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I Have The Coolest Friends In Existence / When Love Shakes A Planet / Nintendo University Graduation

My friends are *AWESOME* ^_^!!!! They are noble of heart, and gentle of spirit. They are *FUN* ^_^!!! They are *LOVING* ^_^!!!! I *LOVE* THEM ~~~ ^_^!!! My days are absolutely consumed with the *burning* desire to be with them, and the videos / software products of this world (about the only native features (besides the air, food, and water) that....currently make this place survivable)......are not fulfilling that need..... . They are not fulfulling that desire, that need, because they were never meant to..... . There is no substitute for being in the presence of awesome and sociable people. This planet responds to my desires...... . This planet responds to my needs. I am ready to move on. As such, I have been flooded with the coordinates of upcoming gigantic earthquakes....... . I have also coded in many volcanic eruptions.... . Blasts from space will accompany the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I will survive these events.......(by utilizing the immediate range matter configuration ability...which was revealed during my last transformation over here). I will be free in a world.....that is free from 'loveless' 'and' 'antisocial' 'haters'. There will be no 'problems', no 'nuisances', and a chance to enjoy the paradise that is already / *has* *already* *been*....*here*. Yep. I'll have the chance to train my dimension diving in peace........... . I give thanks to my friends, the beings who make miracles possible..... . It is just, too, an agony consummate issue of waiting.........(*sighs*)..from here.

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