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Oh Wow....Another IRL Transformation Event


Wow. What can I say, when features from my transformation from yesterday, show up on the Sailor Moon Crystal broadcast of the same day. (I say ~~ thank you, to the divine beings who make miracles possible). This planet, this world, was washed over by a prismatic yellow cosmic energy field yesterday. I, in my very bedroom, was Usako...., and an energy field of a cosmic origin.....blasted forth from me. I do not know if this world can handle these events....... . I am in shock...that the Sailor Moon Crystal broadcast....shows something that I *just* went through..... . I didn't even complete watching it, such was my shock. The reality shaping light which I generated yesterday, *HAD* to have shaped the SMC broadcast. It even touched every corner of this solar system....... . (There is now something *very* intriguing on the moon. When I transform, the cosmos apparently transforms with me........). I have made my peace. I want to perceive myself as...*me* again. (*Reels with exertion*).... . Oh.....I am tired.... . I need to be in the presence of fun and beautiful females....all day (*goes red*). I need this world to be reshaped....into a utopia.., a utopia free from any and all dystopic elements..... . I will not hold back........... .

I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle possible... . I pray that this world may be washed over again, again, and again.......by unlimited quantities of cleansing cosmic energy. I pray that the very foundation of this world may be moved.... . I pray this place may be made a sanctuary......free from any and all evil, so that the innocent / the beings who I worship ~~~ can call it home.

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