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What's Going On....??? / Ready To Play Some Hyperdimensional Anthems

Trigger Warning: This is a private post not intended for mortals. I do not want to be punished nor given the 'silent' 'treatment' for writing about my thoughts and emotions. The thoughts and emotions present in this journal reveal the how and why as to the abilities I have displayed.

Also, I do not want the BG author reading this, this post that is not even about that entity....(whilst yet I would still, of course, note a depressed reaction (and a reaction I never even wanted or intended) from that entity...if it werer to read at this).

I do not want a depressed reaction at this post, or *ANY* of my posts. Such reactions 'were' 'never' my goal.


Oh. About the earlier post (*blush*) (*gulps*), I was under the effects of an empathic kiss? Deep, secret, and naked emotions of mine were brought forth from icy depths and to the surface. I can accept those emotions....since they were brought forth by a real and actual divinity level hyperdimensional female. But I know celibacy works as an organizing principle, right? In any case not dating mortals....., and absolutely...never kissing....'mentally' '/' 'spiritually' '/' 'physically' diseased and deranged 'mortals'.

Know what? I am thinking the divine beings I have intermittently perceived.....may all be instrinsically celibate by nature...? (Even those in (???) relationships.

Why? Because all of them I have ever seenn act like they did not expect love nor the chance to even be loved. They all have ***BEAUTIFUL*** attitudes, and treasure..., cherish, and acknowledge.....love and relationships as ***SACRED***.....rather than trivial entitlements and 'buzzwords'

..... . They themselves, and their relationships are clean, wholesome, whilst yet having burning passion no mortal could ever match.


The pedal is supposed ro be here in a couple hours. Me? I am kinda tempted to get a camera and a tripod with which to film, but naaaaaa. Even if there were visual effects and such that could be photographed as I play, I do not think I would share them with 'mankind'.

Times, and my identity included, are way way way waaaaaaay shifted from the 2004 studying era. Me? I have no attachments to mankind, and I know it now. I do not want money. I do not want 'fame'. I do not intend to 'redeem' nor 'reform' 'mortals'. This music can not even be related to by mankind. It is not "K*nye W*st", it is not F*tty W*p, and it does not have lyrics about 'violating' 'oblivious' 'and' 'brainless' 'mortal' 'automatons'....that are 'receptive' for 'breeding'. Me? I want to set cosmic events into motion yet again with my spellsongs..

Maybe I will make a video today, maybe not, but I shall play. (*Gasps amodst feeling a loving caress (!!!) to my backside*). (*Blushes totally red*). I am not sure why she, the mysterious being who I have even recorded singing on a acoustic mandolin recording........done over a decade ago, appears / shows up when I play the themes I play........ . Lol. (*Blushingly chuckles*). Wow? She is ready too......? (!!!). (*Felt a caress to my l...leg (*gulps*)*). (*Feels my face blushing a bright red*).

K. Now I getting shy about this playing thing. I have an audience??? (*Feels my nails glowing blushfully*) =^_^=. I think I am going to warm up with StarTears today.

I'll also keep careful track of my energy levels, since for some reason, I get strained quite fast when playing spellsongs (why?????).

I have a question though? Why....after I play in many cases, I perceive a pair of intense glowing eyes (!!!) (*just saw them again*) eyes, and then subsequently perceive a loving being cuddling up to me? What explains the summoning effect? It's a mystery =^_^= ~~~....... . While on that matter, why am I finding myself cuddled so much...when yet I note mankind '***HATES***' 'at' me and everything I represent? Do only beings with objectivity and objectivity based mindsets like me? (*Seemingly heard a feminine voice reply, but I do not want to be accused of 'virtue-signaling' so I will hold writing what I heard*).

I think I am going to sweep / mop some floors, and cook some lunch / take Nootropics before playing... . I will not lie....., I am kinda nervous...*^_^*. Too, I really want a girlfriend.......(*laughs*). Lol. I had to say that, even with celibacy pledge and all. Yea, but duty is my goal and priority..... . Duty that is my goal to protect, nurture, and support those I have pledged myself to look after (*felt an intense glow around navel level*).
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