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'Elder' 'Wolf' 'God' 'Showdown'..... / A Little Bit Of An Identity Crisis.... / House Maintenance

A post is on the way. A post detailing some wild events. Me? I just got back from noting yet another 'birthday' 'party' 'invitation'.


*Plays a melodic theme I just found popped up on the Wii U*.


I witnessed an '***extremely***' powerful extremely powerful extremely powerful force.... . While I did not 'lose' a fight, things ***DID*** ***NOT*** go to plan....O_O.

For a bit of background I need to explain something.

Me? I have witnessed fights for over a decade.. . I have defended myself at gods, beasts, and mortals...during fluid world / dimension diving events..for over a decade.

It has been a gauntlet for sure, but through ***MOST*** of the events..., I tanked my way through whilst noting a '6'3' '+200lb' Negro...grafted at my existence..


Lately, due to my dimension diving events and bodybuilding...., seems the Negro graft is about 'Br*ck' 'L*snar' 'size'.

During dimension diving events, I have witnessed enemy katanas 'bended' at the Negro dude's grip.

Well.....during today's event...as some ***MASSIVE*** fluid world event went down, and as the landscape was slowly fading away to darkness........., I, whilst walking, took notice at a strange...'Elder' 'Wolf' 'god' entity....for an initial time.. .

The entity was perched at the rooftop of a house....... . Seemingly a subanime to anime grayish color, and wearing some sort of feathers adorned headdress.... .

Not wanting to deal with a fight, and immediately wondering if the author from 2016 had something to do with such an extremely powerful entity facing down at me....., I launched myself into the air......and projected a very thick energy field downward...... .

The entire visible world below shifted to black......in the wake of the defensive field being deployed..... . Yea, but I gasped with horror and worry...as I witnessed the powerful god entity...charge forward (!!!).....whilst releasing a freakish power..... . Not only that, I squeaked in horror (lol).....(*facepalms*) as for reasons I do not know..........(!!!!!!!) the Negro graft (!!!).....disappeared (!!!).....(*felt my stomach sink*).

So there I was, in midair, and noticing (!?!) animesque 'white' arms as I looked down.....and examined myself. Too I observed attire consisting a white athletic top, and black pants.. . Reflexively, I extended my palm at the muzzle of the entity....., and halted at it's advance with a hexagonal field of defensive energy.

I was so shaken, that as a long black bang of animesque black hair dangled in my face....., that I just wanted to run. Escape.

I next found me sitting on the surface of a grayish building..., and observing an environment consisting of an animesque world. Lol. My arms were crossed across my chest.... . The god entity did not fiercely lunge at my neck? My starlike form popped......for a moment, and I noted an unknown......animesque entity....grafted at me, one with a hairstyle that had long bangs but a close style in the back.

So long as I witnessed that god, for some reason (*felt my stomach lurch with desperation*), I ***DID*** ***NOT*** go back to my Negro witnessing regular state..... . What was happening!?!?

I had a bit of an identity crisis then and there, and asked how and why..anybody...could / would ever love me.... . Me huddling there...vulnerably... .

Hunh...? Some moments later, I inhaled in horror as two....extremely 'high' 'anime' 'android' '/' 'cyborg''deity' entities..., two 'champions' of some unknown anime 'universe'.....showed up behind the 'wolf' 'god'. The two entities stood silently, one in red (like a cyborg modeled after an anime deity level XX chromosome type), and one in blue (a dude). All that power.....(*shakes my head*).... . Right as I prepared to drop a wave of my actual and emergency level energy, (!!!!), I noticed three powerful 'wolf' entities...facing off at the two cyborg god entities......(!?!!!!?!?!!?!) in a showdown type manner.....as if the entities would *NOT* permit the cyborg gods to attack me.... . *What* was going on........???

The environment shifted again (!!!), and I found myself witnessing some extremely 'high' 'tech' anime 'laboratory'. I detected at five entities...., and I recoiled as the two previously cyborg dudes crossed at my time and space barrier...and got 'devolved' (lol) to some fat Caucadian dude and a haggard Caucasian XX chromosome type. The strange ones grabbed at my shoulders...brandishing strange syringes, and stabbing the syringes at my arms. I squirmed (lol), and noticed thast my usual armored aura abilities were still present. Hyperdimensional user interface screens formed in my field of vision....., and I got ready to go work.

The scene transformed to what seemed like a mall.., and a huge energy cannon / blaster appeared in my hands.... . I did not go back to my usual Negro witnessing state the whole time...from after that, but I locked my blaster at a random devolved to subanime dude.....and blasted.. . The dude...pointed a hand weapon at me and shot, but my armored aura nullified at the attacks. My blasts though (hehehahahahaha) resulted in me (*blinks*) observing a cartoon smile form on the strange man's face as he keeled over and chuckled (!!?!!?!!!)...whilst his eyes blinked strange colors.


As soon as I woke up to the mountain sanctuary yesterday, I heard at knocks at the door. I got up, and found that Aves was the one knocking...(!?!?!).

The mountain sanctuary got some water filters installed today (!!), and I got some gutter guards that I will put in place after climbing onto the house roof soon.

Lol. Aves (!?!) bought some 'Girl' 'Scout' cookies (!?!) from some mortals that loitered at the front of the hardware store..., and just suddenly gave a box at me (!!!). I had just a bit of an identity crisis event again after that, and wondered...if Aves ***SAW*** at...any of the events that took place today.

Too, I worried, since there is actually a quite real chance of me finding myself here...soon.......taking notice at a XX chromosome type Asian or Caucasian...grafted at my existence.

While I have already told J and Aves that the 'race' 'change' 'thing' may take place, I gave no mention of the 'XX' 'chromosome' 'type' 'change'....'issue'. My deepest fears pertain to a 'reaction' of the dudes if they found out at my secret (*exhales and groaned*). Yea, the secret that I am not 'big' 'black'.....'the' 'party' 'niggles'.

I would not even really call my identity crisis issues a problem, it's just that I have no pride...in my true self. (Where too, I do not know why nor how...anybody...would nor could truly love me). Yea, but even that does not stop me from trying to do work, and trying to get missions / my mission done. Whatever happens, I'll still strive to adhere to my pledge of celibacy =^_^=...., and I'll try to live as clean as possible (*feels my fingernails glowing*). My life will revolve around duty..., and stay that way.. . To protect, and to serve is my goal.
Tags: cosmic energy, defense protocols, identity issues, mystical events
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