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That Was Very Touching........ / What Is A G. O. Sphere..........???? / Starry Maiden's Feelings

Wow... . That was touching.... .

G. O. ..... . Gravity Omnicenter (???)......??? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Ok, let's hop into it..... .

A fluid world event was apparently going on, or so it ***seemed***. Me? I wanted to get back here to the mountain sanctuary as fast as possible, but everything was so fluid....., and the environment kept shifting.

A moment...it seemed like I was inside some mountain area auditorium which featured a movie screen.. .

Then the next moment I was to the other town over.....and noting at Aves' place?... . I *REALLY* wanted to get back the house and go back to bed. I was tired? (!! *Felt a caress to my head / scalp*).

Somehow I witnessed Aves and his spouse walking around as I was in the thick of a fluid world event. Lol. The trailer seemed to expand...so that it had as much area as a mansion dining hall inside of it.

I hurriedly got up, and made way to the yard.......as I was not sure what the trailer would / was going to transform into. Lol. Aves offered a car ride back to my place??? As soon as I sat in what seemed like a front seat of the car in the yard...., a front passenger seat, within moments I found myself sitting (!!!) in a back seat of possible another kind of car altogether (!!!) !!! (*Feels my stomach sink as I type*).

Sitting, and getting kinda concerned, I suddenly (!!!) felt a pair of arms......encircle around my sternum / torso area......and then lightly squeeze (!!!!). Looking back, itnwas like the seat was ***PHASED*** through, the seat which faced the rear of the car and the trunk.

The hands then caressed me...as if lovingly, amidst continuing the hug. I noted, initially, at what seemed like the arms of a XX chronosome type Caucasian. Not knowing what was going on, and initially not knowing if a 'bestie' of Aves' spouse was doing it or not, I chuckled....and stated that there was not any fat rolls there to grab....even though I am / have been taking a brief respite from bodybuilding... .

But then I (!!!) sensed the emotions...., and also noted the sensation of the head and neck (???) of an individual...cuddling / nestling to my shoulders.

The vehicle slipped into fluidity, and morphed into what seemed like a large van-like vehicle, and then an even larger vehicle that seemed much too large and wide for a single lane in a road. Looking back, I think I may have observed at a unknown Caucasian XX chromosome type.

Did I sense love or something? Why was I so calm.......?? I think I did...sense an actual presence...even then.... .

After t holding on to me dear!y....for what seemed to be quite some time, the being released the hug / embrace, and then sat very close (!!) next to me, even hugging to me from the side for much of the time, and it almost seemed like every time I would try to perceive the being visually, I would note a 'different' 'Caucasian' 'appearance'.... . Did I sense motion for whatever vehicle I was sitting in? As I gazed to a seat / bench across from me, I observed at Aves' spouse.....(??).

Hmmm. Was I actually getting relaxed and sleepy...as a result of actual cuddling......from an actually beyond anime being whom I struggled to perceive.....???

I think I might have stood up.....some point as to not go to sleep, and that too....after catching me..about to doze. .after having been cuddled to the chest (!!!) of the mystery presence.

As I stood, I took note of the scene having transformed to what looked like a galley table of some very very large....object that in motion. I kept chatting with the mystery presence though, and was intrigued by how I kept witnessing Caucasian after Caucasian...grafted at my perception of the being. Things seemed to be going well, but then I spectated a heckler XX chromosome type appear at the side of the mystery presence, a heckler entity that was fat, mean, and interfering at every aspect of communication shared between the mystery being and I.

I spoke up at the heckler that was h*ll-bent on warping at the presence's opinion of me, and said how I needed some air.


I really *did* need it, but ***WOW*** even.

Walking to a door....in the room.., I was buffeted by a blast of wind.., stormy wind... . Transfixed and somewhat in shock, I kept walking.....after releasing the heavy door......(!!) (*feels a glow pukse around navel level*)....and saw towering cloud, towering thunder clouds, surrounding my location....., an ***AERIAL*** location that seemed like the deck of an airship.... . The location must have been rich in wind mana? Because I ***HAD*** to get some of that action =^_^= ~~~ !!!! I leapt from the relatively high deck area where I had been....and glided / sailed...to a deck section that was below, and savored the feel of the wind aginst my body (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). Wanting more action, I ascended upwards, and rode what seemed like a circular column of wind as a means to get another view of the structure I had been upon.... .

That was when I heard a cry for me (!?!?!), a plea, a plea that sounded ***loving*** and ***vulnerable***...as well as jubilant and joyous (!!!).... . The presence from before was running down some tall stairs that descended from the galley-like place, and I did not want her to get hurt....trying to reach me, so I descended to her location / the deck.

When I landed, the storm ***INSTANTLY** abated....... .

The setting (!!!???!?!?!?!) transformed to an idyllic and beyond anime setting....., and an eerie screen filled much of my visual perception..... .

The screen showed a picture / data file on a spiky-haired blonde in blue ninja pants / attire....that was apparently me (???)...., and the bottom of the screen had a special area that referenced a special designation.

I was (!?!!) designated as a carrier of some sort of mystical / legendary artifact.

The sentence I read basically / for the most part said...

"The G.O. Sphere of Darkness, suited for adventurers.....".

*Blinks*. I heard music......in some moments. Music of a piano basis that sounded a *lot* like this theme from yesterday's Starry Maiden related posts.

The sight I saw next......made me give pause..(*shakes my head in awe*).... . As my full view of the environment returned, I beheld a crisp blue sky....., and even the beyond anime airship deck seemed pristine.....and shiny (rather than the grungy subanime veneer I observed observed ar moments before)....; yea, but I saw ***her*** *O_O*...... .

A petite...(!!!!) and beyond anime figure whom was not from any anime or game....I have ever witnessed........tearfully descended down stairs to where I landed / stood..... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope and love*). Adorned in a radiant dress....that *LITERALLY* glowed the celestial and golden hue of a sunrise (!!!! (*gazes to my bedroom window*) (*feels a tear going down my right cheek*) (*gasped as I felt a kiss*) (*takes a photo of the morning sun on the curtain*).....

.....of dawn (*gasped as I felt a caress as I said "dawn" aloud as I typed*)....., and some adorable and matching shoes, the petite being made her way to me.....and then stood before me. My starlike form rose from my bodily point of view..., and I saw my ninja knight....attire / blue baggy pants enrobed form I had just been present to below. U...uh...I was....being (!!!) lovingly, longingly, and..I swear....(and I do not intend blasphemy here)....s..s...seemingly *reverently* (*feels my toenails glowing in shock*) gazed...toward..., face to face and right into my eyes, by Starry Maiden who ***CLEARLY*** was in love with me (*shakes my head in utter shock, and feelings of awe*). She was so beautiful..., oh wow.....(*feels myself tearing up some*). She was in love..., radiating the softest, the prettiest, the most delicate energy......(*groans amidst sudden cosmic energy pains, lightning....crackling with my body as I type*). Holy energy. That is what it was coming from her. That is what, too, ***she*** was.

She wanted....she delicately yearned for us to be a couple, I could just feel / sense it from her demeanor, her energy, the emotions pouring from her, and all the same...she was so shy ~~~ and gentle ~~~....... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with trust*). (When we get done with this trial, and awaken to that perfect blue place consummate homeland, .......I have something to tell you that will likely make you feel very happy.....in regard to that subject).

She had beyond anime fair skin, and what looked like gravity-suspended cinnamon / ginger colored hair that was puffy looking and seemed gravimetrically styled (where longer hair was raised and sttled so...that it was above shoulder length or shoulder level).

She had a delicate heart and ***NO*** 'trace' of 'hatred' within her.

Her mind was clear ~~~ and peaceful too ~~........ .

I tried to return to my body......so I could take her hand, and watch over the pristine and shining landscape with her, my precious and beloved Starry Maiden. But before any of that took place, a screen filled my perception again.

Lol. My "group" was shown on the data grid / screen.... . The screen had shifted from the moments before, as if something very important had taken place.

I selected Starry Maiden's cute little picture =^_^=.., and behold something ***VERY*** serious...... . Indeed, a designation to the bottom of her profile / status window menrioned something called The G.O. Sphere...of Light......???

Gravity Omnicenter Sphere???? Is that what G.O. stands for???? The Infiniversal Routing Gem is a gravity omnicenter??? Is the G.O. Omnicenter of Light...supposed to come into contact with the G.O. Omnicenter Of Darkness???

Well, I thank you Starry Maiden for reaching me. You never stopped believing in me. Thank you. (*Feels my fingernails glowing in love and hope*). And thank you for deciding what you decided today.

The dual trial is real......... .


*Prays in thanksgiving for today's event*.
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