free will, logic, wisdom, a conscience, and energy manipulation capacities.]

Behavior and anatomy art instinsically linked.. .

And if this theory is true, it means I note this Negro male imposing deletion at VI of my brain organs..., and severe degeneration at the brain organ that is in my head. (*Thinks about my absolute defense barrier*). Yea. A 'graft' is not a hyperdimensional being's friend or partner........ . (*Gasps as I felt a caress to my backside*).

[And while I am here and saying the above, I note this XY chronosome type male Negro imposes deletion / erasure at....umm...certain hi...hip level (and below) internal organ structures (*gulps*) r..related to gender, whilst also...(as with any XY chromosome type male) imposing severe degeneration at a certain.....gender feature.....which only hyperdimensional beings (and not 'black' 'men') have a true example of... . (Yea It is not 'futanari'. Even the examples of anime limits 'futanari' 'doth' 'fail' at conveying any aspect(s) of the data from the hyperdimensional plane).]
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