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Victory And Survival / A Life Of Excitement And Adventure / Girls Rock / I'm Happy ^_^

"True wealth is the eternal health, the eternal happiness, the eternal safety, the eternal beauty, and the colossal and enormous vitality ~ of the people you love." ~ Sailor Moon

"A person's performance, health status, and mood are a direct reflection of the quality of the people in their life." ~ Sailor Moon

"I love life. I am absolutely happy. I am totally satisfied *blushes*." ~ Sailor Moon

I think I have recovered to the extent that I can type a brief post, but I am still admittedly feverish ^_^'. There really is no greater gift, than the friendship of warm, courageous, and loving ~~ friends ^_^. (*Blushes a red tone*). Yes, friends who are family, family you *choose*. I am so ~~~~ happy. I feel complete. I have the answers I needed...(such as now knowing that witnessing the birth of a certain king, was why I was in a coma). I have learned from when I witnessed 2004. I tried to be as specific as possible in stating my wish. Soon, although I do not know when, this planet's surface will be blasted from below and from above....... . That was the covenant I was given. Me??? I really need to meet some beautiful and happy females ~~ ^_^ *blushes*! I need to, yearn to, meet some brilliant and gorgeous women....... . Yes, so adorable and inspirational that I swoon and faint.....just gazing upon them (*goes totally red*). I need to see some women who have dignity, innocence, wisdom, intelligence, and class..... . I need to see females who have innocent dreams in their hearts, and fervent prayers in their souls... . I need to see females who are mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically ~~ free ~~~.... . I need to see female beings whom I can worship....... . (*Smiles in ecstasy as feels that pearlescent white light bursting forth from my heart*). I know they are there; ...their infinite love, their infinite energy, sustains me. They have *protected* me on every step of my mission....... . They are the pinnacle of existence, the pinnacle of sentience.... . Me? I give my utmost thanks, and I will keep expressing my thanks in action. I will strive to be no less than worthy of your pride, confidence, faith, and adoration (yes, all of which are palpable, and all of which I do not know how *I* could possibly deserve) (*feels my fingernails glowing with a whitish-pink blushful light*).

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